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    mixed feeling

    I have mixed feeling about this. The nose patch is bigger, thus covers more area than your regular nose strips from the drugstore. It is less sticky too, which makes it gentle on the skin, but not as effective. 58b82fa3d0d0c0cac5e1ee0dd5d73c8a_1502999  2017-08-18
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    Loved it

    Excellent blackhead strips from all that i have used. Removes them very efficiently. good part is that the strip is quite huge so cover beyond the nose also. Would rebuy it for sure.  2017-08-14
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    love it!

    tried it on a friend and he loved it! Have never tried on my nose though...




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    it's working

    it's working on my pores! hope there's some promotion coming in the future  2017-05-11
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    For boyfriend

    Bought it for my boyfriend, he have a huge nose. He said he have lots of blackhead, gonna try it on him first!  2017-04-21
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    Jart Black Head Strips

    These are excellent for people with more wider noses are those who want to get a little bit of their cheeks with the strip. They work just as well as any other nose strip, but are worth buying if you want a strip that actually fits over your nose and gets some of the surrounding area. It comes with four strips in a pack, with each pack being two steps, so its a bit more convenient and cost effective.

    Ama...@  2017-01-16
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    my husband loves them  2017-01-07
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    I wouldn't say they're awesome but they work.  2016-11-26
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    it doesnt take every things out but still did a good job

    and i like the shape it is very big  2016-08-21