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    Very good


    will buy it again  2017-08-18
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    Hydrating but light

    This is a nice, light overnight mask. It's not sticky or heavy on the face, but is still nice and hydrating.  2017-08-11
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    Good Mask, very hydrating, not sticky  2017-08-04
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    very good product, i would buy this again.  2017-07-20
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    sleeping mask

    This sleeping mask made my skin feel really smooth the morning after. It didn't break me out and it didn't leave it sticky either. 960e4a300674f4ab51825e45b19712eb_1499653  2017-07-10
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    Light but hydrating

    I really like sleeping packs (I prefer them over traditional creams that feel a bit too heavy on my skin). This one light but absorbs quickly and leaves my skin hydrated for hours. I have normal/combination but dehydrated skin so I really like using the 7 skin method (applying toner 7 times) and using fast-absorbing but hydrating essences and so the honey sleeping pack just helps to keep the moisture in all day and my skin is a lot more elastic for it.  2017-06-22
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    Feels so good

    Only been using this product for a few days now and I am loving it. When first applied it does feel a bit sticky and you do not need much. After it dries face feels a bit tingly and it smells great. Once you wash it off in the morning though you would not even need to apply any moisturizer. Will be back this again for sure.
    Quy...@  2017-06-18
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    one of my favourite sleeping masks :-)

    very moisturising and absorbs into my skin really fast! I'm using it daily as a moisturiser as well and it has helped my skin to become dewy and glowy overtime :-)

    Hui...@  2017-06-15
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    Good moisturizer for oily skin

    Moistrurizes well without clogging pores.b6018e8b0bb061942f37b0e3dfd4a34f_1497322
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    i love it ^^

    the perfect sleeping mask! the texture feel a little bit sticky at the beginning, but let it absorb. in the morning after washing my face feel smooth and soft! b272a16a056614babedbea6404c71ac1_1502258
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    Better for dry skin. I prefer the rice one..  2017-05-18
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    its okay

    my face felt soft and smooth after i woke up but i couldnt really tell the difference between this and just a really good moisturizer  2017-05-06
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    It's actually smaller than my expectation ^^ This is a nice sleeping mask, but I guess I like the rice variation better.  2017-05-06
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    sleeping pack

    decent moisturizing sleeping pack, you need barely any product  2017-04-29
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    Soooo good!

    My favorite product from COSRX.  After applying it, the next day your skin looks brightened and feels so smooth! It also calms down the irritated/red area! Hope Style Korea carries back the tube packaging.  2017-04-21
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    Great sleeping pack.

    Has a cooling effect and very hydrating. Love the discret smell of honey. Can be a little sticky, so I prefer the rice one.  2017-04-16
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    Love it

    This has a wonderful gel texture and absorbs very nicely. No scent either. I use it as last step before bed and I wake up with super smooth moisturized skin. Would definitely repurchase.
    Jes...@  2017-03-27
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    one of my favourite sleeping masks :-)

    very moisturising and absorbs into my skin really fast! I'm using it daily as a moisturiser as well and it has helped my skin to become dewy and glowy overtime :-)

    Hui...@  2017-02-14
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    one of my favourite sleeping masks :-)

    very moisturising and absorbs into my skin really fast! I'm using it daily as a moisturiser as well and it has helped my skin to become dewy and glowy overtime :-)
    Hui...@  2017-02-14
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    so good

    It really moist my skin and make it feel a lot smoother , a little goes a long way!!  2017-02-01
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    //high five//

    i love cosrx and i love sleeping masks so,,,,yeah. its kind of a watery-gel like texture and makes your skin feel straight up wet when you put it on, and it takes a while for it to completely sink in. however, it is so so worth it. it makes my skin feel super soft in the morning and i swear its keeping my acne at bay,,, but its def only for people with dry/very dry skin. i cant imagine this being effective for someone with oily skin. 

    Gre...@  2017-02-01
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    No es para tanto

    Si tienes que elegir en esta marca, mejor es la crema de baba de caracol.. esta es muy sin gracia y no veo la diferencia entre aplicarla o no  2017-01-23
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    very good

    it helps make your skin smooth the next morning but nothing significant to purchase again, texture was very good too, I still want to buy more but if you want allot of changes then try the rice mask.  2017-01-22
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    Not that great

    I usually love COSRX products, and have yet to find a bad product, but I was kinda disappointed with this one.

