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    love the aroma

    gentle and very light!!! and makes my skin feel extra moisturized!  2017-08-06
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    1st time using it

    Its my first time using it. i really really love it so much.  2017-07-14
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    My new fav!

    New favourite sunscreen for sure, very smooth texture and lightweight. Suites for my acne skin perfectly ^^

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    My skin face not oily, so good for oily skin.  2017-07-11
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    By far best favorite ever

    I love it sooooo much  2017-07-11
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    Favourite sun cream

    I love this product! It's really gentle and it doesn't leave a white cast like most sunscreens. It feels very light and  you can't even tell that you're wearing it. It has a matte finish but doesn't dry the skin out nor does it make my skin oily or any weird residues.  2017-07-09
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    So good

    One of the best sun creams I have ever used.  2017-07-06
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    I like this sunscreen because it doesn't have a strong SPF scent, but it is highly fragrant. I also like that it's not sticky or greasy like most sunscreens I've tried. 2009f76d8e88962ec8288fd3755bbc6f_1499142  2017-07-04
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    Not good for acne skin


    This sun screen broke me out like crazy, I was hoping this to be a good product for me but seems like COSRX needs to bring their game up. Although I believe this may be wonders for who don't have acne sensitive skin like me. I gave it to my Mom and she LOVES it. Oh well I guess not everything is for everyone.  2017-07-04
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    My favorite sunscreen

    It's really moisturizing, absorbs fast and it doesn't leave a white cast. I have acne-prone skin and it didn't cause any breakouts  2017-07-03
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    It's ok!

    This sunscreen is standard but it doesn't give much moisture or glow. It doesn't work the best as a primer but it absorbs well. I prefer the skinfood aloe watery much more hydrating and works better as a primer.
    Vic...@  2017-06-29
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    the best

    This is the best sun cream I have ever used so far. I am so happy with it. It absorbs really well, doesn`t leave the skin oily, and the scent is so nice. Love it. Thanks.  2017-06-28
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    This product is not for oily skin type. It is excessively moisturizing.  2017-06-27
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    No whitecast

    I love this product because it doesn't leave my skin white cast, no after smell, easily absorbed into my skin3df26ca5767d521ae65860667596e282_1498412  2017-06-26
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    I am inlove with this

    just because it says that it is a sun cream doesnt mean it should leave a white cast on your face. I love this product because it doesnt leave my skin white cast, no after smell, easily absorbed into my skin and works well with my foundation :). I am oily skin. I will definitely repurchase again!  2017-06-24
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    lovely sun cream without whitecast

    no whitecast, really hydrating sun cream. like it!  2017-06-22
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    best sunscreen

    so far i have tried so many sunscreens from various brands, but never found one that worked the best for me. finally i came across this one and couldnt be happier! lightweight, doesnt leave a whitecast, souitable for acne prone skin, doesnt make me oily or reak me out, moisturizing, just another must have for me!  2017-06-18
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    okay sunscreen


    It is OK.  2017-06-17
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    I also love this product.

    Protect my face from getting dull after being exposed to the sun. Highly recommended.  2017-06-14
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    I haven't received my item yet

    4759ab3ea96803ec30f2e2abfd90474f_1497209  2017-06-12
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    COSRX aloe soothing sun cream

    This sunscreen was not as amazing as I expected. Although it didn't leave a white cast on my skin and it didn't break me out, it did make my skin look very shiny, which is not what I want considering that I have oily skin.

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    Really like it!!

    This sun cream is just awesome !! The consistency is really good and I don't see any white cast after applying it like it's happening with most of the sun creams .. I also like to use it as a base before foundation !!  2017-06-02
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    my new fave sunscreen!9877c8d6cbea27acecad7522f9d3380e_1496299 

    ...@  2017-06-01
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    I'm a fan of aloe vera, and I heard great reviews about this product so I gave it a try. I have an oily-combo skin, and I don't like sunscreens that is very sticky, or liquidy. This sunscreen THOOO' smells AMAZING. It's easily applied to skin, and gives you a dewy finish look. It's very soothing indeed, and it doesn't irritate my acne-prone skin. Perfect for all skin types! 

