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    Is this how Minhyun & Seonho smell? What cuties!


    Some people have been saying it smells like candy while some others say it doesn't? I vote for sugary Haribo peach ring, apricots canned in syrup kind of smell—but I love it. It has a slightly childish vibe that suits summer nicely. I have to reapply it often because it doesn't last long (hence 4 stars instead of 5), but the bottle is made out of fairly thick plastic, not glass, so I feel safe taking it around in my bag  2017-08-13
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    Love this scent

    My favorite scent at the moment, wish it lasted longer! For now I spray it on my clothes and in my room. super soothing  2017-08-12
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    So peachy!

    My favourite W.Dressroom scent. Smells exactly like fresh, juicy peach! I use it more as a linen spray, a room spray, or to freshen up clothes, rather than a perfume as the fragrance is not particularly long-lasting. Still gorgeous and will definitely be re-purchasing.  2017-08-11
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    Great smell but...

    I love this smell so much, it smells like literal fresh peaches, not something synthetic, and it isn't overly sweet. The only problem is that the smell doesn't stay very long, so you'll have to keep reapplying it constantly.



    Ang...@  2017-08-02
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    dress and living clear perfume

    i really like this one. it smell clear and nice. i will buy again.  2017-07-28
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    NICE PEACH TEA SMELL AND MY FRIENDS ALL LOVE IT. I CANT WAIT TO GET ANOTHER BOTTLEba98efe7be471b75d58414b5676ca381_1501169  2017-07-28
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    No. 49 Peach Blossom



    This perfume indeed smells very peachy, which I mean, sweet, young and fresh.
    I would recommend it for boys and girls, who like smelling decent sweet.  

    All the perfumes are rather a light scent, but still noticable, so it's not something overpowering, which I really think it's nice.  2017-07-27
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    Sweet but not suit for perfume

    Bought it because of Minhyun from N'uest. It is very sweet and smells very peachy, but it does not last long and the smell turns weird with body temperature. Recommending for spray on cloth or room.  2017-07-21
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    Totally my type of scent

    It smells so peachy~ I really like it. No wonder a lot of celebs are using this.  2017-07-13
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    Nice smell

    It straight up smells like peaches you buy from a grocery store with a hint of mint.  2017-08-09
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    NICE SMELL2578f63ee48b2ee7d90cc69176bbd9d8_1502197  2017-08-08
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    wdressroom perfume

    I like this smell, so soft. it's really suit on me.

    Feb...@  2017-05-29
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    it have soft fragrantc58b3bc137f8a00bbcad819e1ffaf756_1494897

    fai...@  2017-05-16
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    it smells like peach rings

    it smells like peach rings. I dont wear it as a perfume, but I do like to spray it on my clothes. The scent does not last long!

    ...@  2017-04-28
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    smell is so good i love it...................................  2017-04-26
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    Love it

    Smells soooo good  2017-04-05
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    i dont like the fragrant

    I think I have made a mistake in selecting a peach fragrant.  2017-03-28
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    would recommend!  2017-02-24
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    LOVE IT!!

    it smells so fresh and good!!  2016-11-20
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    Smells heavenly peachy! I love this! stays on the clothes for a good period of time. I can still smell it on my clothes at the end of the day.  2016-09-07