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    Great product

    I love how inovative this product is. Great at exfoliating without leaving my skin dry.  2017-08-02
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    Convenience and Non Irritating

    I have super sensitive skin due to my eczema prone. This is the first chemical peel that did not irritate my skin. I get slightly peeling the next day after using it so I think it does the job of exfoliate my skin. Comes in decent quality pads which is handy to use.

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    2nd favorite

    I love neogen products and for this specific gauze peeling, i have used all 3 flavors..

    lemon, wine and green tea. 

    You can come see me use these products here!

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    Good shipping

    I stil have to use it..... Im very excited to use it.883d646a98f3468e70ad9438939a821b_1501443 

    But the shipping was nice!  2017-07-31
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    Go for it

    First, this smells amazing must be a fruity, sweet wine they use! Second, Wow to what the pad looks like when it is working its magic!  

    I really like to use this when my skin starts getting flaky and need more physical TLC. With my skin being dry, sensitive and acne prone I have to be careful with what I use, but this product hasn't caused any issues for me.  2017-07-28
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    love love love this item, it exfoliate my skin without irritating them at all, and the smell of it just too delicious omg  2017-07-26
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    love the scent and honestly everything about this product. if you wanted to try but hesitated, do it! its really awesome!  2017-07-19
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    I felt it working within seconds!


    I am 59 this year and have been using a few products from Style Korean over the last couple of years and my lines Im pleased to say have gone. In my profession and doing live streams good healthy looking skin is important to me. I love the wipes as they have a gentle exfoliation and toning result. I only use them before bed and not every night so they last me quite a while. I avoid the eye area with these however I have noticed my pores have reduced and no more adult breakouts ;) 

    ~ Karen  2017-07-17
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    Can't rave enough about these pads, I bought them in every type and they are all great. 

    I have been using them for some time now any my skin loves it! I used to apply it then apply my skincare, wrong! you should apply it, rinse your face then apply the toner and the rest of your skincare products. Just a note.  2017-07-12
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    Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

    I ordered this product since it is very popular and most who have used it recommend it. It is very gentle and brightens up my skin after use. It smells really nice. It makes me hungry when i smell it, hahaha :) One thing I don't like about it is that it feels a bit sticky while the product is still on my skin. Maybe it's because the smell is quite sweet. Maybe the green tea or lemon variant would be better for me. I'll order those next time. But overall, i give this product a thumbs up! image1.JPG  2017-07-09
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    my second one and definitely will recommend to a friendc7f4b4ad6f2a19fdde3b35a5b7154d5f_1499325
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    soft peeling

    I'm using it twice a week as a soft peeling and see the results  2017-07-06
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    soft exfoliate

    good for exfoliating the skin without harming but so far it did not make my skin brighter probably needs more time but its a great soft exfoliate for the skin in general and would try the other types to see the difference between them  2017-07-01
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    I like the scent of this product. Also, it felt nice on the skin and it leaves your skin moisturizes and smooth afterwards. Worth the try and recommendation! :)  2017-06-25
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    It works on my sensitive skin!


    I love this product so much I had to restock when I went to Korea! I have sensitive skin and use this 2x a week and it doesn't irritate my skin. The smell is amazing just like grape juice. My skin doesn't peel noticeably but it makes my skin smooth and soft. 



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    Holy Grail product!

    Easy to use, smells great and amazing skin after. Can't rave more!  2017-06-20
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    Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine by Neogen

    This product is simply amazing.

    It exfoliates effectively yet very gentle.

    It made my skin really smooth and clean.

    High recommend this product!  2017-06-17
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    best best exfoliator

    The best exfoliator ever! Many great things about this product: the convenience because it is a pad!, the great smell of wine syrup (me loving it ^^), and the feeling after you exfoliate using this pad is just immediate!18d4f79fa27e665573f4da7b9c4f7628_1497527  2017-06-15
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    Smells so good & love my skin texture after

    First thing I noticed after opening was the smell. It smells so good and leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and fresh afterwards.

    Definitely recommend!  2017-06-14
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    its great

    love how exfoliating it is9877c8d6cbea27acecad7522f9d3380e_1496298 

    ...@  2017-06-01
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    Good product

    This peel gauze smelling so good but it worked so well78ddc96a55adc0e070cbe6847da91fc7_1496150  2017-05-30
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    Es un producto bastante bueno y practico, deja la piel suave y el olor es muy agradable. No me ha irritado la piel (lo uso 1 vez a la semana)  2017-05-27
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    My skin left very smooth after application. Doesn't notice any big difference after about 10 use of pads now, but it doesn't irritate my skin so it's fine. Still do the job for exfoliation, so I'm not complaining. Afterall exfoliation is very important in preventing pimple. I think it works for people with all skin type and concerns except those whom have a very very very sensitive skin, it might be a little bit too harsh for you.

