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    Inconvenient packaging, but okay

    It is a hassle to put on, but it reduces the size of your blemishes and makes your pimples calm down overnight. 8908da0d2810f6ed623283b93dfb53c6_1502758  2017-08-15
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    On and off

    There are times when I use the cream and see my bumps shrinking but sometimes it dont work at all man  2017-08-14
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    lovig it!

    The MVP of all anti acne creams!  

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    Not bad

    Good but  haven't noticed a huge difference, didn't break me out so I'm gonna keep using it  2017-08-12
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    Good for acne scars

    I use this after removing my sheet mask. I just put on the area that have scars and acne and use it at night. I haven't seen any changes because i just used for 1 week. Hope to see the better progress soon 51b79989cdb607d0cf09a1fa3c29f3c4_1502010  2017-08-06
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    Love the product but not the size of this product! 30ml didn't last long for me. It really help fade away my acne scars a lot faster!  2017-08-02
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    I've used this a couple times now, this product actually help fade away scars left by pores and black heads.  2017-08-01
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    Best cream

    This cream is the best. It helped to fade out blemish and scars from ances. Best one ever670e868a8f2d8b9a91681c83fe305e4a_1501482  2017-07-31
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    Really reduces my acne scars! Worth it! But a little bit small  2017-07-28
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    just wish there was more product because it seem to run out quick TT

    i have used this product for about a month a my acne scars have really cleared up!! really recommend !!!  2017-07-28
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    Acne scar treatment

    Very effective to dried out your acne, I use this whenever I have an acne scar (after I pop out), I put a thin layer in my enlarged pores and after using this 2-3 days my skin is retexturized (if that even a word). I take away 1 star because it will take some time to work, not overnight.  2017-07-27
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    It's not a miracle product but i did notice a change in the way my acne scarring looks  2017-07-24
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    Faves  2017-07-12
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    So so

    It's not work well on me.  2017-07-11
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    Overnight Improvements

    The high reviews sucked me into giving this a try and I'm absolutely obsessed! When I first got received the product I had a horrible breakout around my chin and applied the cream right before I went to bed and the next morning I was ecstatic about how much the area improved! Also a little goes a long way  2017-07-11
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    Very effective!

    Just as the product says, it's very effective on acne scars and hyper pigmentation however, the results aren't instant as with most products. If you use this consistently everyday you will eventually see a difference with your blemishes. My spots haven't completely faded yet but maybe in a few more moths they'll be gone.  2017-07-09
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    Very effective!

    I use this as a spot treatment, it's very effective on my cystic acnes! I love it  2017-07-09
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    For some odd reason this cream works only on occasional zits (when your period comes), but never works on the other regular pimples. ALSO, since this cream doesn't dry completely, it will leave a residue on your pillow (which drive me crazy!!)  2017-07-09
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    Centella Blemish Cream

    This product is effective in removing facial redness.  2017-07-08
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    Good but...

    This cream is good for calming my acnes but the white is annoying me. So I think it more like a night time treatment then during the day use.  2017-07-07
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    staple in my skincare!

    bought an additional jar for my brother so he won't keep using mine LOL  2017-06-30
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    Magic cream

    This cream is really good..

    It calms my acne  2017-06-22
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    beyond amazing

    surprisingly this does what it claims to do and honestly I cant live without. the pimples or acne starts to fade away so fast with it and does not leave a mark behind. use it at night before sleep over any pimples and by morning or sometimes the next day is completely gone.  2017-06-19
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    spot treatment

    Works like a spot treatment cream. I haven't seen amazing results from it and noticed that it can only be used at night or if you don't go out during the day because the whiteness of the cream doesn't go away even when you work it into your skin. The texture is like a paste.

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    Holy grail.

    THIS BECAME M Y HOLY GRAIL. So I waited some time before writing this review because I wanted to see for sure if it works. AND DEAR GOD, I really love this product! It helps face my acne scars plus it removes redness from my skin! I use it before sleep and I feel like a flower in the mornings lol. Seriously, I'd recommend anyone and I'm certainly purchasing more after I'm out of my current cointeiner!  2017-08-09
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    No difference yet

    I have been using the cream every night for few weeks but there is no difference yet. Will wait for more couple of weeks!  2017-06-04
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    Compared to other people who rave over this and say they see immediate change after one used, that didn't happen for me. For me, I didn't see any change the next day, but I do see a little change if I use it in the morning and at night religiously. Might try other products though, but I'll buy this again. Also, it'll last you a long time since you don't need much.  2017-06-01
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    I have struggled with acne ever since sucks!

