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    HOLY GRAIL!!!!!!!!

    I've taken to stocking up on these because I can't imagine getting breakouts without them now. If you're like me and cant resist popping your acne, this helps them heal over super quickly. I've also noticed way less scarring using these pads.  2017-08-18
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    have to know how to use them

    At first i did not know how to use this product properly so i was very disappointed.

    When i first used it i would just apply the patch to the spot and leave it overnight and it would do nothing.

    Then i decided to "pop" it or allow it to have an opening before applying the patch, and by doing so, the pimple patch sucks out all the gunk overnight!

    You can come see me use these products here!


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    I had stubborn acne the was super annoying but i left one of these patches on overnight and when I woke up, the acne was gone! I strongly recommend.  2017-08-17
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    Does the job

    Tried this on my boyfriend recently (I currently didn't have any pimples to use it on) and left it on overnight on 2 different days. It was able to suck out the pimple and all it's contents. When I took off the patch sometimes not all the pus would come out together but I just used like tissue paper or a Q-tip to get it off. The pimples did somewhat reduce in size and redness so that's a plus. I hope to try this on myself when I feel a pimple coming.  2017-08-16
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    really good product helps tame a spot effortlessly overnight .  2017-08-15
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    Best pimple patches

    The lifespan of my pimples reduce significantly with this. Redness is also reduced. Sticks even after I've put moisturiser/oil serums on it.  2017-08-15
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    Holy grail!

    Please order more than one. You'll use these up so fast if you get pimple often.  2017-08-14
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    I was excited to try these on my cystic acne. I found after 10 hours of wear the pimple was slightly reduced and gunk had been pulled out but the pimple still took days to heal. Not sure if they are worth the price  2017-08-13
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    COSRX Pimple Patches! :D

    So I've seen the numerous (more like hundreds) of reviews about these and finally ordered one myself a few months ago. Needless to say, these little patches really do an awesome work with pimples!! >_< whether with big ones or small ones, the patches help heal them and have them either safely sink back into the skin (w/out blemish) or bring out the whitehead w/out damage done to the pore. Sometimes you do need to apply a couple throughout the span of two days for the full effect to appear, but with patience comes good results. I keep wanting to order more!  2017-08-13
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    does the job, but kind of pricey. the larger patches can be cut in halves for smaller pimples.  2017-08-13
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    COSRX patch

    Los mejores parches que he encontrado, con toner y sin toner de árbol de té estos parches funcionan de maravilla por sí solos, te reducen la inflamación de las erupciones de un día para otro, y son un método bastante higiénico para que no se agrave o infecte, lo mejor es que son de un tono medio amarillo por lo que se básicamente no se notan en la piel, y si le colocas maquillaje encima se pierden por completo...  101254bec48ae1b458f8845dda4efc50_1502579

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    cant get enough of it

    Just pop it on everytime that acne comes out... I dont know how many package I have bought now <3  2017-08-12
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    Perfect! Highly Recommend this for Acne Prone Skin

    This product does exactly what it claims to - heals a fresh wound from a burst pimple, prevents the breakout from returning due to exposure, and helps the skin heal more quickly. Sometimes, I find that I don't suffer blemishes at all when I use this on smaller breakouts! HIGHLY recommend this to anyone suffering from acne.  2017-08-11
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    HOLY GRAIL AND MVP as it reduces the size of a blemish in a short amount of time!  2017-08-06
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    I get a really huge pimple some time in a month and this helps reduce the size of it in a matter of hours only. ♥️  2017-08-06