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    Two Thumbs up for this lovely product!

    I feel like i'm turning into Hyekyo if i keep on using this.  2017-08-06
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    Amazing ♥

    Such a amazing product. Love it, super moisturizer, smells good (♥) and it didn't break me out. Sure I'll repurchase. 78f9e68314b4a47bf94272401f0e2a8f_1501693

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    YES YES YES !!!!!  2017-08-02
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    gonna need to get the bigger volume coz this product was just amazing.  2017-07-23
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    Very good

    I love it, this product really moisturizes my skin at night and leaves it soft in the morning  2017-07-21
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    Good sized sample - my skin has been very dry lately.  I can't tell if this has helped yet.  Will need to try for a longer period of time.  Smells nice though and dries without stickiness.  2017-07-16
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    Excellent ❤️

    I love this product it really moisturizes my skin at night and leaves it soft. No harsh chemicals. Im a bit disappointed with the size of it but It can last until 3 weeks if use everyday.  2017-07-14
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    I like this mask

    Moisturizes dehydrated skin  2017-07-14
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    I like the mask but i thought it would be bigger still its a great overnight mask  2017-07-08
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    It's one of my favourite sleeping mask! 

    i have used it everyday and my skin is getting better and smooth.  2017-07-03
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    Truly Awsome

    though I have bought a sample. A little really goes a long way. I totally loved the feel of the product. application was smooth and after I woke up i could feel my skin soft. once i finish this I am going to buy the regular size.  2017-07-02
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    it's ok

    i'm sure there are better sleep masks out there.  2017-06-30
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    Laneige sleeping mask

    This stuff is literally amazing!! It makes me skin very moisturizers and bright by morning and even when I get pimples this stuff gets rid of them in only a couple of days! I wasn't expecting this, but it'/ definitely another plus to this product for me :)  2017-06-29
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    I don't understand the hype?

    I'm glad I ordered the sample size and not the full size because... this product is extremely AVERAGE. I don't understand the hype behind this sleeping mask? My skin feels nicer and softer in the morning but it's not a miracle worker. I don't think it's a HG product either. 

    One thing I do like about it is that it drys quite well and so you won't have a ton of product on your pillow case when you're sleeping with it on.  2017-06-25
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    Great product

    Ordered again  2017-06-15
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    Order again for my friend, she love it  2017-06-15
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    Makey skin better  2017-06-15
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    Good sleeping mask  2017-06-11
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    Good sleeping maskb73754d5b5ef5cfdad6084faa6582597_1495896
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    this is the besttt yass893048a9d9e05b577971b610aeccdea2_1495893  2017-05-27
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    love it

    I love it, I use it as a night cream, because I have insomnia so that in the morning my skin becomes unhealthy but when I used laneige sleeping mask my skin becomes healthier the next morning.



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    Love it

    I love it, I use it as a night cream, because I have insomnia so that in the morning my skin becomes unhealthy but when I used laneige sleeping mask my skin becomes healthier the next morning.


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    good product  2017-05-23
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    Amazing Sleeping Mask

    My face was so soft the moment I wake up in the morning. Love this. I want to buy one much bigget than I have now.  2017-05-23
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    Powerful sleeping mask

    It does really hydrated my skin very well. When I applied in the first night then I can see the result in the morning. It works well. Love it  2017-05-16
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    I love, No I fell in love with this product! It makes my skin feel so much better in the morning. Even if I ate something late at night, the following morning my face looks so small and fine tuned. Seriously, I cannot even live without this mask.  2017-05-11
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    Útil para días en los que sientes la piel seca, la textura es super acuosa. 


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    Laneige water sleeping mask

    Wow sangat lembut dan nyaman dipake sebelum tidur. Sensasi dingin menyegarkan. Besok paginya saat cuci muka kulit wajah terasa sangat lembut, kenyal dan super segerr  2017-05-06
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    Good trial size

    A good trial size to see if the sleeping mask works for you. It did seem to make skin look hydrated the next morning, but so does a lot of my other skincare options.  2017-05-04
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    It's  a good mask, very soft. My skin is fresh after using.  2017-05-03
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    3rd order

    Love this  2017-04-28
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    LOVE IT!

    I applying this sleep mask before im going to sleep and in the morning my skin so hydrated, bright, and very smooth. loveee  2017-04-28
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    Love it

    My skin look good  2017-04-25
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    Great for what it is

    It's a sample so the container is small but I think it's a great sleep mask  2017-04-25
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    It is soo small!

    The packaging is so tiny, but the product itself is really good. It doesn't have a strong scent and it is moisturizing.
    Kto...@  2017-04-24
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    Before sleeping, I apply it on my face and that's refreshing 

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    Gosh. I love this one. From the first night, I feel the difference on the morning. My face become tamed. Love. Love. Love. 

    Mit...@  2017-04-20
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    This product really saturates my face and locks in moisture. The only thing to consider is that it takes longer than your average heavy moisturizer to sink in and stays tacky for quite some time.

    a_b...@  2017-04-20
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    Laneige Water Sleeping mask

    Good masker
    HAY...@  2017-04-15
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    The best moisturizing night mask!Really like it, awesome!
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    best sleeping mask

    I love this mask and have the original size as well. i got this one to take with me when i am traveling and it is perfect  2017-04-14
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    Good product

    Make my skin moisture in morning love this smells...  2017-04-13
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    A lot goes a long way

    It's a sample but could last a month or more. Its watery once it hits your skin, but absorbs well.  2017-04-13
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    Me encanta

    Deja la piel suave y luminosa .  2017-04-13
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    Pure magic!