    I have so many angry zits on my face and I'm so temped to pop~

    But I know I can't TT

    This cream calmed my skin down ON CONTACT

    I couldn't believe it! 

    My acne and acne scars fade away every time I apply.

    I recommend this for anyone with acne concerns!  2017-05-29
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    my holy grail! this is my second purchase already and i love it. it calms my irritated skin and helps heal acne faster  2017-05-27
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    Calm your skin!!!

    You can use it as a tone up cream, just use a little amount for the entire face if you have little bumps all over it. I recommend put on your toner and essence first before putting it on if you have dry skin.
    Nab...@  2017-05-27
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    Good cream to help with acne

    Good cream to help with acne. I'm really happy to have found it on this website!  2017-05-25
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    It's a good product. I think it's better to use at night time.  2017-05-16
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    I don't think that this product is the best. I first heard this from joan keem on youtube- she calls it the MVP cream. However, I really doesn't do anything for me. I use it after i pop a pimple. I would much rather reccomend the klair's midnight calming cream.  2017-05-16
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    really good

    soothes my spots and i can clearly tell a difference the next day  2017-05-06
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    Shipping is bad

    I order this with the Cosrx Pimple patch and never receive it! I send them a message about my package and they never did anything to help! I'm so mad and disappointing because I was really excited to try it out since I heard great things about it!  2017-05-03
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    this has saved me on numerous occasions and has helped my skin blemishes lessen over night. a little goes a long way too so the small jar last quite a long while. Whats even better is that you can just use a cotton swab and use it as a spot treatment if you feel like you don't want to use it all over your face  2017-05-03
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    Still working on this

    Still use this, i've been using this for 1 month but i saw no differences on my skin  2017-05-02
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    Best thing to get rid of pimple scars

    I've been using this everyday for two weeks now, and I've been able to tell that the scars are starting to fade so much! Cosrx knows what they're doing!  2017-05-01
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    I love this product sooooo much.Saw Joam Kim's review on YouTube and gave it a try. This has helped cleared up my acne scars and I have oily skin and hyper pigmentation scars. I'm so happy to have found this product. The only problem is the size, I wish they had a bigger size but I've used it for two months and it's half way already. I WILL PURCHASE THIS AGAIN.  2017-04-28
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    didn't work for me

    heard great reviews but it didn't work for me  2017-04-26
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    No difference

    I was excited about this product because of youtube reviews on this product. However, I saw no difference in my skin and I tried out this product for a month.  2017-04-26
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    Love It

    Is helping me getting rid of my acne spot. The result is shown very fast, could be seen after a night.

    Ang...@  2017-04-22
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    Best one

    This cream is very good. It fade out my ance scars so well. Highly recommended  2017-04-20
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    really treat the pimples  2017-04-16
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    Awesome product

    This product reduces the inflammation of my cystic acne overnight. It is thick though, so it is only reccommended as a spot treatment and not an all-over-the-face cream.
    Aiz...@  2017-04-15
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    Will repurchase

    Cleared my acne. I used it with the combination of  Centella Blemish Ampule. I won't say this happens over night but I used it day and night padding in to skin after using the Ampule. Takes a few days to clean deep rutted acne but I see the results and the spots are not coming back!  2017-04-14
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    Effective to me

    Does what it says! This cream helps in soothing and calming my acne especially the inflamed and cystic ones. When you apply it, wait for a little longer before blending it on your skin. I also notice that some of my blemishes had lighten after using this (after 2 weeks of usage). Just try to blend ot properly cause it will leave a slight white cast especially if you had used too much. I like the herbally scent of this product and I will definitely repurchase!  2017-04-14
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    Love it

    Really helps to calm down active inflammation (acne, redness, etc). A little goes a long way so it's very worth it  2017-04-05
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    It's okay

    I'll wait a couple weeks to see the results but so far, I think the cream is nice  2017-04-04
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    gentle cream

    Good cream, still have to see whether the result will be good.  2017-04-03
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    Like it

    I can see the pimples is getting lesser...  2017-04-02
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    Best acne cream

    This acne cream is very gentle and effective  2017-04-02
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    Not a magical solution but it does its job

    It definitely minimize how awful some pimples would look without its use.  2017-03-28
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    Acne cream

    I like to use it on my acne scars or when an area is about to break out. Helps reduce acne as well as remove redness.  2017-03-28
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    favorite cosrx product ever

    i can't live without this cream! It's my third tube and I love how it clears up my acne and scars  2017-03-27
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    holy grail!