    Smells like grape Sugus candy (anyone knows Sugus or is it just me?) even though might not do a favor for everybody else, it smells like childhood for me :)  2017-05-24
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    Smells great and Exfoliates great!

    These Neogen exfoliation pads work so well! the rough side exfoliates with a soft side. Also it smells so good!!  2017-05-23
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    Piel suavecita

    Amo los productos de Neogen. No me permito comprar tantos por el precio, pero sin duda los empaques y el cuidado que han puesto en los ingredientes son puntos a favor. Este es un exfoliante innovador y suave. Huele delicioso. Me gusta. f0a47823df63121275bcb81c08708aad_1494482  2017-05-11
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    Really nice and refreshing way to cleanse. And smells reallllly good  2017-05-08
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    Love the smell

    Smell reminds me of grape fanta which I first tried on a trip to Japan. Not sure if the product is actually making any difference to my skin, but I'm not having any reaction to it despite having sensitive skin. It's fun and whilst some people hate the artificial smell, it reminds me of fun times. :)  2017-05-04
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    Convenient & Effective

    Love innovative product! Good quality of pads. There are 30 pieces of pads included so if I use it every other day, a jar should last me 2 months! Pretty good I say. Fragrance smells like more like Grape flavored soda rather than wine - still smell nice~ 

    Gentle yet effective exfoliant, will purchase again - perhaps try out other fragrance too.  2017-05-01
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    awesome product, gentle yet thorough, easy to use, nice packaging  2017-04-29
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    My First exfoliating pads and it's great

    It's been long time since this product launch yet I still confused either to buy it or not. Once I bought this one, and IT FEELS LIKE MAGIC! My exfo routine become easier than ever. And it has something that makes my face instantly glow. Kudos!!  2017-04-27
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    Smell so good. would buy it again  2017-04-26
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    Good exfoliant!

    I'm close to finishing my first container, and thinking of repurchasing it. It works perfect for those days when I felt like my skin was exposed to so much dust and dirt. I always love how clean, soft and smooth my skin feels after using this one.  2017-04-21
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    i'm in love with this! works great and smells great as well. perfect for when my skin feels super dull and needs a little more pampering  2017-04-21
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    Great Product

    Works well and convenient to use.  2017-04-16
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    The best!

    Smells so good and doesn't irritate my skin! Leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. Love that it doesn't dry out my skin.  2017-04-13
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    Nice smell and nice exfoliator will definitely buy this again  2017-04-12
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    Love it!

    Super love the smell! Leaves my skin super clean!  2017-04-11
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    Like the product a lot, definitely will order it again  2017-04-07
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    Good results but not for me

    The good part is it works for my combination skin. Softer, clearer, no dry patches after only a few uses.

    The bad part is that the smell and color are very artificial. I also find my skin overall has become more dry and tight, though this may be normal for chemical exfoliants. I don't think it's from the alcohol because it has very little in it, probably as a preservative. 

    Given all the positives and negatives I think it's too expensive for only 30 uses. I will finish the jar unless it gives me serious problems because I like the results, but will not buy again.  2017-04-06
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    Nice smell

    Leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean. Just be careful not to rub too hard especially if you have sensitive skin or this might cause some irritation  2017-04-05
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    the effects and smell are nice

    The smell is nice and it gently exfoliate my skin everytime I use it. It's a really good product and the brand is good too.  2017-04-01
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    Discovery of 2017 !!!

    I really love this product !!!

    In short, this multi-tasking formula exfoliates, hydrates and prevents aging all at the same time. After every use, my skin is a lot smoother and brighter than it was before.  2017-03-28
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    It's good

    This is good but the alcohol in it dries out my nose.  2017-03-26
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    Good one

    The pad smell so good, and it exfoliated skin very gentle. Good product  2017-03-25
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    Very gentle and smells nice. You really feel hydrated after  2017-03-23
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    Overall Rating: 9/10

    Used it for approximately a month now: 


    - Very quick and easy to use; physical and chemical exfoliation within minutes

    - Left skin feeling extremely smooth

    - Could see residue (dead skin cells?) on the pad

    - Very gentle 



    - Not many. I can't say I liked the grape smell much (smelled similar to artificial grape medicine); but this is subjective of course. 


