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    Cosrx has the best snail product. The moisture lasted a long time.  2017-08-17
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    One of my favourite masks

    The cotton they use is really nice and it has a lot of product. It really evens out my skin tone and leaves my skin glowing afterwards.  2017-08-17
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    Great Sheet Mask

    I love this sheet mask. I know that COSRX products are very suitable for my skin type. And i try this sheet mask, and it was really good. I feel my skin very moisturize and plump like mochi. Will order more soon  2017-08-06
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    holy grail

    It saves my skin. fades acne scars  2017-08-04
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    MY HG!

    This is the mask I turn to if I'm feeling a pimple coming on, excess redness, or basically if my skin is just mad at me! This mask calms everything down and leaves my skin feeling happy again!  2017-08-03
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    Nice mask

    Yet to try  2017-08-02
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    Wanted to love

    But not impressed:/  2017-08-02
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    Nice & Compact

    I tried a few of CosRX's Holy Moly sheet mask and I really liked it.  The packaging is compact so it was perfect for traveling.  Additionally, the mask clung to the face of my shape really well and my skin loved the serum. This mask is better than all of the Saem's snail masks I've tried.


    For reference, I'm Asian, NC20 mac shade and combination skin.  2017-08-01
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    Normal sheet mask

    Sheet masks for me is hard to judge or give an opinion and this sheet mask for me is just the same with the other sheet masks. It's hydrating and moisturizing and a plus I may add is that didn't break me out.abbb55e3c1499b5b9ebb3a5b22c6f152_1501431 

    Fri...@  2017-07-31
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    This is one of my favorite sheet masks, it's very moisturising and makes my skin look clear and soft. I do find that it does slip down my face a bit but other then that it's a great mask.  2017-07-26
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    Snail and Ginseng

    Awesome ingredient for a sheet mask. A must get for one of the steps of your routine. Your skin will feel so smooth and soft. Brighter as well  2017-07-26
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    Sheet mask

    It has lightened my acne marks a bit .  2017-07-19
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    amazing product

    Tried one of these masks and my skin was so much brighter and the softer the next day that I ordered 10 more! Will continue to repurchase :)  2017-07-12
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    Love it!

    Great mask from COSRX. Highly recommended  2017-07-12
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    sheet mask

    960e4a300674f4ab51825e45b19712eb_1499656  2017-07-10
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    Sheet mask smells really good. 

    Skin after using is hydrated and soft. Do not irritate acne. I highly recommend it.  2017-07-09
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    Favorite sheet mask

    These sheet masks are my all time favorite. One mask holds a lot of serum that it would even drip when I put it out. So I would always rub my whole body with the remaining serum. The mask is very moisturizing and is great for dry skin. Also it leaves a very healthy and glowy skin afterwards which I really love.  2017-07-05
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    Good mask

    Love it  2017-06-30
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    brighten the skin

    it brighten the skin and fade acne scares .  2017-06-27
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    A no-nonsense snail mask

    . Good quality mask with a great feeling of face skin after wearing it  2017-06-15
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    Typical face mask, nothing really special about it.  2017-06-14
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    Holy Moly Snail Mask

    This mask refreshes your skin. It does help with clearing the skin, as well but you do have to use this mask two or three times a week  2017-06-12
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    10/10 Would recommend

    This masksheet is one of the best I've tried so far! it gives my skin moisture without it feeling heavy on my skin. Also helps fade acne scars. Definately ordering more soon.  2017-08-09
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    Holy Moly!

    Cosrx holy moly snail mask is ❤️! It makes my skin soft and radiant. My skin is sensitive and combi. I use it at night esp when I have an event to attend to the next day. It's daebak!  2017-06-04
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    Best one

    This mask is awesome. It smelled so good and lovely. Great one to buy 78ddc96a55adc0e070cbe6847da91fc7_1496151  2017-05-30
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    Best one

    This mask is awesome. It smelled so good and lovely. Great one to buy 78ddc96a55adc0e070cbe6847da91fc7_1496150  2017-05-30
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    Snail products are the best

    Cosrx never fails me. It keeps my skin super moisturized and hydrated. I like it because it has no strong scent.  2017-05-18
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    so refreshing even on the first try  2017-05-14
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    one of the best sheet masks

    the size of these is perfect for my face and i can clearly tell these brightened and softened my skin after a few uses  2017-05-06
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    just try once, i don't have seen the changes of my skin after try this.  2017-05-05
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    Nice Mask... I Love Cosrx !