    Used it a few times, always woke up with a 'rested' skin - moisturised and noticeably softer. Will definitely buy full sized product.  2017-04-12
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    LOVE IT! When it was $1.99

    I would no longer buy this size at the price it is now. Very good product! makes my skin feel super soft!  2017-04-12
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    detox my skin

    my super water sleeping mask, love it to the moon and back, this mask can be brighten your skin and detox your skin in just one nite  2017-04-11
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    Makes things easy

    Its hydrating and great and easy to use!!  2017-04-11
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    It's pretty good pack. It gives moisture effect. Recommend for dry skin  2017-04-09
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    sleeping masknya cocok untuk muka saya  2017-04-08
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    Really nice product

    I'm a happy costumer, got a really cheap price, fast delivery and of course a really good product.  2017-04-05
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    product received after 3 weeks

    just received the product, nice packed. I will give the update when i start using it.  2017-04-05
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    Love it

    Please discount that price next time  2017-04-04
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    Harga dan kualitas bagus  2017-04-04
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    Small packaging so cute  2017-04-04
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    very good

    amazing  2017-04-03
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    Really good for dry skin, mouisture, perfect for trial and travel 

    mer...@  2017-04-03
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    product received

    just received the product, nice packed. I will give the update when i start using it.  2017-04-03
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    Love it

    This is super moisturising, making my skin look really bright in the morning.  2017-04-03
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    First try

    Not bad.. dont give something different  2017-04-01
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    good prodcut

    the best sleeping mask ever, plus it is so cheap  2017-04-01
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    I always want to try this mask so I bought one of the sample size one. Dude! I haven't expected this much! It's so moisturizing, I need to get its full size asap.  2017-04-01
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    Detox my Skin!!

    You must try this one! detox your skin while a sleep, it can decrease your skin inflamation too  2017-04-01
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    Worth the price

    This is my second purchase of this! Love the hydrating feeling the next morning  2017-03-29
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    Niceeeeeee  2017-03-28
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    Nice mosturizer

    It feels so good when you're washing it off in the morning  2017-03-28
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    Sleeping mask

    Trying it for the first time and I like it so far. Doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all and applies nicely and dries/soaks into the skin fairly quickly!  2017-03-28
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    Very nice moisturizer. You wake up feeling fresh.  2017-03-26
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    El producto hiodrata bastante... deja la piel muy suave... el tamaño del empaque tambien me gusto.  2017-03-18
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    good sample size. can use about 2-4 times  2017-03-17
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    will repurchase

    this is so cheap and i will repurchase  2017-03-13
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    My skin kept moisturized all the day long , love it  2017-03-13
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    Murah dan bagus hasilnya. Semoga makin byk sample size yg dijual. Jadi BSA nyoba dlu sblm beli original size  2017-03-10
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    The sample size is very convenient for travelling and i like the scent of this product, but i honestly don't know if it does a good job moisturising my skin.  2017-03-10
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    It's good product

    when i want to go to sleep, i use this product. And this product hydrating my face :))  2017-03-10
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    [Laneige] Water Sleeping Mask sample 15ml

    The cheapest Laneige Water Sleeping Mask sample I've ever found compare with other websites. If you buy 5 of this little baby, you get more than the full size (70ml) for cheaper price :))  2017-03-09
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    Very hydrating

    Effective sleeping mask. Good to have sample pact. Last for months.  2017-03-07
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    very good

    great price, great product thank you very much  2017-03-07
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    Value for money

    The sample size bottles are value for money compared to its bigger counterpart. On top of that, I find it more hygienic to use as each bottle has less time exposed to air. It's convenient for travel and I always bring one with me when I go on flights to cleanse and moisturise my face on long flights.  2017-03-06
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    makes my face feel goos the next morning loove it  2017-03-03
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    highly recommend

    I'm not sure if I'm going to buy the full size! But this one is so perfect!  2017-03-02
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    useful for who wants to try the sleeping mask!


    I will buy the full size for sure  2017-03-02
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    best sleeping mask❤ calming my skin  2017-02-24
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    Favorite Water Sleeping Pack

    this is such a great great sleeping mask,works wonderfully for moisturize and make your face smooth and plump.  2017-02-24
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    I can say this is the best sleeping mask ever  2017-02-22
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    small but powerful

    The sample size is pretty small but the product itself is so moisturizing that you don't need a lot at once! Very nice  2017-02-22
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    No bad words about this product

    So good  2017-02-18
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    Make my face really moist in the morning  2017-02-17
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    bought for friend

    this is for my friend, she wanna try out this popula product.  2017-02-17
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    Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

    Hydrate and calms the skin without any stickiness.  2017-02-15
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    Always the best

    Good price good products! Best deal  2017-02-12
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    Travel Size :)

    this product is amazing, and perfect for traveling  

    mer...@  2017-02-10
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    Its a really small jar, but a little definitely goes a long way. Once it sets and dries you can sleep comfortably. Remember to wash it off in the morning or it will cause break outs!  2017-02-07
  94. 3

    Not bad!

    Just a tiny sample but am liking it so far. Didn't notice intensely hydrated skin but my skin was definfitely not dry in the morning!Don't know if I would repurchase soon as I want to try the cosrx rice / honey sleeping masks first!  2017-02-07
  95. 5

    LOVE it!!

    The texture is light and smooth.  2017-02-06
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    Laneige Water Sleeping Mask sample 15ml

    This product is amazing, doing the great job on my dry skin.

    after I tried this sample size, for sure I will purchase the real size.

    Loveeeee thiiiiissss  2017-02-04
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    Текстура и запах приятные, впитывается быстро. Но увлажнения маловато  2017-02-09