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    This kit is awesome

    I love this kit so much. I bought it because it was cheaper to buy as a set. With this kit my makeup is applied evenly and cleanly and doesn't look so cakey. It's great! :D

    Mel...@  2017-07-06
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    Great product

    I love this kit. It applies my makeup nicely and is very easily to clean. I took out one of the brushes to put in my makeup bag for the night and it was sturdy and the bristles didn't get ruined at all.

    Mel...@  2017-07-06
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    Soft and Handy

    The brushes are soft. It is so convenient and handy. I love how it opens up with each brushes standing up individually. Your friend will be jealous how organize you are, while they are searching through their pile of tools.  2017-06-26
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    good quality

    easy to use, soft.  2017-03-27
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    cute brush set

    this is such a cute brush set, perfect for travel.  2017-03-12
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    The Brushes are soft, but I realize some of the brushes are not that I would use!  2017-02-24
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    super cute

    The package is simply amazing and cute  2016-12-02
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    Coringco make up brushes

    This brushes are awesome! Absolutely love it!  2016-11-07