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    HOLY GRAIL!!!!!!!!

    I've taken to stocking up on these because I can't imagine getting breakouts without them now. If you're like me and cant resist popping your acne, this helps them heal over super quickly. I've also noticed way less scarring using these pads.  2017-08-18
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    have to know how to use them

    At first i did not know how to use this product properly so i was very disappointed.

    When i first used it i would just apply the patch to the spot and leave it overnight and it would do nothing.

    Then i decided to "pop" it or allow it to have an opening before applying the patch, and by doing so, the pimple patch sucks out all the gunk overnight!

    You can come see me use these products here!


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    I had stubborn acne the was super annoying but i left one of these patches on overnight and when I woke up, the acne was gone! I strongly recommend.  2017-08-17
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    Does the job

    Tried this on my boyfriend recently (I currently didn't have any pimples to use it on) and left it on overnight on 2 different days. It was able to suck out the pimple and all it's contents. When I took off the patch sometimes not all the pus would come out together but I just used like tissue paper or a Q-tip to get it off. The pimples did somewhat reduce in size and redness so that's a plus. I hope to try this on myself when I feel a pimple coming.  2017-08-16
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    really good product helps tame a spot effortlessly overnight .  2017-08-15
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    Best pimple patches

    The lifespan of my pimples reduce significantly with this. Redness is also reduced. Sticks even after I've put moisturiser/oil serums on it.  2017-08-15
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    Holy grail!

    Please order more than one. You'll use these up so fast if you get pimple often.  2017-08-14
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    I was excited to try these on my cystic acne. I found after 10 hours of wear the pimple was slightly reduced and gunk had been pulled out but the pimple still took days to heal. Not sure if they are worth the price  2017-08-13
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    COSRX Pimple Patches! :D

    So I've seen the numerous (more like hundreds) of reviews about these and finally ordered one myself a few months ago. Needless to say, these little patches really do an awesome work with pimples!! >_< whether with big ones or small ones, the patches help heal them and have them either safely sink back into the skin (w/out blemish) or bring out the whitehead w/out damage done to the pore. Sometimes you do need to apply a couple throughout the span of two days for the full effect to appear, but with patience comes good results. I keep wanting to order more!  2017-08-13
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    does the job, but kind of pricey. the larger patches can be cut in halves for smaller pimples.  2017-08-13
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    COSRX patch

    Los mejores parches que he encontrado, con toner y sin toner de árbol de té estos parches funcionan de maravilla por sí solos, te reducen la inflamación de las erupciones de un día para otro, y son un método bastante higiénico para que no se agrave o infecte, lo mejor es que son de un tono medio amarillo por lo que se básicamente no se notan en la piel, y si le colocas maquillaje encima se pierden por completo...  101254bec48ae1b458f8845dda4efc50_1502579

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    cant get enough of it

    Just pop it on everytime that acne comes out... I dont know how many package I have bought now <3  2017-08-12
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    Perfect! Highly Recommend this for Acne Prone Skin

    This product does exactly what it claims to - heals a fresh wound from a burst pimple, prevents the breakout from returning due to exposure, and helps the skin heal more quickly. Sometimes, I find that I don't suffer blemishes at all when I use this on smaller breakouts! HIGHLY recommend this to anyone suffering from acne.  2017-08-11
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    HOLY GRAIL AND MVP as it reduces the size of a blemish in a short amount of time!  2017-08-06
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    I get a really huge pimple some time in a month and this helps reduce the size of it in a matter of hours only. ♥️  2017-08-06
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    My favorite patches so far!

    I have tried Missha as well as the face shop's versions of these spot patches, and they just don't compare. These are a little thicker and really seem to absorb the nastiness better than the others. I'm gonna order nexcare on the advice of Morgan from the Beauty Breakdown to see if I like them better, but so far, these are my favorite!  2017-08-06
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    Its very good so soothing and calmingb01f6e73b36c2cd38c2094380b2a8ecb_1501912  2017-08-05
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    These patches work really well. They're thick and sticks on nicely even when you have moisturizer on. You put it on over night and you will see drastic changes to your acne. However, I noticed that the pimple sometimes comes back after a day or two. Still a great product though. The only complaint I have is that some of the patches are too large and I feel like it is a waste to use on small pimples.  2017-08-05
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    Takes time but actually works!

