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    This was just okay, it didn't dye it exactly as blue as the one show, it showed up more as a green on my bleached light brown hair. 1164bfcfe1fd0b3978ce7411ecd1601f_1502094  2017-08-07
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    last longer than I expected

    color is very pretty (kind of teal-turquoise), I had my hair bleached and colored light brown before I use this, so I guess that is the reason why the green color last longer than 2 weeks. I'm in my first month now and the color still hasn't faded completely  2017-07-04
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    Didn't work for natural dark hair


    Disappointed :(

    Didn't work with natural dark hair / brown hair.

    My hair color still same like before but bit dryer.

    It's make my hair soft little bit but looks dry.

    Im still curious to try with red colors. Hope better luck this time