    One of my favorite "Snail Mask" ! Good quality moisturizing mask, stays on pretty well ... highly recommend ! aeb00cacef870a93d4029f5820867642_1493914  2017-05-05
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    Doesn't do much for me

    I really want snail products to work for me, but whenever I try them it just doesn't seem to make any big difference. Yes skin seemed a bit more plumped after but about same as lots of other masks that I've tried.  2017-05-04
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    Cheap, Amazing & Slimy

    First impression - Slimy~~~ like a snail. 

    Stay well on my face. I left it on for 20min and let the serum absorb overnight. 

    Next morning~ WOW~~Face feels super smooth and supple~ LOVE IT! 

    Gonna repurchase!  2017-05-01
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    COSRX never fails to amaze me!

    Very true to its claims so I dont feel the need of illustrating how good the mask is furthermore cause thats just like stating the obvious.  2017-04-30
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    sheet mask

    great sheet mask, would definitely repurchase  2017-04-29
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    Loved it will buy again  2017-04-29
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    A lot of product.. Always make sure to follow the instructions. Works really well  2017-04-29
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    really nice

    makes my skinface plump and soft  2017-04-26
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    Good... dont know if it works well... it doesnt break me out  2017-04-24
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    Really good!

    The first time I tried it I didn't see much of a difference besides my skin being moisturised. This mask sheet is soaked with essence so be careful not to make a mess when you open it ^^. After several uses I noticed it helped reduce my redness and irritation, it is a snail product after all.  2017-04-24
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    Whenever I feel like my skin needs a boost of moisture, I whip out one of these masks. It's definitely one of my favorite sheet masks! And it's got lots of essence, so I just tap them all over my neck and even down to my chest.  2017-04-21
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    It does everything it says!  2017-04-20
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    Wow a great mask I love it  2017-04-18
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    Great product

    Quite satisfied by these. The snail secretion makes great results and I can see the skin looks brighter just after. But the sheet doesn't stick on my face correctly.  2017-04-16
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    This is the first product with snail mucus which I tried. And i like it. In the package there is a lot of serum, I put it on the neck, the chest and arms. In the morning, the wounds and pimples were tightened and brightened. I think the serum cures the skin and need to take a course that they completely disappeared.  2017-04-14
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    I really love snail masks! This one will leave your skin refreshed, hydrated and relaxed! Your skin will really absorb the essence of this mask after patting it in and will make it plump and glowy the next morning!  2017-04-14
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    Nice Mask

    The mask is awesome and is very hydrating.  2017-04-14
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    face fees super soft on the second day after applying the mask. LOVE IT!!  2017-05-12
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    I fully heal the skin very much I will buy again  2017-04-11
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    Another great product from cosrx  2017-04-03
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    A pretty good mask for its price

    Wow! I was amazed with the essence available in this mask. It really helps moistened and heal the skin after a sunny day or even popping the acne. Love this a lot!!  2017-04-02
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    Wasn't wowed by this mask... Hydrated my skin but didn't notice any plumping or nourishing. I've gotten better results with other face masks at a similar price point. Would be willing to try it again!  2017-03-31
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    I like the feeling it leaves on the face and it smells good  2017-03-31
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    My favorite face mask

    Concentrated snail essence is great at preventing acne, but also hydrates, perfect for my skin!  2017-03-21
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    This mask was hyrdrating, but it didn't fit my face that well, but a good mask overall.  2017-03-18
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    I liked this mask - it was cooling and stayed put on my face.  It was REALLY juicy, but took a looooong time to soak into my skin afterwards.  Strangely enough, later on in the day my skin was noticeably dry.   It didn't really impact my skin other than that though.  2017-03-13
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    one of my favourite sheet masks!

    have to include this sheet mask each time I make an order because results will be seen instantly when I wake up the next morning after using it :-)

    Hui...@  2017-03-11
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    Doesn't do anything for me

    This didn't do things what i thought it should do. The only thing was that it was very moisturizing. Its safe on acne prone skin no breakouts but i feel it didn't improve skin tone or brightness whatsoever. Your better off with the Cosrx Snail serum.  2017-03-07
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    Snail mask

    This mask is so refreshing yet helps your skin heal from post acne. I like to have one on hand in case for those hormonal breakouts.  2017-03-04
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    Noto la piel más nutrida. Sólo la he usado una vez, tengo que probarla más veces para ver un resultado.  2017-02-27
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    It is a really nice mask, definitely should check it out!  2017-02-26
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    one of my favourite sheet masks!

    have to include this sheet mask each time I make an order because results will be seen instantly when I wake up the next morning after using it :-)

    Hui...@  2017-02-14
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    one of my favourite sheet masks!

    have to include this sheet mask each time I make an order because results will be seen instantly when I wake up the next morning after using it :-)

    Hui...@  2017-02-14
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    one of my favourite sheet masks!

    have to include this sheet mask each time I make an order because results will be seen instantly when I wake up the next morning after using it :-)
    Hui...@  2017-02-14
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    Muy calmante. Piel muy suave y sin rojeces  2017-02-08
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    good mask

    This mask is hydrating and my skin seems to be brighter after use. The only think I don't like about this is the mask is thin and the shape for eyes is a little weird but nothing you can't deal with.