    Overall, would definitely recommend trying this product.  2017-03-21
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    Love love love

    An excellent scrub love the smell  2017-03-21
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    best k-product so far

    makes my skin so soft and smooth!  2017-03-17
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    Really leaves my skin feeling smooth and its really satisfying to see it scrub off gross dead skin!  2017-03-14
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    this is my first neogen product and i love it! it makes my skin so smooth after and is so gentle. i only use it once a week and exfoliate the other time a week with my peeling gel. definitely will repurchase  2017-03-13
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    Love !!!!

    Makes skin feel so clean afterwards!!!! Smells nice and smooths skin well. 

    kir...@  2017-03-13
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    lovely exfoliater

    I love these pads

    verry effective

    even though you scrub your skin

    its not harsch


    I have a sensitive skin

    and its still gentle for my skin  2017-03-04
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    Amazing, noticeable change!!!

    I really love Neogen products and this is a cult classic!!! The sided gauze is really great and really thoroughly exfoliates the face, removing all the dead skin and leaves my face feeling refreshed! I usually only use it a few times a week, don't want to over exfoliate, after adding this product to my skincare routine, saw noticeable changes!!! I like this type of physical and chemical exfoliation over other types such as the Tony Moly Brightening Essence exfoliator!  2017-02-27
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    good but not a fan of the smell

    Personally I like the lemon "flavor" more than this wine "flavor." I'm not usually super sensitive to smells but this product has a weird grasp scent to it that I'm not really a fan of. That being said I do think that it's a good exfoliate so if you don't have an issue with the smell it will probably work well for you.  2017-02-26
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    A must have!

    I definitely feel my skin smoother than before the use. I use this product twice a week. I have sensitive, acne prone, and combination to dry skin. I have noticed a difference in skin texture after using this. It appears my skin has improved more after each use too. The scent of wine relaxes my senses similar to those luxurious spa-like feeling everytime I use it!  2017-02-24
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    Love Love Love

    Love this product! At first I tried using it every other day, but then realized my skin doesn't need that much exfoliating so I'm doing it once/twice a week. The scent is amazing and after using the peel, my skin feels SO soft  2017-02-23
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    Nice sent , Good heavy package.

    Won't be using it daily therefore i think of it as a save. Exfoliate my pores and skin gently - I love the grape wine sent.  2017-02-21
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    Gentle Exfoliator

    Smells like grape juice. Want to try the other "flavours" too!  2017-02-19
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    such a nice and gentle exfoliator! my skin feels smooth and soft afterwards & def looks brighter!  2017-02-19
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    Nice Exfoliator !! after i used it my skin feels so soft like baby butt lol! for real  2017-02-16
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    Nice Exfoliator

    Works well, but isn't too harsh.  2017-02-11
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    Worth the hype

    I love the smoothness of my skin after I use this product. Very relaxing to apply, I just keep massaging my face as I use the rougher side, and when I switch to the smooth side, my skin feels so silky smooth. The smell of the product is fabulous.  2017-02-10
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    Отшелушивает неплохо, запах отличный. Интересная вещь  2017-02-09
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    Smell so good. Best exfoliater without harshing my skin. Very gentle on my skin and I feel so fresh after using it. I will buy the lemon scent in the future. You can't go wrong with Neogen products.  2017-02-09
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    Me encanta

    Mods muy refrescante y me deja genial la piel.  2017-02-08
  66. 4


    Smells amazing. Works a treat but do be careful not to scrub too fiercely with the gritty side.  2017-02-07
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    love this

    i can see why this is so popular....i only have been using one for about a month, but i saw results 

    the first time i used it. my skin was so soft and smooth... i have dry combo skin and in my early 40s.

    every time i use this i don't want to put on makeup the next day.  truly love this has become my one thing i can't live without!!!!  2017-02-04
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    I liked it but..!

    I like it but because my skin is so sensitive so it did  irritate it a bit!  2017-02-02
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    awesome product

    it removes old dead skin cells  2017-02-01
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    great product

    It makes my skin feeling so smooth after using it , I really enjoy using it twice a week and the smell of the product is so good.  2017-02-01
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    Even better

    The lemon was great and this is even better. It is fabulous. The sense is great like wine, remove dirt and debris really well. A rebuy item for sure. Not curious about the green tea  2017-01-31
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    Really good

    Smells good and easy to use! i can see a difference after a week  2017-01-29
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    glowing face even for an oily--combination skin

    I have an dull, oily to combination skin. I rarely use this product to exfoliate in the evening. When I do use it though  I get compliments why my face glows esp. that I rarely use make up that much. I think this product leaves the powerful ingredient of the wine on my face that creates the magic. Followed with my skin care routine before sleeping is also helpful to maximize the effects of this product. I may still have an oily skin but I am stunned that a product like this can be helpful as well.


