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    missha bb cream

    a great product with good colour that fits my skintone perfectly  2017-07-03
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    Missha Perfect Covering BB Cream

    This is amazing on my skin. The coverage is great for a BB cream and I love that it protects my skin from the sun at the same time. Unfortunately, I got one that's a shade too light for my skin but I found out that squeezing some out of the tube and leaving it to sit for about 5 hours before application will oxidize (i think thats the right term lol) the cream and make it a shade darker which is perfect for my skin.  2017-06-24
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    Very normal

    Not bad but not amazing either  2017-06-13
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    So good

    I really love this BB Cream.

    It moisturizes my skin and makes it look really nice.

    Great coverage and nice texture.

    I really like it.

    Nat...@  2017-05-31
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    The color look good but didn't try it yet!  2017-05-22
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    BB Cream

    The good BB cream. The product has a silky texture which makes it easier to spread around your face. It has great coverage, blurs out my pores and blemishes which is amazing for a BB cream, at such a great price! Also, it has a fresh, slightly sweet ocean-y scent that I really like and it doesn't bother me at all. I recommended for you girls  2017-05-18
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    The forever best bb cream for me

    This one is my 4th bb cream that I bought from this type. It moisturizes well, covers good, and it also brightens my skin really well. I do love it and never cease buying!  2017-05-18
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    it okay for my skin  2017-04-26
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    Amazing finish

    This product is quite thick in consistency but is very lightweight on the skin. Its very ashy toned but I find it oxidises to the skin colour.  2017-04-25
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    Good product

    Full coverage and lovely finished  2017-04-20
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    full coverage

    I love this bb cream

    I bought the sade 21

    because 23 is to greyish for me

    mixing 21 and 23 is the perfect color for me


    full full full coverage

    this is a cult favourite  2017-03-04
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    Lovely finish

    I have ​very ​dry skin and most foundations/bb-creams really clings to dry patches, but this doesn't! I wish the undertone was a bit more yellow but otherwise it's really good!  2017-03-02
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    Product looks very luxurious

    Sve...@  2017-01-31
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    good product

    it is a very pigmented bb cream, and if you aren't an very white skinned person, i definetely suggest you to pick the darkest shade.  2016-11-17
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    My Favorite For Years

    I have used this BB cream for years, and for me it is very good for my skin and safe for daily usage.  2016-10-05
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    Amazing product

    I like that site very much but hopefully the can extend the amount of purchase up to 1000 USD
    Seh...@  2016-08-19
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    good  2016-07-14
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    very nice

    nice and cheap

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    My favorite BB Cream

    This is the fourth that I buy and keep adoring. It covers perfectly and leaves a luminous finish that I like. 


    Dan...@  2016-04-03
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    Missha - Perfect covering BB

    For me, this bb cream is the best bb ever. The texture is perfect, not so thick and let the skin breath. I have a really sensitive skin, but I don't have any problem when I use this product.

    The covering is perfect (too !).  2016-02-27
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    Love Love it

    The best BB cream I have ever tired. It give a nice coverage and match my skin tone perfectly. Happy with this purchased after long time of not trying any BB cream.  2016-05-21
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    The coverage is good and long lasting


    Yul...@  2016-01-22
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    Very good

    Im using this for years and Im very happy with it  2016-01-19
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    MISSHA M Perfect Covering BB Cream

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    Great product.. Please add no 31,27 shade  2015-12-07
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    good product

    good product  2015-11-23
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    Missha m perfect bb cream

    this is one of the best seller product. Style korean offer very good price , good quality and good product. 

    ann...@  2015-10-24
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    Missha bb cream m perfect cover c21 c23

    A good product. I have bought about 2dozen, then this is the best seller item.

    ann...@  2015-10-01
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    bardzo dobry

    Dobrze kryje, jest tani i ma wysoki filtr. Polecam :)
    Ma...@  2015-09-10