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    Works well!

    When I started using this product my skin wasn't in a good condition. This product cleared my skin in 2 weeks and  always left it clean yet moisterised. The soap also smells like fresh strawberries and foams up a lot. I would recommend this to any one with skin troubles.  2017-07-20
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    stawberry milk SOAP

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    smells sooo good and leaves my skin soft!  2017-06-22
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    It's very nice and sweet-smelling...

    But where is my bubble net?!

    Mine didn't have one in the package and it won't foam w/o it TT

    I'm very confused.  2017-06-13
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    I have acne prone skin and it had helped me a lot, you won't see results immediately but it has been working progressively.

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    Love the scent

    It has a really strong strawberry scent, probably not ideal for those who hate sweet smell. but it is okay for me. Foams a lot!  2017-05-03
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    love it very much~~~

    it's my 2nd purchased already, this really helps giving moist and removed dead skin  2017-05-02
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    I won't buy it again.

    I have a very dry and sensitive skin. I used it for a week and my face became a disaster : ultra dry and red. I won't buy it again. 


    But the smell is nice.  2017-04-20
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    Love it!

    Good product, like it  2017-04-08
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    it smells nice and foams really well  2017-04-04
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    strawberry soap

    soft finish. smells so good. i love it. i didn't yet whitening effect  but reduces acnes.  2017-03-30
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    okay to give it a try

    It feels, smells and looks just like soap and the results are not the same as seen in the advertisements.  2017-03-24
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    This soap feels good on my skin  2017-03-24
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    Really good

    Very good product, i use it everytime i really recommend this product !!^^  2017-03-23
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    I love it!

    My face always feels so smooth after using this product, and it smells amazing! My second time buying it! 

    Ani...@  2017-03-15
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    Love it

    It smells sooo good, it makes me want to eat it lol it's really cute  2017-03-14
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    Like it

    It is a little smaller than expected, and smells quite strong strawberry -but with a bubble-net it is very nice to apply and clease well, I did'nt had big breakout since I use it (but I added some other products in my routine at the same time, so it may be just a contributor more than very effective)  2017-03-12
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    smells really nice

    good for morning cleanse  2017-03-08
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    BEST OF BEST❤❤!!

    Every time when I stay up late during the night, this will heal up my skin in the morning, giving moisturize, hydrating and erased my acne. It's my second time buying this❤❤~~  2017-03-05
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    smells great

    it brightens your skin tone and smells amazing. i actually don't have pimples or bad skin but it was fun to try this out. it feels like every other cleanser i've tried.  2017-03-01
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    it smells great

    its as the description says , its nice and foamy. And it cleans well but it didn't do a whole lot for my acne  2017-02-22
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    Smells awesome!

    Ordered as a gift so I can't say much about the actual product. Sweet strawberry smell reminds me of pockey  2017-02-06
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    it is so good for acne skin...the smell is so good...  2017-01-29
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    It smells so nice. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth. (plus the packaging is so cute!)  2017-01-25
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    Adorable design

    It smells really strong like candy and is a little smaller than I expected, but the milk carton design is just adorable!  2017-01-24
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    Nice gentle cleanser, smells really good!

    This is a really nice cleanser, and it smells just like strawberries and milk!

    Like other users mentioned, this doesn't include the bubble net. I checked on the official Korean website, and noticed on their site that they sell the net separately (so apparently the bubble net isn't supposed to be included.) This is kind of deceiving in the description on how to use the product, so I think this should be available to buy separately on here!

    On the other hand, a bubble net isn't necessary to use this. It suds up nicely like regular bar soap, just rub it in between your wet hands. You can also buy a bubble net online from Asia (the bubble net just makes the soap extra sudsy).

    I cut my bar of soap into 4 pieces like suggested, and put the other three pieces into my freezer. I haven't noticed a big difference in terms of acne treatment, and I haven't tried using it to remove my makeup (I use cleansing balm), but I can tell this is very gentle and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and bright :)  2017-01-24
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    Nice smell

    The soap has a very nice smell and makes a creamy foam that leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. Unfortunately, it comes without a bubble net.
    Kar...@  2017-01-24
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    Daily skin: strawberry milk soap

    Its been 2 weeks since i've been using these soap. I've noticed that my pimples lessen and especially the small bumps in my forehead are gone. So happy with the result.  2017-05-12
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    I like the packaging but no buble net. Well clean skin when using.  2016-12-06
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    smells really nice

    Just like the previous reviewer said, mine also didn't come with the bubble net. I was quite disappointed in it because I was expecting to get the bubble net as well. I had to buy my own bubble net from Daiso or Amazon. Nonetheless, the product is great. It has a cute package and a nice smell to it. I feel fresh using this everyday!  2016-12-02
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    The package is really cute and the soap has a nice scent. Sadly, the product  doesn´t came with a bubble net, so I haven´t been able to use it.  2016-12-02