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    Good Toner

    This was a pretty good toner, it didn't irritate or dry out my skin. I don't know if i will buy again just because there are so many good toners to try but i will enjoy finishing this product.  2017-07-31
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    Use it daily

    Been using this daily. Does minimize the size of the pores.  2017-07-29
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    Very gentle

    At first I experienced itchiness from this product but I decided to retain this in my routine and after few few weeks my skin got used to it. It is very gentle and helped my acne to clear faster and less irritated.  2017-07-03
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    It is more sticky than my other toner. Havent see any different yet but I like the way it absord on my skin  2017-06-18
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    This product it's very amazing, clean the dirt on the face  2017-06-18
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    Alright Toner, Maybe not for Oily Skin

    Bought this toner to see how it was. Keeps skin very soft and hydrated. However, this may not be for people who are more on the oily side like myself.

    It tends to leave me a bit more oily than I'd normally be with my previous toner.  2017-06-14
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    Pretty normal

    Smooth and soothing on my skin  2017-06-13
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    Good toner

    Soothing and good for acne prone skin  2017-05-31
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    i love it ! it's my first time using a toner and i really like it ! :)  2017-05-26
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    Never broke me out or left me looking oily, absorbed SO fast.Definitely seeing less breakouts!  2017-05-25
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    nice exfoliation toner ever

    i never using this product before, but it is work well on my skin, love it  2017-05-07
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    i got this product when there was a flash sale promotion and ive always been wanting to try this product!  2017-05-06
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    Exfoliating tonner

    I buy this product for exfoliating tonner, many beauty blogger use this product and i feel this product make my skin better  2017-05-05
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    Very good

    Goodd  2017-04-12
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    Like the product a lot, definitely will order it again  2017-04-07
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    I like how my face feels soft after using this toner.  2017-02-14
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    Amazing toner

    No, this toner didn't magically make my skin perfect in any way but it doesn't suck out the moisture on my face and it does calm my redness down quite a bit. It goes on very smoothly and I've been using it for about 1 1/2 months now and I'm down to my last half of the bottle. That just shows how much I love this product, I use it twice, sometimes thrice a day.  2017-01-19
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    liked it a lot would buy again  2017-01-09
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    Has definitely been an essential product in clearing up my acne. And the aloe helps soothe my skin  2016-10-18
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    really good!

    this stuff is incredible, very gentle & hydrating and actually reduces my blackheads without me squeezing them out!  2016-10-02
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    Very good  2016-09-21
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    Very good

    I'm surprised at how thick is the consistency on a toner but then again this product carries a lot of job for skin improvement. I still love how soothing this is and how it brigthen up my face. Doesn't sting the troubled area too (i.e blemish, acne, etc).  2016-09-06
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    Great toner

    I have very oily skin and this product moisturize my skin very well without break me out. It is a little bit sticky but will go away after a moment. Really recommend this toner and it's also good for acne skin.  2016-06-22
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    Tried it for few days so far my skin become soft and I notice the blackheads and dead skin slowly peels off (but small pores become more noticeable though with the blackheads remove - will see how it goes for the next few weeks).

    It did mention unscented but i still can smell a bit (can't identify the smell though)


    Will update again if there any changes but so far recommended for a quick result on soft skin^^   


    UPDATE: Use it for few weeks now, and it really do what it suppose to do.. have lesser blackheads and pore now compare to before usage and my face maintain it softness and love using it as my only toner for morning and night  2016-08-12