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    Smell good

    very moisturizing, great packaging  2017-08-18
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    This moisturizer is very unique. It's very thick and hydrating. The smell is like fresh floral. Will definitely repurchase more Huxley product!  2017-08-02
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    Pretty and unique moisturizing cream

    The cream is a pretty green color. It feels so luxurious and soft like butter but not greasy at all. The scent is stronger than what I usually like but I have gotten used to it.  2017-07-12
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    Love Huxley

    As always with Huxley products... I'm in love ! 

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    Like all Huxley product, this cream smell like a fresh garden in the morning. It really works great as a night time cream, it help soften my skin and soothe any irritation. The color of this cream is also very unique. 


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    I LOVE IT....

    Been so curious to try this anti gravity cream, made up my mind to purchase this cream. It turns out I really love this cream. You only need to use it a little bit, and its super awesome. My skin feels so soft, and a little bit brighter (I guess..hehehe). Ps : Thanks a bunch stylekorean for giving me the samples. I love it.. 

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    huxley anti gravity gream

    You only need so little of this cream--i applied this after the huxley light oil and more--good pair together. buttery soft skin is what i get after using these two together.  will order for more.  2017-06-06
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    Youtube Favorite

    I saw this product on a lot of youtube videos!


    Here is a cure for your dry skin!  2017-05-10