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    Great for sensitive skin

    This is great to use at nighttime instead of a sleeping mask  2017-07-12
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    Thick moisturizer, doesn't feel heavy

    This is amazing for people who use toners as it soaks in to your skin easily, be wary as it does feel a tad oily.b6b781891e54042c62d81948879afe41_1498782  2017-06-30
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    Not sure

    I'm just not sure about this. I found it very heavy. I think I prefer AHA and BHA products from cosrx more. I'm sure it's good for people with more sensitive skin but even as a night cream it felt too heavy.  2017-06-22
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    Good overall

    I like the cream overall, been using for a week. It is definitely very moisturising and keeps your skin supple/soft. It does leave a film behind, so if you're very oily you might not like it. Or use it as a night cream. Can't really see the PHA benefits yet.  2017-06-18
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    Tacky feeling

    I still don't know how to feel with this one. It feels so tacky and uncomfortable to wear which makes my skin feel congested but it also makes my skin supple.  2017-06-05