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    It is my absolutely favorite cushion foundation. It has high coverage, but is not caky. It is long lasting, compared to other cushion foundations I have tried. 

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    surprised by how little the product has.. its pretty expensive, not that impressive. But it doesnt breaks me out and i feel that i wear it at ease cause sometimes i need to dance with my foundation on. and this helps so much.  2017-08-14
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    Not Worth It!

    For the price, I'd say there are better options out there, especially since this doesn't come with a refill. I splurged on it because of all the great reviews, but it did not live up to my expectation. The color was grey and darker than I expected. The coverage was great, but it did not last all day (maybe 5 hours or less/ started creasing at the smile lines). Although it claims to be 99% skincare, I did not see any improvements to my skin. 

    I would recommend this for someone who wants high coverage and needs a shade darker than what most brands offer.  2017-08-06
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    This is my holy grail cushion, I use it everyday, and it does not irritate  2017-07-31
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    Good cushion

    Good cushion to try on. It match my skintone so well. But a bit expensive670e868a8f2d8b9a91681c83fe305e4a_1501484  2017-07-31
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    blends super nicely, not too oily but not dry. colour was a bit darker than expected but im really pale. makes pores disappear!!! recommend!!!  2017-07-28
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    Troiareuke A+ Healing Cushion Review

    For the longest time, I have been wanting to try this product due to all the good reviews I had heard about it. As someone who has acne prone oily skin, I was excited to hear about a cushion that was more skincare than actual makeup. However, after trying the cushion for a few months I noticed that it was not all that great (in my opinion for MY skin type). I was bummed that this potential cushion could have become a holy grail item, but every skin type reacts differently with different products. Overall though, I would recommend for people to try just to see if it'll do good with your skin. 


    - Medium to semi full coverage 

    - 5 hour max coverage before reapplying (not ideal for hot humid weather)

    - Does not feel heavy on skin 

    - Recommend for combination skin  2017-07-26
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    Its looks so good when I apply it on but I've been getting tiny dots all over my face and this might be the one that caused it?  2017-07-24
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    Good skincare cushion!

    This is the second cushion I have ever used and I purchased it based on all the hype and praise it has gotten! I have to say, what appealed to me the most was the 99% skincare 1% makeup idea. It's very nice for everyday wear since you don't have to worry about it causing bad breakouts because it is "99% skincare." 


    This is their darkest shade and it is suitable for those with a medium skin tone! However, it does have that grey-ish tone that cushions tend to have (the first use didn't appear that way though!). It can be remedied a bit with a powder, but I would prefer to have a cushion that doesn't really need the powder. 


    The cushion also doesn't seem to play too nicely with some concealers (I use a Lancome concealer) , so that's something to be aware of.  It can get a little clumpy around fine lines, but when you have it on for the first couple of hours it looks pretty lovely! I would recommend it overall (because I'm all about that skincare), but I can be easily convinced from here to give other cushions a try. 


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    Holy Grail

    My daily cushion, it's very gentle on the skin  2017-07-12
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    Surprisingly mid-heavy coverage

    Didn't expect it to have this much coverage! I treat it like foundation. Be careful not to over-apply especially around where your smile lines are! I use a beauty blender to dip in the cushion and results in a glowy finish on my skin. It also didn't cause me to breakout :D  


    I'm on my second one of this. First one lasted me about 3-4 months with daily use.  2017-07-11
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    A+ cushion

    Good for both acne prone and sensitive skin...  2017-07-02
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    troiareuke a plus cushion

    Packaging and delivery 1was smooth received item  2017-07-01
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    Don't always trust what people say!!!

    After following joan Kim on you tube for a long time I trusted her judgement on this cushion as it is her favourite and she mentioned it in every single vlog for ages. Also having sensitive acne prone skin I thought it would also help my skin as it is renowned for being more skincare than make up. Sadly it did NOT agree with me at all. The colour was so dark and grey toned and I am not that pale either #23 in most korean cushions but this oxidised and was too matte. Secondly I broke out from it! It dried my skin out, looked grainy and I started to get small bump like pimples. I tried to give it a go but each time it got worse. I think this cushion suits people with bad acnes and definately not for dry skins. Have lost trust in the brand and you tubers now:((
    Vic...@  2017-06-29
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    My Favourite cushion

    Ever since i started using this cushion, it is my favourite! The coverage is medium, long wearing and i just love it. If you haven't tried this cushion, you should!  2017-06-28
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    Doesn't break you out

    As expected, it's matte, the color's darker then number 23, great coverage, and its good when you use it without primer and finishing powder
    Nab...@  2017-06-25
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    i love this cushion

    This cushion is exactly what it says it is. 99% skincare and 1% makeup. It does not break me out which is great and a good coverage as well.  2017-06-23
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    Best Cushion

    The product is very good, it can help cover the blemishes and it doesn't make me breakout!