    It's not very moisurizing for a night cream.

    I use it until the end to confirm my thoughts and yep, I won't buy it again...  2016-12-21
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    Great one

    It's a good mask and my skin feels really hydratate  2016-12-21
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    nice mask

    it smells so good, gel like texture, skin feels nourish and plump in the morning.  2016-12-11
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    Well hydrated!

    Great cheaper alternative to the Laneige water sleeping pack!  2016-12-10
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    Absolutely love this product! The texture is light and very moisturising. I use this as the last step of my night routine and I wake up with very moisturising and plumped skin.  2016-12-09
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    Great Mask!

    This is one of my favorite products. I love the cooling effect and it's super moisturizing! :)  2016-12-01
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    I love how this gel cream/ sleeping mask is soothing , cooling & moisturizing !!

    It's lightweight , perfect for oily skin I absolutely recommend it to anybody!  2016-12-01
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    Great sleeping pack

    One of my favourite moisturizing products. I wake up in the morning and my skin appears so smooth and dewy. Love the results  2016-11-17
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    As usual , I like this one too from cosrx , they cant make a single product i hate, at least for me! Gives good hydration and soft skin for the next morning , absorbs well throughout the night . Light weight, good ingredient list . I wish it was a jumbo size version of the night masks , especially of this and the rice one. Good price for this quality! Love it  2016-11-15
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    Love this!

    I love how it doesn't irritate my skin and really soothes it. It also feels light on the skin and leaves my skin feeling moisturised, smooth and soft in the morning.  2016-11-13
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    great mask!

    I really love this overnight mask! it is light, fresh and hydrating and makes my skin look amazing :)  2016-11-12
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    very good

    This is one of my favorite overnight mask. It is hydrating my skin and calming it. In the morning my skin looks smooth and it feels really soft.  2016-11-10
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    The skin feels really nice and smooth the next morning.  2016-11-07
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    Love it!

    Great overnight mask, great for brightening and hydrating overnight :)  2016-10-20
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    Summer mask

    Great mask, light hydration. Doesn't irritate my acne. Will probably need something heavier in the winter  2016-10-18
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    Cosrx never lets me down. it is hydrating and soothing  2016-10-07
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    Love it

    It is a nice product, my face feels refreshed and soft after use. It is easy to apply.

    Overall a good product!  2016-10-03
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    smells bad

    Bought this because of the good reviews everywhere, but I was shocked by the smell - the alcohol smell is really strong!! ): Ofc course this goes away quickly (i suppose due to the alcohol evaporating) and then it leaves this strange (but light) smell. I've sensitive combination skin and the alcohol worries me, but it hasn't broken me out on my first try...fingers crossed!  2016-10-02
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    Ended up breaking me out

    I wanted to like this product SO MUCH because I heard so much about it from multiple YouTube Korean skincare gurus, but it ended up breaking me out really badly. At first, I thought it improved my skin for one day, but as I continued to use it every night for 1 week, I broke out all over my cheeks where I normally don't break out. I thought it was just my hormones acting up, but when I stopped using this product, my skin immediately started to calm down, so I think this product was the culprit. However, just so you know - my skin is VERY sensitive, and I'm not surprised this happened to me, but I was so hopeful this would work out for me!! Too bad...I will be finishing this product as a body moisturizer like my other failed facial moisturizers/sleeping packs, lol...  2016-09-29
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    I love this mask! Mi skin was so smooth, after using it... Amazing product  2016-09-27
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    I love this mask! Leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and I swear my skin is glowing after I've used it.  2016-08-24
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    Love this mask

    No breakout in the morning! It hydrates my skin! And calms my acne. Love all the line of COSRX! ♡♡♡  2016-08-24
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    I saw a review of this product on youtube and decided to give it a try. I love it! I cannot explain how amazing it is. It makes my skin smooth and soft! I would def buy it again!  2016-07-15