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    april skin mummy mask


    1. easier to pack when travelling compared to mud masks that are in tubs or whatnot- because its not an everyday use (prefer to use once or twice a week) u can just choose how many sachets u want

    2. easy to dispose after use

    3. my personal experience: its good. it does make my skin whiter/brighter and feeling fresh and tighter after use (but it doesnt last tbh, my bad skin goes back after 2 days)

    4. it takes out some white heads and dry flaky skin (i have flaky skin because of some products that i use for my acne)

    5. its more convenient- just peel it off then wash face after use


    1. its expensive compared to other well known brands like innisfree

    2. its hard to put on when ur not used to it. its actually messy when not done right

    3. it doesnt peel off ur uglyness like what they advertised or claimed the product does. i've used 4 so far and the results are ok. i expected more to be honest but i do understand that i have bad skin and i know 4 sheets of mud mask wont make my skin completely clear of acne and whiteheads. i guess when u use this product u have to continuously use it for a long time to see long lasting remarkable results


    over all i like it :)  2016-09-08