    Very good for acne skin!

    Love it!!

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    Pricey but worth your money

    I have acne and combination skin and this is just amazing, especially when I dont want to wear makeup but skin needs a bit of cover up for some of my blemishes on my face. This does not breaks me out or what so ever. Coverage is about mediumwhich is ok for me. would definitely repurchase again :) I only wish that they have a refill tho :)  2017-06-20
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    It's good but not the right colour for me

    Skin type: Slightly oily, acne-prone. 


    Like many of the reviews here, I first heard of this brand through Joan Kim and Edward Avila.



    I love the glowy finish it gives without being too dewy. I also haven't experienced any breakouts from using this product. I think the H+ cushion would be a better match for me right now, but this product appears to be designed for those with oilier skin types. 


    This is a pricier cushion, falling into the same price range as luxury brands such as Iope and Hera. I appreciate the extra puff provided but I would like to see to refills available for purchase. I don't like having to buy the cushion again.


    Personally, I'm not a fan of the 99% skincare 1% makeup marketing because it cannot be proven. All liquid makeup and skincare have water as their top ingredient. However, I think it gets the point straight across that this line of makeup is designed for those who may react to conventional makeup. 


    Overall, I'm quite happy with this product. I might have to use this during the summer, where I'll be better matched.  2017-06-15
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    A bit pricey but it doesn't break me out.

    Good medium coverage cushion for acne prone skin. I bought it after recommendations from Edward Avila and Joan Kim on YouTube.


    It's a shade too light for my light olive skintone though. I have a Loreal True Match colour of 4W. This cushion also has an ashy undertone so my yellow-undertone skin looks a little bit dead. I wish they had more colours in their range. I currently use a mineral powder makeup on top to colour match to my skintone. Because the cushion alters my undertone though, I still look a little bit dead and washed out.


    I use it every work day (5+ times a week) and one cushion lasts around about 1 and a half to 2 months. On first use you don't have to push too hard to get product. The cushion feels hard because of all the product inside it. It slowly gets more and more squishy as you use more product. By around the 5th week you need to start flipping the cushion around. If I recall correctly they don't have a refill only, so you buy the full cushion each time. It also doesn't come with a free refill so you're paying for one "dose" if you will. You do get 2 puffs with the cushion though. The puffs are best used dry and not damp.


    The finish is really nice and skin-like. A touch on the dewy side but more of a sheen / glow rather than a beam from your face. It slowly breaks down because of facial oils pushing through to the surface of your skin, but it still looks okay. Just don't powder it too thickly if you have dry skin because it will start to show your pores near the sides of your nose.


    I have re-purchased this cushion because I like the 99% skincare 1% makeup concept. It hasn't broken me out. I'm afraid to go back to Australian foundations after suffering from an acne breakout allergic reaction from a Loreal foundation. I might try to find an alternative to Troiareuke sometime in the future because it is pricey, but that might be after my acne clears up.78c8786bbb8f6674875995656e8e0b3f_1497006

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    10/10 would recommend lol

    This cushion is now my holy grail. It matches my skin tone so well and it looks so natural. The shade is around a #23 for cushion shades and has a neutral undertone. The finish is satin-dewy but not super dewy like most cushions. I'd say the coverage is around medium and can be built up. I have combination skin with extremely sensitive acne prone skin and this cushion did not break me out. I prefer this over the H+ cushion since it matches my skin tone better and has a little less dewy finish on me.  2017-06-05
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    A+ cushion

    I really fell in love in this cushion as it give a semi matte finish but it would be good if there is a darker colour tone  2017-05-31
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    Very smooth and good coverage

    Joankim was so right with this cushion Easy to apply and even application Planning to try the other ranges  2017-05-05
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    Amazing cushion

    This cushion fits closer to my skin tone color. It's the same as the healing cushion otherwise meaning AMAZING! :3

    My skin just gets better from this brand  2017-05-03
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    Very good medium coverage and not too pale.

    Non drying formula  (which I was quite concerned about when I bought it !)

    My skin look smooth and flawless all day... I Highly recommend !  2017-04-21
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    Great for acne prone people

    Shade 23 look natural..not to pale Since i am oily and acne prone people this is my HG no worries about getting more acne cause by makeup  2017-04-18
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    Definitely worth it!

    This is definitely my favorite cushion now! I have acne-prone skin and this is perfect~ I'm glad they came out with this because the H+ cushion was too light for my skin tone. I like how lightweight this is and does not get cakey at the end end of even a very hot day. A bit pricey, but it's a good investment, IMO. I hope they sell refills soon.  2017-05-12