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    nice mascara

    nice mascara for its affordable price

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    cheap and really goodae845eeeb571c58b397150820954560c_1498803 

    ...@  2017-06-30
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    Saving for my vacation day,

    Didnt use this yet! But looking forward of what this product can help me.  2017-04-23
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    Nice one

    Great deal for a mascara  2017-03-27
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    Cheap mascara for a natural look

    It volumises my lashes in a very natural way and helps to curl it slightly. Dries quickly, doesn't really clump and comes off easily. Not waterproof. If you're looking for a mascara with a greater 'wow' factor and very full lashes, this is not thr mascara for you.  2017-02-24
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    in the middle mascara

    Its not good

    Its not bad

    its for when you dont want to have anything special

    just a bit

    its nice for the first base layer

    thats what I use it for and then I use a top mascare for the vavavoom effect



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    Vamos, está muy bien, pero son ser Estee Lauder  2017-02-12
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    Al buen entendedor...  2017-01-22
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    Máscara BBB



    Barata  2017-01-08
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    Good mascara

    I like it, its very black.  2016-12-08
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    i Love

    I love my eyelash mask  2016-12-01
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    Misha Mascara 4D

    use this mascara look natural and easy to apply. so, don't worry about be scattered around and easy to remove it.  2016-11-29
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    easy to use  , easy to remove  2016-09-28
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    Es una máscara de buen resultado, es compacta y deja las pestañas bastante definidas.  2016-09-22
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    It works ok  2016-09-07
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    i like this mascara for an every day use  

    it is easy to remove

    and does a good job seprate the lashes  2016-08-26
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    Natural finish

    At first I thought I got a defect product because it didn't feel like I put anything on but then I saw my other eye and I could really tell the difference. If you are looking for a natural but fuller look this mascara is it.  2016-08-25
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    I don't use mascara often. So i think this one is ok and easy to use.  2016-08-22
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    It is not bad... so so.... not that good.......  2016-10-21
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    4D Mascara

    This mascara had a narrow brush, which applies to the lashes evenly. I will definetely re-purchase this mascara!!!  2016-08-02