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    Might be small, but a little goes a long way

    A total dupe to the Make Up For Ever HD Powder, better yet the original because it came out before Make Up For Ever did. Why pay $20 to $36 when this is practically the exact same. Save the money. I will like to purchase the compact version soon as well because that one would be more travel friendly. As in longevity, my T-zone is the only oily spot on my face and it keeps it at a subtle matte texture for a little over 4 hours before touch up. I noticed after continuous use as well that my sebum/ dead skin cells have calmed down or lessened it that makes sense. 

    Mel...@  2017-08-15
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    nice powder

    I like to use this at the end to powder my face, there's a slight scent but I don't mind it.  2017-08-14
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    good powder

    small in size but lasts a long time. puff is easy to use and the powder stays on for long. only bad thing is that the foundation stains the puff  2017-08-13
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    [Innisfree] No sebum Mineral powder

    Second time to get this. This is my favorite product!!! Keep buying this!!!  2017-08-07
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    [Innisfree] No sebum Mineral powder

    So good! I really like it!!  2017-08-07
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    Fave! Fave! Fave!

    This comes great with the Innisfree No sebum toner. It makes my face soft and dry. I highly recommend this one!  2017-08-06
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    must have! Leaves the skin very soft and smells good.db9031cf711ee040527cf88cc2ac52fa_1501632  2017-08-02
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    I truly love my innisfree powder, my skin feels soft and dry. 

    It would be better if the package contains more producta886536f414343f1482eeb70182fb01b_1501600  2017-08-02
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    no words

    This powder is my holy grail. 

    i have finished 4 of these in a matter of a couple months.

    I kept them because i was getting ready for an empties video!!

    You can come see me use these products here!  2017-08-01
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    Love it!

    This is the cheaper version of all the best powders. Great in finishing your makeup routine  2017-07-28
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    I LOVE THE PRODUCT TO DEATH LOVE THE PRODUCT, would purchase again if possible. WOULD RECOMMENED TO MY FRIENDS.ba98efe7be471b75d58414b5676ca381_1501169  2017-07-28
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    no sebum mineral powder

    So far so good. It also smells good ( and its not too strong). 1f2f81a323ecaadd0bf9358ef69161d1_1501102  2017-07-27
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    amazing upgrade from translucent powder

    I like to use a kabuki brush instead of the one provided!  2017-07-16
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    Cheap but good!

    Good for finishing your look after foundation if you want a cheaper one.  2017-07-15
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    After use

    The skin is matte all day  2017-07-14
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    Innis Free No Sebum Powder

    The best setting powder that I have used to date. I love the medicinal scent and how finely milled the powder is. You can immediately see your pores disappear when you apply it!3bf999a16c311ecfda8e5e1ef16d5012_1499792  2017-07-12
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    My fave  2017-07-09
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    So nice

    Its light and with a hint of mint  2017-07-08
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    I have oily skin and this product is the best one I have found so far to control the shine and it is easy to carry around.  2017-07-05
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    The product is okay but because I have dry skin it made my face look cakey  2017-07-03
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    Great for OIL CONTROL

    This product is finely-milled and applies translucent to the skin. 
    It comes with a powder puff inside and is packaged to be easily portable in many bags, pockets, and purses.
    The diameter of the packaging is approx. 2.2 inches (5.4 centimeters).
    The product itself provides amazing oil and sebum control for all skin types.
    I would recommend to shake the container before twisting the puff inside the product for a more even application of the powder.a0afb8ecd3f1580d8464b46875a6d0b0_1498940
    a0afb8ecd3f1580d8464b46875a6d0b0_1498940  2017-07-02
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    the best

    I wouldn't use any other powder.  2017-06-30
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    Oil control on lockdown

    I'm truly amazing at the punch of power this little container carries. I've tried multiple setting powders and decided to try to go a talc-free route, this powder has the longest lasting power. I use it to set around my entire face, minus my under eyes. For some reason it's the only place this powder dries me out, but it's truly worth checking out! you can't beat the price.

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    it is so small but its my go to product all the time , i love it d0ba913ab2322b63dfa2239b3d317c83_1498678
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    Great for oily skin

    Impressed at how well it keeps my oily skin dry and matte through the day! My only complaint is that the powder sometimes clumps and clogs the container.  2017-06-27
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    Innisfree no sebum powder

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    little but a little go a long way

    66b4a6b760214ca06e4ed4131334baec_1498269 Didn't expect to be that small, but the product is pretty good.

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    Can't Wait

    Haven't received the product yet, but my friends' said it is very good.5a095ec4bfcec655fafc52b6a951e82f_1498266  2017-06-24
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    very impressed by this powder, much better than i expected. basically invisible on your skin, makes it feel super silky. stops skin from looking oily whitout making it appear dry. i love it  2017-06-24
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    Good for oily skin  2017-06-21
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    no sebum

    the powder is quite small but it will last a long time because a little does go a long way. It keeps my oily T zone away and my makeup sits a while longer.  2017-06-20
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    Affordable yet it works!  2017-08-09
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    No sebum!