    SLE...@BELLSOUTH.NET  2017-02-04
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    great mask!

    my skin just really loves snail gel, and cosrx is my holy grail skin care brand. you just cant go wrong with this, its super cheap and great!!
    Gre...@  2017-02-01
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    Love this mask!

    I noticed an immediate difference in my skin after this mask. Very brightening! 

    Wit...@  2017-02-01
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    doesn't take too long too absorb!  2017-02-28
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    one of my favorite masks! cosrx snail products are top of the line and great value

    T W...@  2017-01-23
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    Great snail mask

    This snail mask was really nice, very hydrating but didn't make my skin feel greasy.  2017-01-20
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    amazing mask

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    So far so good

    I've been trying snail products lately and this mask is very good for the price, defintely going to buy some more when I run out of my other masks.  2017-01-15
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    adore it

    It's the second time I buy it. I really love this mask and it works magic on my skin  2017-01-12
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    Strange but effective

    The material clings to the face quite well for being a standard cotton face mask. The serum definitely tingles - probably not for sensitive skin and not to get in your eyes!  2017-01-10
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    I like this mask, it smells nice and have a lot of serum and moisturises well.  2016-12-29
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    Like it

    Love this mask. My skin was soo smooth, brighter and moisturized for two days after it. Definitely buy this mask again  2016-12-28
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    i love snail product... i dont see any chane... cause i used it only just once  2016-12-24
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    Good for a softer hydrated face

    This was the first snail product I tried. My winter skin gets pretty dry sometimes and this was a good remedy for it in one night. It didn't have lasting effects but it helped give my face a boost that the rest of my routine was able to help with.  2016-12-21
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    not bad but...

    i would not purchase again. the eye cut out was too small, so the product kept getting into my eyes, which stung. I would not be repurchasing.  2016-12-16
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    Not my favorite

    Love the smaller packaging to reduce waste from an environmental standpoint. Moisturizing but the eye holes were too small and the serum leaked into my eyes causing them to sting.  2016-12-10
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    good product

    i like this product . it helps with brightening acne scars.  2016-12-10
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    Could have better material

    There's a lot of essence in the mask/packaging, it's very hydrating, and doesn't break me out. But I don't see any significant results after using it a few times as I have with other snail masks. I wanted to like it because it's cheaper than the other snail masks, but since it's not as effective for me, I will not be repurchasing. I think it probably has something to do with the actual material of the mask, which is your standard cotton/cellulose. I like gel based ones better.  2016-12-09
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    Snail Mucin...

    Skin is brighter and glowing after using it..  2016-11-25
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    It's good for acne prone skin

    My skin is very oily and sensitive. This product doesn't break me out and give a good result. I like it  2016-11-21
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    It's a hydrating face mask. It leaves my face super moisturizing after using it, but beside hydrating, I don't see any other difference at all. It's a good mask though, especially for its price.  2016-11-21
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    snail and ginseng

    Love these ingredients for making my skin look plump, clear and smooth.  2016-11-09
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    Volveré a comprar este producto .

    Esta mascarilla deja mi piel muy hidratada y suave .  2016-10-31
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    Love love love!

    I love this sheet mask!! Instantly brightened up my acne-scarring and gave me a lovely, bright, hydrated complexion.  2016-10-20
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    would buy again

    Great sheet mask for after a long day  2016-09-28
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    There is quite alot of essence and product itself is very hydrating. No scent  2016-09-27
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    it just came in the mail and i can't wait to use it!!  2016-09-17
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    Nice mask.

    The ingredient list is great! I love that there's ginseng water and snail. The material of the mask doesn't seem to be the greatest but it does its job. It has a normal amount of essence - enough for the mask to be soaked and some to pat onto your neck area. If you're looking for a mask that is drenched in essence and enough to rub all over your body, then pass on this mask. I will repurchase this mask only if it is under $2/sheet.  2016-09-17