    Just dont put any product under the patchd11d0cf830578d4517ca3d98a06f75ac_1501874  2017-08-05
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    Heals spot but takes time

    Really nice pimple patch but not an instant solution. Need to use regularly  2017-08-04
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    Wonderful patch

    Hides pimples perfectly and no skin irritation when using this patch. Love it!  2017-08-04
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    Works great!

    I absolutely love this product -- whenever I break out, I use a patch on a problem area overnight and the swelling will have gone down the next morning. Easy to carry around as well when traveling!  2017-08-03
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    does exactly as describedc02e8816f0f6c65be3f4b956b0dff559_1501681  2017-08-02
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    This stuff works!  2017-08-02
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    Didn't work for me

    I'm not sure why, but this product just didn't work for me! I know a lot of people love it, and they rave about it, but for me, my pimples stayed the same size and even with the pimple patch, it took almost a week for a pimple to go away.  2017-08-02
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    i love this! works pretty well. 

    Ana...@  2017-08-01
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    already a staple!

    Great results! Pimples gone overnight. With this price, it's a steal.  2017-07-31
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    I was curious about this product and curious once again when I got my hands on it because the science in it is just so amazing. This has gotten to be my go-tos when I have a breakout and I definitely need to buy more!

    Fri...@  2017-07-31
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    good for sudden breakouts, they seem bigger than needed so maybe I will try cutting them next time?  2017-07-29
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    Already ordered more

    Easy to use and gets good results 95% of the time. I am not sure why they don't work sometimes but when they do these patches save me. They are a lot more gentle than the American acne spot treatments I have tried which have just dried out my skin terribly. 

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    clears up pimples super fast! sticky and doesnt fall off!!  2017-07-28
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    I absolutely cannot live without these!
    They heal my active acne in a tremendous way!  2017-07-28
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    True to its name.

    It really true to its name. Acne master patches really help to reduce my ugly and painful pimples. I ordered 3 more and one for sister too. Good boon for acne prone skins.  2017-07-27
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    Love it.

    works very well. Put one on at night and the next day the pimple was gone.  2017-07-26
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    Good  2017-07-25
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    holy grail

    I've repurchased this so many times. It really saves my skin  2017-07-24
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    Like it

    This pimple patch sticks well in my skin and reduce the redness

    Mir...@  2017-07-23
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    Holy grail product

    No word to describe this  2017-07-22
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    Works well

    I mainly use these after popping a pimple so excess gunk can be absorbed and the swelling can go away easily. This way the wound can heal without it keeping back any gunk or getting new infections by other bacteria. The wounds also heal evenly and fast.  2017-07-20
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    the best!!

    very good product, i would buy this again.  2017-07-20
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    Really helps with pimples

    Sve...@  2017-07-19
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    Work well  2017-07-18
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    this faded my pimples over night, went down 2 sizes in 2 days!  2017-07-17
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    Gets the Job Done

    It works! Keeps impurities away from my pimples.  2017-07-16
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    This product really works! I put it on over night and the next morning it's gone.  2017-07-16
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    This product help me to protect my acne  2017-07-15
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    If you leave it on overnight you can see some shrinkage of pimples!  2017-07-14
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    It does what it claims to do! very good.  2017-07-12
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    Sheer brilliance!

    This is the best and most effective way of treating a pimple, especially overnight. Take a bow Corsx!  2017-07-11
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    Regular bathroom staple

    A buy a few of these with every StyleKorean order. I don't really have any major acne issues, however when the odd pimple pushes through these patches are the most effective treatment for my dry skin. The only way that this product would be better is if there were more patches per packet.  2017-07-11
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    Put it on anything

    Taking the pus out of your pimples? Check.


    Keeping you from touching your pimples? Check.


    Keeping your pimple area hydrated after moisturising? Check.