    I love this product! I use it for baking and it just makes my skin so smooth and not oily at all.Perfect.  2017-06-09
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    pretty good for oily skin!0579560d894d2aa5c9776704727e7138_1496708
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    Holy grail

    This is amazing! The powder is so finely milled and it makes my skin feel and look so smooth. It also makes my skin matte instantly without leaving a white cast or ruining the appearance/coverage of my foundation. I actually prefer this over my Laura Mercier and RCMA no color powder......and its so cheap!  2017-06-05
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    My face not oilly  2017-05-28
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    Muy bueno

    Es mi primer powder y estoy bastante contenta con el, quita el brillo eficientemente y tiene un olor agradable. Tambien lo ocupo como shampoo en seco, con excelentes resultados.


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    Best powder

    Love this powder! It's a really great finishing powder.  2017-05-25
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    Great product!

    It does not affect the color of your foundation, you can actually set your makeup with it. Does not appear too matte after applying, leaves a natural glow especially when using dewy foundations. Love this product soo much  2017-05-22
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    After applying it leaves the skin very soft and not too matt. I like that it leaves a little bit of shine so my makeup looks more natural. Be careful not to apply too much because it gets cakey quite fast.  2017-05-22
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    I use this as an eye primer and boy lemme tell you I'd feel up my own eyes any day

    It smells fresh too

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    its great

    I have oily combination skin type and I set my bb cream every day with this powder, its really great and my makeup wont look cakey with that.

    But I will say that after 5-6 hours it gets little oily in the t-zone so you might want to put some more  2017-05-14
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    great value

    value is good while reasonable price  2017-05-11
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    I like this power, even though I'M not power type of person when I want to use I choose just this one.  2017-05-01
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    Best powder I've tried. You can't go wrong with it!  2017-05-01
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    Product is good

    I want to buy again  2017-04-26
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    Love it!

    It really sets your makeup well!  2017-04-25
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    Good product for its value

    The powder is quite mattifying and is perfect for baking under the eyes.  2017-04-25
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    Best setting powder that I've used, cost effective and works just as great if not better than the more expensive setting powders out there. It can be used as a face primer, dry shampoo, and setting powder. Has a light minty scent that disappears after you apply it on you face. A little of this product goes on a long way, if you use too much, you'll have a white cast. I like to use the powder puff that comes with it and I'll just get a bit of the powder on there and fold the puff and rub the powder on the puff, I'll then roll the puff across my face in sections to set my bb or cc cusion and foundion. The powder leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft to the touch and my makeup stays on all day. I used this powder on my t zone and star area of my face for the most part, I sometimes use it all over my face but only when the weather is hot and humid. This powder is great for those with oilier skin, and if you can combo skin, I would  suggest to make sure that you've exfoliate any areas of your skin that has any dry patches and peeling skin. If you have dry skin, I'd skip this and look for a powder that has some moisturizing ingredients in it.  2017-04-25
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    Perfect for oily skin

    I love this powder. It's perfect for people with oily skin, I definitely recommend it.  2017-04-24
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    Silky smooth skin

    I never understood the hype for this product till I tried it. It gives ur skin such a silky smooth finish that your skin feels like silk.  2017-04-24
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    It makes your skin feel smooth. Loving the smell too! 

    Jor...@  2017-04-23
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    Love It

    The powder help lot on my makeup. Is very nice as a makeup base and setting makeup.

    Ang...@  2017-04-22
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    This makes my face feel mate and last all day and its so affordable.  2017-04-19
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    matte in a minute

    this product really works wonder in perfecting your makeup look if you are not really into the glowy side of makeup.  2017-04-17
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    I love this packaging . this is amazing finishing powder.  2017-04-15
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    my oily skin has gone

    suitable for oily skin, love it  2017-04-11
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    LOVE IT!!!

    Simple story -- oily face is shiny ALL THE TIME! I've tried a bunch of mattifying brands, and while they work OK, I have to reapply multiple times a day. Not with this. Once in the morning is enough for me for a VERY long time! I am absolutely in love with it! It smells minty fresh and feels great on my face. I was worried it'd make me look funny since I am tan (mixed black and white), but it blends in perfectly to my skin with no white blotches. I want more! Wish it came in a bigger container...  2017-04-08
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    best setting powder

    i have combo skin and this powder never lets my skin get oily or shiny when i apply it in those problem areas!  2017-04-07
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    I love it

    It makes my oily face become smooth and natural  2017-04-04
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    Like this  2017-04-04
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    I LOVE this product so much. The main reason i love it is that it leaves your skin baby soft and it does the job at mattifying my face. Not only that but i have dry skin but it doesn't accentuate any of my dry patches. it comes with a puff which is convenient for traveling. The powder is white but doesn't look white on skin at all. Highly recommend for those who have oily skin.  2017-04-02
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    no webum mineral powder

    best powder it again and again  2017-04-02
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    innisfree no sebum powder

    the best powder ever.  2017-04-02
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    Blurs out imperfection

    Love this and it is worth all the hype!  2017-03-31
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    New for me.

