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    These are okay

    These nose pore strips really didn't do that much for me. I can buy ones at my local drugstore that are cheaper and just as effective.

    a_b...@  2017-07-06
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    pig pore nose strip

    Pretty contente about the results. It took off a lot of White heads, big blackheads and facial hair.  2017-06-06
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    I like it

    Very powerful. To remove blackheads in the nose  2017-05-26
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    I like it

    Very powerful. To remove blackheads in the nose  2017-05-26
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    Good product  2017-05-06
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    they do work!

    my boyfriend loves these

    they really clear out your pores

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    very good

    it is a good product. but I need a long time to use it.  2017-04-29
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    Use these on my boyfriend he loves them!  2017-04-29
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    Holika Holika Pig nose clear blackhead 3 step kit

    Nose pack yg berguna bagi hidungq smg aja hasilx memuaskan  2017-04-27
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    Does it job. Gonna purchase more in the future!  2017-04-21
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    Muy Bien

    Mi nariz quedó muy suave, pero hay que ser consciente de que aclara los puntos negros, pero no reemplaza la extracción. La piel de la zona se ve mejor  2017-04-12
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    I used this the day before my prom and it took out my black heads :)  2017-04-07
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    Not that good

    I don't see any difference before/after. Quite disappointed.  2017-04-02
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    It is a  good product. Does its job :)  2017-03-21
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    Very good

    I like a lot this product, it is very complete  2017-03-19
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    highly recommend!

    I really love this product, works amazing in my nose, giving me a clean and very soft result. I'll keep purchasing it. that last step its the best!  2017-03-17
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    Works, but not life-changing

    The 3-step strips definitely work, and the strip did pull away most blackheads and absorbed some oil. However you still need to follow up with some other type of cream. It did not pull everything out as I had expected, especially the deeper ones. Recommend putting a warm moist towel on your face to open your pores beforehand.  2017-03-14
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    Not impressed

    First step moved blackheads to the surface but second step did not remove anything at all. Will not buy again!  2017-03-07
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    effective blackhead remover

    I buy this over and over and over again

    My boyfriend has a lot of pore problems

    with black heads etc etc

    he loves this stuff

    its really effective


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    Good product

    A bit of a faff but does the job  2017-03-03
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    not very effective for me but got rid of some of my blackheads  2017-03-03
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    The smell is nice, however it wasn't that effective on my blackheads. It took some out, but not as many as other nose strips I've used in the past. And with all nose strips, a bit painful when peeling it off.
    Ali...@  2017-02-23
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    Holika Holika 3 step

    The only black head strips that work for me, I do not have a lot of blackheads but this product extracts most of my impurities! Highly recommend, a great product at a cheap price  2017-02-23
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    Remove all my black head  2017-02-22
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    It's working

    It does the job, i like it and I would repurchase it.  2017-02-20
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    I love it!

    I've only used it once and I loved the results. It left my nose feeling very smooth.  2017-02-20
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    Pretty good

    This strip worked pretty well, nothing extraordinary.  2017-02-16
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    Works pretty well

    Is better than other nose strips i tried  2017-02-11
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    Not bad, not the best.

    This product wasn't worth the hype. It is a fairly good product but there are cheaper and better options.  2017-02-07
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    Didn't pull out almost anything out of me, not really worth the price considering the etude green tea nose strip is almost 4 times cheaper and worked a lot better.  2017-02-06
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    One of my favourite purchases

    Ahr...@  2017-02-04
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    One of my favourite purchases

    Ahr...@  2017-02-04
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    I don't have many blackheads at all so I wasn't very surprised when only 2 or 3 were left on the strip when I peeled it off. Will try on my boyfriend as he has many, hopefully it will work well on him.  2017-01-31
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    Works great and isn't as painful as some others that i've used before, only criticism is the part 2 strip is a lil small on the wings and doesn't give extra room to really get it in the crease on the side of your nostrils. But others wise its pretty great  2017-01-30
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    this works  2017-01-29
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    I only dislike that it is not the right shape for my nose  2017-01-27
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    [Holika Holika] Pig Clear Black Head 3-step Kit 1 Sheet

    I love it, everything  I ordered for arrived in the package.

    659e1d0d3268cbbe5064e8ee093f1599_1485467  2017-01-27
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    Not bad  2017-01-24
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    good !

    good and cheap ^^ i like it ^^  2017-01-21
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    This worked; it pulled out most of my blackheads, but not all. It was painful, but I'd use it again, especially for the price.  2017-01-18
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    holika holika

    fist time use and its work really well for me  2017-01-16
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    Love this product

    I use it on my boyfriend, and it pulls out every gross blackhead.  2017-01-12
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    Removes blackheads like it's supposed to do but hurts slightly when peeling Step 2 off.  2017-01-10
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    Love it

    It's really removing blackheads  2017-01-07
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    have to try

    Good to remove the blackhead and give silky nose.  2017-01-06
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    Buen producto

    Estas tiras para la nariz de 3 pasos funcionan bastante bien... porque vienen bastante achas. Retiran impurezas y en el paso final cierra y minimozan los poros .  2017-01-02
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    Didn't work

    Didn't peel anything off  2017-01-02
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    Holika Holika 3-step Sheets

    Cute packaging, decent price, and it does exactly as it promised!  2016-12-30
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    Really good  2016-12-29
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    Love It!