    I recommend this product if you have a dull, oily to combination skin.

    If you are looking for a mild exfoliator that is very easy to use.


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    My mother siad : awesome

    I ordered it for my mother who loves make up, and hate clear it at end of the day . This product made it much easier, and grape smell is very nice  2017-01-24
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  77. 5


    Gooddddfd  2017-01-20
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    It's great!

    It's not harsh on the skin and so easy to use and quick. Plus it smells so wonderful!  2017-01-20
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    I like this... a lot.

    I use this product around two to three times a week (just like it is suggested) and it makes my skin super smooth and soft. It smells a lot like that fake grape taste, but it doesn't bother me or irritate my skin. Love this product!  2017-01-19
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    the smell is so nice and great exfoliate!

  81. 3


    It's easy to use but not that effective for me  2017-01-12
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    Dry skin friendly

    - Leave your skin brighter and moisturized 

    - Works wonder in term of peeling, yet very gentle 

    - Smell so good !  2017-01-12
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    Great Product

    Loving product so far 1 - Snells so wonderful! 2 - Exfoliation does not break out my skin at all 3 - Leaves face soft and smooth (no oily finish but gives off a dewy look) 4 - There is a change in colour for the pad to show that dirt was removed off your face  2017-01-05
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    good product

    This is smells good an easy to use.after using it my skin is so soft.i would like to repurchase again  2017-01-03
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    Great product

    After using it my skin is so soft! Easy to use and smells good! I want to try a different scent next time!  2017-01-02
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    Good exfoliator

    Love the easy to use pads for mechanical and chemical exfoliation and toning. Has a pleasant light grape scent. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Personally prefer the Lemon pads but would recommend.  2016-12-31
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    Loooove them!

    Just bought and absolutely love, great price and want to use them everyday, though I know I musn't...still tempting.
    Kar...@  2016-12-29
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    Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

    An amazing skin-care product! I love it!!  2016-12-28
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    Best exfoliating thug ever!

    smells so good Very innovative Leaves my skin super smooth Love it  2016-12-28
  90. 4


    I use these so sparingly, nice scent  2016-12-25
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    Get it!

    Easy to use, delicious scent, revives skin. Leaves my dry skin clean and exfoliated without making it dryer :) Also makes me look younger and fresher right away. Definitely recommended.  2016-12-16
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    A product to repurchase!

    Great exfoliator, gentle, convenient to use and has a good scent!  2016-12-11
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    This is like nothing I've ever used. It's gentle and leaves my skin feeling so smooth and bouncy! Besides some chemical scents, these pads smell exactly like grape jelly and the smell lingers even after use! I don't normally enjoy taking time out of my day to cleanse my face, but this is enjoyable and makes me feel super clean. I've already ordered the green tea variant and am excited to try that as well!  2016-12-06
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    love it

    my second purchase, love it  2016-11-26
  95. 5

    gentle exfoliator

    Great product. Skin feels clean and fresh afterwards.  2016-11-09
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    Clean Feel! But doesnt leave you dry ✨

    I have to admit, I bought this out of curiosity! A lot of people were raving about this product, but I was more interested about how much of a great exfoliator gauze can be. Well this product did not dissappoint! Leaves your skin so smooth and refreshed but never dry!! Thank god! At first I thought the packaging was abit decieving cause it's a massive jar for 30 sheets. I thought it wouldn't last long, but i found that i dont have to use it everyday so it lasted me quite a while  2016-11-07
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    Soft Skin

    This is worth the hype! It leaves my skin so soft and the product smells so amazing! It reminds me of some grape flavor candy! You just want to eat it!  2016-10-29
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    Soft Skin!

    I have oily skin so i don't have dry patches that need to be exfoliated but I do have clogged pores and a lot of dead skin cells are my nose and the exfoliating pads gets rid of them very easily without irritating my skin which can get a bit sensitive because of my acne. Using these pads about once to two times a week has left my skin super soft! And i love the smell too so overall this product is amazing, I will definitely repurchase when i'm almost out!!  2016-10-27
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    must try this product, and hope stylekorean brings the lemon too  2016-10-25
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    Must Have!!!

    This product is amazing. I was hesistant to get this product due to all the hype but I'm so glad I got it. It smells so good. It exfoliate your skin making it feel so soft. Love this product.  2016-10-12