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    good cleaning oil

    the smell is very relaxing that make I want to take off my make up everyday haha. The texture is quite liquid to compare with other cleaning oil that I used. But it does take off make up very well and leave a smooth skin.3d414a94913857881dbd711249ce6dcf_1503019  2017-08-18
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    it does get my makeup off well. i would use a different product for my eye makeup on days its heavier. it comes off but it sticks to my eyelashes and feels uncomfortable, but for foundation it works good  2017-08-17
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    Fantastic oil based makeup cleanser!

    I absolutely loved this product. It is so gentle on the skin ( I have sensitive skin) so it did not make my face go red. My makeup came off really quickly and easily. The oil managed to grab every single last bit of makeup so there was no residue left behind. This is my first time using an oil cleanser and I will never go back to boring make up remover cleansing waters. I love this product!!!!  2017-08-04
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    there is a nice lock on the pump so it is good to travel with  2017-07-06
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    This product is very effective. I use it nightly to remove make up. It leaves my face feeling clean and soft.  2017-06-30
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    After a couple of tries...

    When I saw the reviews,I thought to myself would be a good buy..but i was kinda wrong. My makeup consists of more of the long lasting type hence i would need a really good oil cleanser..and this product didn't do that much for me sadly.When I go use my cleansing water,I still had residue on my base makeup so I was upset on the outcome.If I triple cleansed,it won't be as bad if I triple cleansed using this product tho.I know myself I won't be repurchasing this.  2017-06-24
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    I love how it removes my make up. So gentle on my face. Not expensive yet effective. Love it! Will repurchase it soon :))  2017-05-10
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    Brighter your skin and also clean your skin  2017-05-03
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    It's ok

    Takes make up off well but I had to stop using it because it broke me out.  2017-04-27
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    surprisingly good

    not a big fan of oil cleansers, but just wanted to try it out and see - love it. i can rly feel it cleaning out any excess make up that there is on the face and in combination with the other make up remover it goes rly well  2017-04-11
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    It's a great cleansing oil because it removes make up really well.  2017-04-02
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    Love this oil cleanser!! It makes my skin feel so smooth afterwards!  2017-03-28
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    Me encanta!

    Estoy muy contenta con el producto, deja la piel muy bien y tiene un olor genial.  2017-03-18
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    Nice smell, non greasy

    I had read this had a nice smell and worked well for sensitive skin so that's why i bought it. It works well, doesn't feel greasy or sticky at all. I double cleanse with cosrx good morning low ph gel.  2017-03-08
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    it last a lot, best cleanser ever  2017-02-28
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    really good

    Never used an oil cleanser before so can't compare it to anything, but it does it's job! Can take off mascara and doesn't bother my eyes like coconut oil Helped lighten dark spots a bit as well  2017-02-26
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    really good

    It does a really good job of taking off makeup and sunscreen and it also feels very moisturizing which i really like. The price isn't too bad either, I will probably repurchase this.  2017-02-16
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    Takes make up off easily

    I was a bit wary of using an oil to begin with, but it takes make up off really well and once washed off with a foam cleanser my skin felt so soft I was amazed! I use hardly any product at a time so it will last a long time and is so worth the money.  2017-02-13
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    Rice Brightening Water Cleansing Rick Oil

    Before using this cleansing oil, my go to was just organic coconut oil, which I love for makeup removal but I didn't like how I would have to go in with a cleanser twice afterwards just to ensure there is no residue left behind. After trying this cleansing oil from The Face Shop, it is my new favorite! It takes off makeup with ease, it is in a liquid oil pump form so I don't have to do any scooping from a tub, and the best part is that it completely washes off with the addition of water, leaving no residue behind. I still follow up with a second cleanser but I would not mind only using the oil. Highly recommend!  2017-01-27
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    I recommend it

    This product was new to me. It was unusual to massage oil into my face skin but even more surprising was how it easily washed off itself with water and washed off all make up I had on leaving skin clean and fresh. I'd say it gives a relief to tired of makeup skin :) Amazing how it turns into milk when you wash it with water - no grease, no stickiness, no mess. Love it!  2016-12-01
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    Favorite cleansing oil

    Removes very waterproof mascara and is gentle on eyes
    T W...@  2016-11-06
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    I've only gotten to try it once so far, but it left my skin feeling so soft and calm! Definitely like it so far.  2016-09-07
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    Haven't gotten to try it yet, but have heard good things about it.  2016-08-28
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    Very very nice one.... Clean very well  2016-10-21
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    Love love love!

    Won't use another oil. Cleanses and moisturizers. Takes off waterproof mascara  2016-03-22
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    very good

    cleanses and moisturizer no film  2015-11-11
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    Producto cumple con lo descrito

    Es un excelente producto, tal como muchos blogs de la net indica. No lo recomendaría para personas con pieles muy sensibles o irritadas, ya que puede maximizar el problema. Siempre se debe utilizar con un algodón suave para retirar el maquillaje. Para ser un "aceite" es muy ligero, fresco y agradable. Lo recomiendo y lo volvería a usar! Actualmente lo uso.  2015-11-04
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    very nice product!!!!!

    a reallly nice cleansing removes all the dust easily while keeping skin smooth....must buy  2015-09-24
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    一个非常好的卸妆油,它会删除所有的灰尘很容易,同时保持皮肤光滑,必买  2015-09-24