    Actually sticking on, unlike some other brands? Check.  2017-07-11
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    Wow amazing results! After one application it reduced the size of pimple. Worth the buy :)  2017-07-09
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    My all time favourite by COSRX! This product is a holy grail item and I really wish COSRX would manufacture the patches in more quantity as 24 isn't enough so I end up buying more of these. An actual life saver and is a must for those with painful acne.  2017-07-09
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    Very Good!

    It is a very good product! It helped my pimples go away.  2017-07-09
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    Holy grail!

    I can't live without these patches anymore! 

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    Great for the pimples

    I use the patches on all my pimples. Helps keep the pimples calm whilst also speeding up the process. Also love that they come in multiple sized.  2017-07-08
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    must buy

    totally needed



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    I really like these

    I love these they do what they are supposed to  2017-07-08
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    Very nice product

    It does help healing wounds caused by acne. I am not sure that you can go out with these patches on  your face, maybe if you use 1 or 2 of them at the time. I could not see effect on my acne because I have too many pimples and I had to go out and had to remove some of the patches. Try to put them on before going to bed, it is honestly the most convinient tme and you will have maximum results. Totally would buy again.cf2cfa7d68c3cccdf9a9c95dcd55809d_1499413
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    Unsure about how good it is

    I saw this had an astounding number of good reviews and so gave it a try. The pimples I really get are the ones that start out as little red bumps and evolve into ones with puss after time. When I put it on the bumps it would basically speed up the process and make the puss come out to maybe pop it. I don't know if its right for me though.  2017-07-07
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    This pad is magical. It calm down my acnes like a dream. I usually use it a night, put it on and go to sleep. I always stock these up.  2017-07-07
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    Although it didn't get rid of the dark spot, it helped reduce the size of the cyst.  2017-07-04
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    Very nice

    I love this! It's very effective in getting rid of my pimples and it keeps me from touching them all the time  2017-07-03
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    A good protect for my acne  2017-07-02
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    Very effective in healing acnes and pimples...  2017-07-02
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    I ran out of my Nexcare pimple patch so I opted to try this out and its pretty comparable. I do think that the Nexcare one is stronger and gets rid of my pimples faster but its also more expensive. The cosrx one is cheaper, thinner, and adheres to my skin better so thats a plus. Overall I would definitely buy this again.  2017-06-30
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    A+ for amazing

    These are no gimmick. Sometimes when I feel I have a pimple trying to ruin my next couple of days, I slap one of these bad boys on at night and leave it on til the morning. I put another one on after showering. After 1 day, poof, the pimple is nonexistent and there is visible white residue (sebum) collected in the patch. Worth  2017-06-30
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    Superb for pimples

    I have purchased this item multiple times and will continue to purchase. Extremely effective is you know how to use!

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    Not as good as Dr. Belmeur Patches...

    I bought these after a blogger said they were her favorite, but I don't think they are as effective as the Dr. Belmeur patches in dealing with occasional pimples. 




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    a must purchase with every stylekorean order.  2017-06-28
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    a must for treating acne

    This is already the second time I`ve ordered this product, it is that good. I am new to Korean skin care, and I think I`ve fallen in love with COSRX`s products. :-)  2017-06-28
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    Acne pimple patches cosrx

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    I use this to prevent myself from touching my pimples!008cbd80a8479f4bcf0b61b62ee3ca0d_1498389
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    Love these patches!

    I apply these overnight and they work best on whiteheads.  2017-06-25
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    Works like wonders

    This patch is Amazing, I still do the 10 step and just before I put on my moisturizer I put the patch on my break outs and in the morning it has pulled the head and my pimple has gone down :)  2017-06-24
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    acne patches are a must

    Love these little patches. It does the work for you like a miracle.  2017-06-23
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    The best

    It is worth buying. Really helps with my acne.  2017-06-22
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    repurchasing several times

    love it! no more words needed, repurchasing several times already  2017-06-22
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    Can see the result overnight

    My pimple gone within a night. Avoid your hand to touch the pimple  2017-06-21
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    saved my hormonal acne!

    saves me from picking at my pimples and doesnt leave a scar!  2017-06-20
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    Works great

    It doesn't make the pimple go away completely but this is great for popped pimples. It sucks out all the gunk and prevents me from scratching the wound  2017-06-19
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    didn't work well on the begin but I have been getting better results with time. gonna continue using.  2017-06-19
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    Really works

    Soaks up the pus/gross yellow stuff. And if you have a pimple thats not ready yet, pop one of these stickers on and for most of them, by the next day the stuff will be drawn to the surface. been through many packets of these stickers already.  2017-06-18
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    Super Useful!

