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    Great way to relax and pamper yourself

    -While taking care of your skin! The packaging looks small but there's a lot of product inside! Leaves the skin looking fresh and clean after use. This is def. better than other products I've used to exfoliate and I really enjoy using it (isn't harsh).  2017-04-01
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    Good but not for dry skin

    I have very dry skin, and this made it a little drier - I think this would be much better suited for oily or normal skin.  Otherwise, it seemed to exfoliate well enough.  2017-02-09
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    soothing and refreshing mask

    this mask is a really good pick-me-up in the shower, it makes my skin really smooth and shiny! it has gentle exfoliating properties because of citrus seed grains and due to the lightening properties in it, i wouldn't recommend this mask for very sensitive skin or for as frequent as the box recommends ("up to three times a week").  2017-02-02
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    Great mask pack!

    For me my skin had its dose of vitamins that it had been taken by the harsh sun. I love it!  2017-01-28
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    Underated mask

    I love this mask it really needs more love from skin care community imo. My partner even said it made my skin glow, smells a little funky but all clay masks do. Already ordered one of the others  2016-12-29
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    good mask

    <3 its such a good mask and i love honeyyyy  2016-12-16
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    clay mask cleans, scrub, the skin is smooth and even, pores smaller

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    Si lo que quieres es una cara limpia...

    Si quieres eliminar todo rastro de impureza, está es tu mascara sin dura. No apta para pieles secas.  2016-11-28