    Good  2017-03-31
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    Everyone's must-have

    This provides a nice finish after applying my foundation and prevents it from caking during the day. 


    beauty novice.  2017-03-27
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    Leaves you with that smooth and poreless finish. I have oily skin around my nose area, and this helps me look matte for longer!  2017-03-25
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    Excelente producto.

    El mejor polvo que he probado, realmente lo recomiendo .  2017-03-25
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    Pretty good product


    It's a fairly good product, I didn't anticipate the fact that it being a loose powder would make it difficult to control how much is applied at a time. Took some getting used to but it works well :)  2017-03-22
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    It is a  good product. Does its job :)  2017-03-21
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    perfect finish

    One of the best powders I've tried, it takes very little to seal the makeup; Does not leave whitish effect on the skin ... helps to tint the skin about 6 hours or more ... does not fade with sweat and does not leave skin dry ...  2017-03-20
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    seriously the best powder I have ever tried

    nice minty, scent with a cooling feeling when applied
    smooths the skin and imperfections
    seriously there's no oils coming through this one (I am normal skin, but more on the oily side)  2017-03-19
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    good product bad design

    works but I don't like the puff. It sometimes gets stained from makeup colour...  2017-03-18
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    Ok but the too messy

    I haven't tried a lot of powder like this buuuut this one is alright. If you put too much it could easily give you a white cast! Also, I thought I'm very oily but I guess not since sometimes this can make me look I have dry skin. I guess it's just that good? at controlling oil. You might want to consider getting the pact version since this gets everywhere and you can't really bring it on the go.  2017-03-17
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    Great Powder

    I love this powder! I've been using it everyday and I love the finish of it. It also keeps my oily skin in check while not over drying. I don't get any white cast from it and it's perfect carry in my pouch. My only minor gripe is the puff, I definitely prefer a brush because the puff tends to take off a little of my foundation but I do like having the puff for touch ups. Overall a great product, I'm definitely interested in trying the Peach Sake Powder as well.  2017-03-17
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    I love it!

    I'm in love with this product. I use it after cushion, and it makes my skin super soft and dry (i have oily skin so I like the dry feeling). It is also easy to blend and the puff is so soft. Definitely will continue to use it.  2017-03-17
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    Really keeps my skin from being oily throughout the whole say and leaves a velvety finish on foundation i find too shiny. I love it.  2017-03-14
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    Love it

    Leaves my skin so soft! And its smells like vanilla :) i thought that it would be a little bigger ,but its okay  2017-03-13
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    Good product quality

    Removes oil from the face all day, leaving skin smooth  2017-03-12
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    loose powder

    A really fine lose powder!Cute packaging as well!  2017-03-10
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    its okay

    had high expectations, good value for the price i guess  2017-03-10
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    Best powder ever

    I am very pale, and it does not show up as ashy on my skin.  2017-03-10
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    Love it

    I really enjoyed the compact version of this so when I saw the this product on sale I just got it. Plus the packaging is really cute.  2017-03-10
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    Good setting powder  2017-03-09
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    [Innisfree] No sebum Mineral powder

    It's effective for oily skin, and finishing your make up.  2017-03-09
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    i love this cause it can use for my oily hair too. not just in my face  2017-03-08
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    Innisfree no sebum mineral powder

    Absolutely love this!!! Very effective  2017-03-07
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    Makes my skin feel soo smooth after putting it on Usually I have problems with cakeyness (using H+ cushion for reference) so I was scared to use a power but this really helps and even makes my dry patches not stand out ! Love wearing it alone because gives smooth blur like effect  2017-03-07
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    Good product

    Gives a perfect, soft matte finish.  Not particularly long lasting so the compact version may be useful for touch ups. The small holes on the container make it difficult to get the right amount of product onto the puff and distribute evenly onto face...but nothing a brush cannot fix. Lovely medicinal herbal smell.  2017-03-07
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    fantastich setting powder!!!!

    I adore this powder

    its transparent


    doesnt smell funny

    its fantastic  2017-03-04
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    my second time buying this again

    very worth to repurchase again, it really can control my sebum.. i use it everyday  2017-03-04
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    reduce my oils

    It's a must have  2017-03-04
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    Must Have

    This powder is a must have if you are not much into the dewy look. The best thing is that its cheap and easy to apply.  2017-03-03
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    wow this product is so good!

    first time to use mineral powder.... and i love this!  2017-03-03
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    It's very easy & good to use!!!!  2017-03-01
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    nice and natural looking

    makes skin look soft and doesn't cake up much  2017-02-28
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    My favorite loose setting powder!

    Keeps your makeup on all day and prevents creasing and separation of foundation!! Love it love it love it!! Don't what else to say because this product is amazing.  2017-02-28
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    Very happy with this product

    It works really well and doesnt leave the white cast on my face like some of the setting powders do. It helps my make up last without making my face feel cakey + love the minty smell.  2017-02-26
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    Disappoint packaging, good product

    The tiny holes for the product to come out was quite annoying since the product was spread unevenly the sponge - application was a bit hard but i could see the product being effective in absorbing oil  2017-02-26