    They worked so well, will buy again!  2016-12-27
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    Very effective

    This is my favorite nose strip that I have found so far. I like the three steps a lot more than the single one even the volcanic or clay ones that treat pores. These get out all of the gunk in my pores which can be a lot sometimes and they close up the pores well leaving my nose really smooth. The only complaint I have is the packaging sometimes spills out product after I open it since there is now way to separate all the steps.  2016-12-21
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    Holika Holika Pig Clear Black Head

    Holika Holika Pig Clear Black Head


    I personally do not have a lot of black heads and that are not as full. So when I used this product, it didn't really show that much black heads were taken out since I originally don't have much. Therefore, I tested it out on my boyfriend, who loves to use nose strips & has lots of pores. So we tried it out, & magically, it took out ALOT if the Gunk in his pores. It also helped make his pores look smaller as well. I would recommend this product to those who have a lot of oil and big pores.  2016-12-18
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    Bought for boyfriend he likes its usually has dry face and oily t zones. helps with his blackheads. need to buy more. would recommend.  2016-12-16
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    Very good

    Nice product. Nose clean rid of blackheads. Very Recomended.  2016-12-14
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    I love this. Effective and smells great. :)  2016-12-11
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    Great product

    love this. bought this several times already.  2016-12-11
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    Great pore cleaning strip

    I buy these for my boyfriend He has always troubles with dry skin but a very oily nose So when he use these His is always nice and smooth And no blackheads  2016-12-06
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    i love this item. i would recommend.  2016-11-29
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    I enjoyed using this. It did a good job and didn't make my nose irritated like some other nose strips. Will repurchase.  2016-11-26
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    Great product!

    This really did the job when I tried it. Will definitely repurchase!  2016-11-26
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    Lovly nois pack

    So nice product.. Give my noise clean.. I love .. I will buy again...
    Ech...@  2016-11-24
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    3 step nose strips

    Really cute packaging and a great product! I use it about two to three times a month and they work really well to pull most of the blackheads on and around my nose out
    Chr...@  2016-11-22
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    [Holika Holika] Pig Clear Black Head 3-step Kit 1 Sheet

    the best strips I have ever had! I love it!  2016-11-17
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    Goodbye blackheads!

    I love this product! It does a good job removing blackheads down to the roots! I've recommended this to my friends and they all love it!☆amber  2016-11-13
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    very good

    it works and peel everthing off  2016-11-02
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    Grabs everything out of my nose.  2016-10-26
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    Gets the job done

    I love the step 1 of this product. It really seeps in through pores to soften it so that blackheads are easy to remove. I've grown to love it.-amber  2016-10-20
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    Love it

    I love using it!! So fun and the blackhead does come out  2016-10-11
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    Not my first time using this product. It is very very soft and very nice for sensitive skin.  2016-10-09
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    it takes out all blackheads. good product  2016-10-08
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    best  2016-09-29
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    Does the job

    Better then biore  2016-09-28
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    Very disappointing. It didn't remove anything.

    Worse, the nose strips I bought at the supermarket were MUCH MORE efficient. Go figure...

    Fortunately, it was cheap, so I don't feel robbed. I only wasted 2$ :D  2016-09-25
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    Good product

    It removed blackheads effectively. I use it once a week.  2016-09-23
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    Buen producto, cada vez que lo utilizo mi nariz queda más limpia y con poros más pequeños.  2016-09-22
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    Super Disappointing

    Unfortunately, this did nothing for my blackheads. They are still just as present as ever. And it made my face feel really oily and gross, even after washing and exfoliating.  2016-08-20
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    Very good.

    The product is very good for the blackheads.....It works fantastic!! 

    blankhead  2016-07-25
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    [Holika Holika] Pig Clear Black Head 3-step Kit 1 Sheet

    Great Product to remove the blackhead and my nose look clean everytime i used!!!  2016-08-12
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    Very good!

    It's amazing how it remove so much blackhead, keep purchasing more and more!  2016-07-23
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    Clean nose

    ​Clean nose, this is very effective for the skin in that area, free of blackheads and whiteheads ;)​  2016-07-10
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    Just a good product  2016-06-30
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    Good but take forever

    This is repurchase. It works very well. Only thing that I don;t like about this is that it takes foever... total around 45min. I don't have that time...
    EFF...@HOTMAIL.COM  2016-06-23
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    good for the blankhead

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    Not bat

    The first and the last step of this product felt really good on the skin but i didn't noticed any difference after applying the second step.  2016-05-09
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    pretty good

    Gets the job done :)  2016-04-08
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    Remove blackheads well!!!  2016-04-08
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    Good nose strip

    I love the packaging!  2016-02-27
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    good. but it takes too long to finish the whole process....

    EFF...@HOTMAIL.COM  2016-02-17
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    all the gunk dissapears

    as the title says:-)  2016-02-05
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    ya lo he probado en varias ocaciones, el resultado no me deja de sorprender, muy recomendado para sacarnos esos molestos puntos negros  2016-02-02
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    it is really good and works well! nice experience !  2016-02-02
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    didn't see any major differences. Too bad stylekorean doesn't carry skinmiso  2016-01-28
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    very good  2016-01-18
  97. 5


    very good  2016-01-18
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    very good  2016-01-18
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    Not bad

    It does remove my blackhead, but just temporary.  2016-01-07
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    So - So

    don't notice any change. wasting time.  2015-12-21