    I've been stuck with persistent jaw acne, but since using this product, I've noticed that the redness and irritation have dramatically lessened! Hopefully all the acne will be gone the more I continue using this product.  2017-03-25
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    Good cream to help with acne

    Good cream to help with acne. I'm really happy to have found it on this website!  2017-03-19
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    it was so good!! the texture is very light.  2017-03-17
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    I was expecting this to help out with my occasional acne but it didn't do the job :( I was honestly very disappointed. I gave it a lot of try to work its magic but it just didn't work like it's supposed to. So I kind of just stuck with my pimple patches  2017-03-17
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    one of my holy grail

    this cream really helps to calm my acne. you put at night and the next morning tadaaaaa~ its like magic. and it helps brighten my skin. must have product if you have troubled skin.  2017-03-15
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    holy grail

    I use this on my acne scars and emerging pimples and its the best! A true holy grail product i cant live without  2017-03-14
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    it is very effective, it reduces redness and dry out the pimple!  2017-03-14
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    Best blemish cream by far

    I was pleasantly suprised by how well this worked to relieve my acne scars and diminish my acne blemishes. It didn't get rid of all of it after 1 month of use, but I did realize a difference when used every other night before bed.  2017-03-14
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    I really love this. It reduces the inflammation and redness of acne  

    kir...@  2017-03-13
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    helps with my redness

    combined used with the centella ampoule~  2017-03-10
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    Good effect. Just a bit difficult to spread out the cream of face  2017-03-08
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    an honest good blemish cream

    I was not hopping this cream would do miracles, but after a few days using it i believe my skin was more even out and the blemish/dark spots are fading away. I've tanned skin with pimple/acne marks and dark spots and now I believe this cream will help overcome my skin condition  

    Lui...@  2017-03-06
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    Improves the appearance of blemishes

    It speeds up the process of healing blemishes  2017-02-26
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    Good Blemish Treatment

    I really like this cream as it visibly reduces the inflammation of pimples and has somewhat significantly reduce the appearance of acne scars. Highly recommended! Also, a little goes a long way with this cream.  2017-02-22
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    Bacne scars

    Welp, I had bacne scars left from past acne. The first time I used it, i noticed that it faded a bit the next day!  2017-02-21
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    Good, not great

    This cream is a thick, off-beige paste with a faint herbal/rosemary scent that is pleasant. I have found that the cream is really effective at minimizing the swelling on pimples that first appear on your face. But with dark spots, acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation, and other acne maladies, I have not noticed a significant difference after two months of daily use. It also has a strong white cast that reminds me of sunscreen that doesn't sit well under makeup or look natural. As a spot treatment for acne and preventative night cream, 4 stars!  2017-02-17
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    Recommended for acne-prone skin.  2017-02-17
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    Best cream for spot treatment!!

    This is a great product. I am loving it so far. It makes the skin more consistent and smooth post application. Definitely buying it again!  2017-02-14
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    COSRX blemish cream

    This product is amazing, I am planning to buy this again as soon as I'm running out. If my acne starting to form and started to get red and irritated, I just put this on at night and the next morning the pump around my acne got reduced and under a week or so the pimple went away. 
    This is some magic voodoo stuff I swear :D  2017-02-10
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    Pretty good!

    ​I use this paired with the COSRX Blemish Ampule, as per a lot of recommendations and i think it works. For 30 ml it looks like a lot of product and I'd say that a little goes a long way with this cream. Don't scoop out too much (use like half a pea size) or you'll be using this cream as your moisturiser. Things I don't like about the product are that it's in a tub (prone to contamination from outside air), and I know that they've provided a spatula for more hygienic use but one: it's massive for a blemish cream, and two: I still prefer a squeeze tube packaging as it just seems more sanitary.  2017-02-08
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    Highly recommend!