    Remember a little goes a long wayyy~

    10/10 would recommend loves~

    980dd783f0972366a984b2688dc37999_1496292  2017-06-01
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    not very thick, wel moisturize and good UV protection

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    Lightweight, moisturizes, and it protects!

    I've been using this for two weeks now and I love it! There is no white effect in pictures and it is perfect for everyday use. Cosrx has done it again. I highly recommend this sun cream. I have sensitive oily skin and this doesn't cause breakouts.  2017-05-28
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    Tengo la piel mixta y por fin he encontrado el protector solar perfecto para mí. No hace bolitas, ni deja la piel blanca, ni me deja la piel grasa, y lo que es más, me la hidrata muchísimo. Lo volveré a comprar seguro  2017-05-23
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    Love it

    It's not greasy, it leaves no whitecast, it moisturizes my skin and the smell is very nice. I have combination/dehydrated skin and I'm loving it.  2017-05-21
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    Good suncreen !

    It's not greasy and it has pleasant scent . I love that and would buy more .  2017-05-18
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    - No whitecast

    - Not very greasy 

    - Nice smell (don't really know how to explain it - fairly light and fresh)



    - Somewhat thick. It leaves a 'residue' that you can feel on the skin, making it feel pretty bad when you reapply 

    - Not that moisturizing; was expecting more considering it had aloe extract


    Lasted me approximately a month and a few weeks. 

    Overall, nothing too hyped up about, and I'll probably be looking for another one. If you're just looking for any cheap sunscreen, it does its job.  2017-05-18
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    Not greasy or tacky, and smells fresh (nothing like your traditional sunscreen)!!  2017-05-17
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    This is my fav ever product  2017-05-16
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    Good sunscreen!

    Good product that helps calm my acne prone skin and does not have a greasy feel (rather it moisturizes the skin) like other sunscreens I've tried. This is definitely a lot thicker than any other sunscreens I've tried, but it does a good job!  2017-05-01
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    Good sun protection

    Does not give the skin an overly whitish appearance and is very comfortable on the skin  2017-04-18
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    First Asian Suncreen

    I've never tried asian sunscreens and I have to say, I really liked this. It has a nice refreshing scent, and it's not greasy at all. If you have oily skin and thinking of buying it, i'd say go for it  2017-04-14
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    Love it!

    I'm on my second bottle now! I like how moisturizing it is without the feeling of greasy sunscreen. I like it the best out of all the sun screen I've ever used.  2017-03-31
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    It is a  good product. Does its job :)  2017-03-21
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    It is a  good product. Does its job :)  2017-03-21
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    holy grail sunscreen

    Sinds I use hylaronic accid

    I always use a sun screen

    youu should anyway



    I love this one

    really soft for the skin

    but protects fantastich

    highly recommend this one!!!!!  2017-03-04
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    good product

    really nice sunscreen, lightweight and moisturizing.  2017-02-26
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    Very Good

    It has a nice scent and does't have that thick oily base of a usual sunscreen. Highly recommend  2017-02-26
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    would repurchase

    this is a very moisturizing sunscreen and it doesn't leave a noticeable white cast on my face  2017-02-22
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    best sunscreen ever. does not leave a white cast  2017-02-17
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    Nice fragrance

    Has a really nice fragrance.  2017-02-12
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    COSRX Sun Care

    Since the size is small it comes handy when traveling. Actually soothes my skin, but the best part is that it doesn't disturb my makeup, at all.
    Suv...@  2017-01-25
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    broke me out

    gave me some white heads and inflammatory acne but not cystic acne, thank goodness. Will not be repurchasing. btw I have sensitive skin.  2017-01-16
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    me encanta

    es ligero, no te deja la piel grasosa (tengo cara grasosa) y tmpc te deja restos blancos. Se exparse bien

    mel...@  2017-01-16
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    does not disrupt makeup

    This sits really well under makeup and does not break me out!  2016-12-30
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    Love it

    it doesnt make my skin more oily and its very entle .. i really love it  2016-12-24
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    Like it

    Feeling good after application. Nice  2016-11-24
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    nice  2016-09-26
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    Very useful

    When i apply it, it's discover my face from the sun light and it's not thick to put.  2016-09-21