    I love keeping a ton of these pimple patches in my bathroom for whenever I have a pimple. I just put it on and let the patch soak up all of the excess oil to help make the pimple smaller and eventually go away. 

    Nay...@  2017-06-18
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    so far so good

    okay i knew this wouldn't completely get rid of pimples overnight, thats just too good to be true. however it certainly did help. I've only used two but both times after using them it reduced the size and color. i also thought the color would be noticeable on my skin but it blended in and if someone saw me while i had one on its not extremely noticeable.  2017-06-17
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    Skincare Staple

    I don't have a lot of acne, but I always have this product in my skincare draw as a quick spot treatment for any blemishes that may appear from time-to-time. After applying my usual skincare, I will add these to the effective area before sleep. Magically, when i wake up in the morning, the spots have minimised in redness and size. 


    These pimple patches are my favourite, and I always snap up a few whenever I make a StyleKorean order. The only thing that would be better is if there was more product in each package. Still, at such a low cost, you cannot go wrong.  2017-06-15
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    Very good to avoid touching a zit. Helps healing it. Bought four.b6018e8b0bb061942f37b0e3dfd4a34f_1497322
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    It helps, but isn't the best.  2017-06-11
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    pimiple patches

    these are a god send! i love them so much. i always order 5 packs a time. spots disappear within 1-2 days.  2017-06-10
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    Reduce pimple appearance

    I've been into pimple patches now since it's very convenient and with this patch protects it from infection. It does swell after an hours of placing the patch on it. It's effective too!  2017-08-11
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    So DAMN GOOD!!!

    I should buy restock it because it really works. When i have pimple, i just stick it,and tomorrow  it will dry. Bye Pimples!!!4d57b9e8fb1ae61ed745f16fe0164d00_1502372  2017-08-10
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    Works really good! Healed up acne fast!!!!!!!!!  2017-08-10
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    IT exorts all the puss and reduces the size in just a few hours honestly I don't even know how it's possible.. I WILL DEFINATELLY CONTINUE USING IT.  2017-08-09
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    Great short term solution, but not a long term solution


    The Acne pimple master patches are great! I bought them after great reviews from Joan Kim on YouTube. They do what they said they would - absorb excess secretion and protects blemishes.


    I bought about 5 packs. Each pack only has 24 patches, so portion them well unlike what I did. I went crazy and put a patch on every blemish I had but within maybe 2 weeks all 5 packs were finished.


    Only the ones that I had popped / squeezed had a noticeable difference because the patches absorbed the clear secretion that comes after popping the pimple. This may be because there's already a little hole for the patch to suck up secretion from. It helped reduce the size of the bump a little bit too. It doesn't really work on deep pimples that haven't raised to the surface of your skin yet.

    I recommend using it at night and removing it in the morning if you're going outside. If you wear it outside to school / work people looking at you will notice something on your face but probably won't say anything out of politeness. Even if you put it under makeup you can still slightly see it because it is raised up a little bit. Maybe 1 mm?


    I have a photo of what the patch looks like after having it on overnight. The secretion gets absorbed into the patch and becomes this white gel-like substance stuck inside the patch. If you try to squish / pop it, it just stays inside the patch. It looks a little bit gross but also fascinating.


    The patches are great for the short term to absorb popped pimple secretion, but it's not a long term solution to acne.


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    kills pimples overnight

    most effective way to murder your whiteheads while you sleep

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    Skin care

    Realy good For pimples they Cover them um  2017-06-07
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    I love these patches they really clean out the pimple and help reduce it over night  2017-06-04
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    These patches are so convenient and travel friendly. It works sometimes but not always.

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    Must Try Product

    this one help my pimples getting more bettere25f981d54165cb5110a25b545b60859_1496458
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    Holy Grail

    Seriously a holy grail product it works so well to heal my pimples.  2017-06-01