    Really seems to calm down blemishes. Does wonders for the pimples that haven't surfaced! Instead of a painful bump that lasts a week, the whole thing is gone the next morning! Seemed to have shrunk back into the skin!  2017-02-07
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    this is such a great cream for acne!  2017-02-07
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    Fade my acnes scars!

    I have a lot of dark spots on my chin and temples from acnes and this Centella cream really help to fade those dark spots and I've only use this for 1 week! I'm so impress!  2017-02-07
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    It really heal my pimple  2017-02-04
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    Love it

    Works well  2017-01-31
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    I find that if i use this just when i'm about to get a pimple it helps with diminishing the size. good overall at keeping pimples tamed. currently ordered a second one as the first is almost running out  2017-01-30
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    Loved it

    This product really helps with my blemishes overnight  2017-01-29
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    Works! Really enjoy it

    I put it on blemishes at night, and they are either gone or look way better in the morning.  2017-01-16
  84. 3


    Didnt really notice a huge difference with this product  2017-01-07
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    better then the ampule

    holy grail product easily my fav cosrx product for acne  2017-01-06
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    Great cream!!

    I love this cream, it helped reduce the pimples.. I still have acne scars but I can see them fading it just takes time  2017-05-12
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    Love this

    It really help me about acnes.. it comes in a small packae but it lasts for so lon  2016-12-24
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    not bad at all

    pair up with the ampule for the most effect!  2016-12-15
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    It works and calms my acne...  2016-11-19
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    Not recommended

    I have problems skinn, thought buy this will help clear my acne or improve. I've been using couples weeks no improvement at all.  2016-11-13
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    One of the best product from Cosrx

    Centella Blemish Cream does what it claims. It really improves the appearance of acne and relieves stressed skin. I always use a large amount of product as acne mask and my acne will get better next day. Will definitely repurchase this cream.  2016-11-12
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    It calms my skin and give moisture to the skin, but I didn't see a difference. It's okay.  2016-11-10
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    Don't see anything

    Haven't really seen any difference. Use it when I get the occasional pimple, but I can't really see it doing anything. Think this is made more people with acne  2016-11-09
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    its ok

    it calms it but it takes time  2016-11-07
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    At first this product made me breakout even more on my cheeks so I stopped using it for about a week, but when I used it again my skin was totally fine with it so I'm not sure if my skin just reacted in that moment or if it's just me. But this product is pretty nice, it's not oily which is good and it doesn't have a terrible smell. I haven't seen any results for fading my acne scars but it's only been 2 weeks so I will definitely keep using it.  2016-10-27
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    Efektif buat ngempesin jerawat dan membuat kulit kemerahan krn iritasi jadi relax.  2016-10-25
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     It makes pimples dry out faster and it lightens the acne scar a bit.

    May...@  2016-10-23
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    Great for keeping acne at bay, just wished it worked better for hormonal acne  2016-10-18
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    very happy with it, it makes my blemish shrinked the next day. If only it comes with a bigger tuber
    Lul...@  2016-10-17
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    Had high expectations for it, turned out not bad

    I was really looking forward to using this product as it had gotten a lot of reviews online!


    I have oily acne-prone skin. For me this worked better than any other acne cream that I've used (although, honestly, I have not tried a lot of brands). I feel that it dries out pimples a little faster. However, I don't feel like it's doing anything to alleviate the scarring that happens after nor has it helped to stop the rate of new pimples developing. I like that it comes with a little spatula and a cover that protects the product and also, a litle pea-sized dollop is enough for my entire face.


    But, when I use this product, I realise that it leaves a white cast over the areas that I've used it even after rubbing it into my skin and letting it absorb. I also realised that it was much harder for me to apply makeup over it. My makeup wouldn't spread on as well and the finish was not as polished as when I don't use this blemish cream. However, my makeup looks fine when I use other blemish creams under it. (So maybe if you're usually in a hurry like me, you would have to set aside extra time and give it a couple minutes to set in before applying makeup in the morning?)


    I've been using this product for over a week and results wise, it has been good. I will probably purchase it again if I start to see more visible results with prolonged use. 


    **I've been using it without the blemish ampoule.  2016-10-09