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    Give me natural look  2017-06-15
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    Very pretty color

    This blush is a very pretty pink color that is very buildable.

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    Pretty peach

    Beautiful wash of colour on the cheeks - perfect for a natural look  2017-04-12
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    Very natural, baby peach

    Great for that fresh out of the shower, natural look. Lightly sweep across eyelids, cheek bones, and vey tip of your nose. It's very matte, with no sparkle. Therefore great for everyday use, or to adjust other makeup colors. I did think that this was a cream color before I ordered it. It is in fact a fine pressed powder.  2017-04-05
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    This blush colour came out so nice. And the price is friendly  2017-03-25
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    Pretty Blush

    I quite like this blush, it's a great natural pink that is easily layerable and looks very nice for everyday use. It does have some shimmer in it which isn't my favorite but it still looks very natural on the face.  2017-03-17
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    It is cute, smells good and looks beatiful 

    Sve...@  2017-01-31
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    Super cute pale coral color  2017-01-25
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    love it

    love the color and it has great surface for brush  2017-01-23
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    There is not much pigmentation to it but I like it that way.  2016-12-19
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    Very light

    I like the color. Just wish the pigmentation could be a little more.  2016-11-16
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    Very nice

    When I first saw it I thought I'd be too light for me but it showed up great, it gives a very natural finish.  2016-11-13
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    Perfect peach shade

    Love love love this blush.  2016-10-29