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    Cute packaging, love the tint, the colour is pretty good  2017-05-21
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    Long lasting!

    This lip tint lasted me hours! I went to work and then went out to dinner, it was a little try because I had no lip balm, but the color was super pigmented until I took it off. I would purchase the other colors in the range and suggest this product to a friend.
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    Warning Very pigmented. But very pretty red color when you wear a generous amount, or even a full coat!  2017-05-17
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    smells good and longlasting  2017-05-09
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    Best tint ever. Long lasting lip tint, and smell so good  2017-04-20
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    why does this taste so bad?

    I have some other shades of this lip tint and i loved them. It's only the orange one that tastes bitter and disgusting and I have no idea why. All the others are lovely. I recommend you go for the red shades  2017-04-14
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    if I can only buy one product on this website, this is the one  2017-03-27
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    Wasn't expecting the color to be intense, but I love the payoff!! Best for smooth lips so remember to exfoliate before using to avoid patchiness.  2017-03-25
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    Love the packaging. Easy application and good staying power.  2017-03-21
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    Loves it!

    I first saw this when I was shopping in Myeondong and I bought one in burgundy. When I got back home, my mom wanted one as well so I ordered one in orange for her.


    The main reason for the purchase was that it is very pigmented and can last whole day, the colour don't fully fade away when you eat like a lot of lip tints do.

    The smell is amazing and it is moisturising as well.


    Definitely would purchase again.  2017-03-13
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    adorable packaging :-)

    relatively long lasting and very pigmented but sticks onto the dry patches on my lips as the day goes by.
    Hui...@  2017-02-14
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    Cute packaging and long lasting!

    I loooovee this tints! The packaging is in a wine glass bottle and it is so cute!! It even smells like wine! I didn't need to use a lot even though the tint is quite watery in consistency. Also, colour payoff was good and pretty long lasting !  2017-02-03
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    Firstly i thought i buy the wrong one since my skin is not so fair. However after using it for the first time, i was suprised by the colour. It is so pigmented and really long lasting (even after you wash your makeup there is left some color!). I would love to buy and try other colour, it must be good for my daily makeup. Recommended!  2016-12-22
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    Stays on for a long long time. Tastes kinda pleasant too. Haha. Great pigment!  2016-12-20
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    Excelent lip product and really nice colour.  2016-11-07
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    Purchased this product due to the hype. Could def see why this product is very popular esp for that light kissed looked. Very wearable.. unfortunately purchased the color in chardonay orange.. originally wanted the CR01 and or RD01. Wasn't a fan of the bright hue when applied initially.. but after it fades away it gave a "natural" color. Could definitely see myself wearing a more rose coral and a shiraz red color for a more everyday wear.. but then again it's my personal color choice. LOVE the packaging  2016-11-01
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    Long lasting and fantastic colour

    Lipsticks dry out my lips too much, so I've been drawn to lip tints for a long time. This one is the longest-lasting lip tint I've tried. It smells amazing, the colour is really vibrant and it's super easy to apply (especially if you like gradient lips). It certainly helps that the packaging is awesome and super cute but the quality is also amazing. It does dry very quickly on your lips when you first put it on so be careful when applying. But it doesn't dry your lips out. It lasted about 7 hours and even when I was drinking coffee and eating dinner. I'm really into oranges but would love to try the other colours. 10/10 would recommend!  2016-10-26
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    So pigmented!

    This lip tint is AMAZING! the color is beautiful and the stain lasts on my lips all day  2016-10-26
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    always love this product so much  2016-10-25
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    dont ask

    dont ask again, this product always be my HG  2016-10-25
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    Packaging is cute

    Tint is great and lasts a while even when it fades it leaves a stain. BE SURE TO EXFOLIATE YOUR LIPS BEFORE YOU APPLY  2016-10-10
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    Best product that i bought

    I bought too many products, but this is best  2016-10-08
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    so cute

    I bought the whole set! All 6 pieces.

    They smell a little like wine & the packaging is so cute!  2016-10-05
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    It is a really nice color, it pops from your lips. The color isn't a strong orange color, it is in between red and orange. It is easy to apply to the lips, and the color stays for a long time!

    Definitely would buy again  2016-10-03
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    I love

    I love will not let you cracks on the lips has a soft texture and color lasts long.  2016-09-30
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    never dissappointed me. labiotte is really cute.  2016-09-28
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    It is really nice

    I like it because super long last and the color very cool too  2016-09-24
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    Chateau Labiotte Wine Tint

    I purchased 3 colors (orange, red & plum) immediately after I saw this. I also bought one for each of my friends. Guess should've tested 1 first. When I applied it, looks and feels very nice on my lips. Colors did not fail me and i love taste. It was tricky to apply coz it runny so one should be very precise when putting it on. Otherwise once you smudge it, its very hard to remove coz the staying power of this is like heck! And after using a firs & second time I found out my lips have a reaction like its itchy and after theres like a thick dry skin covering my lips, i have to scrub it and apply balm for a couple of days before i get my original lips. So now my lovely 3 lip tint is just in my drawer..i so want to use it badly!  2016-09-11
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    won't budge

    It was the packaging that Sold to me. I am surprised by the staying power. The tint was still there on my lips after a whole day of r donuts, icecream, barbecue and drinking. It can be drying, I just keep reapply lip balm on top of it.  2016-08-31