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    Face wash

    A very mild product to the skin which removes a lot of makeup, leaving your skin feeling refreshed with a slight scent.  2017-08-18
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    So travel friendly

    I travel quite a bit and it's always a hassle taking large face wash. I love how this is small and not a liquid. Works really well on my face too!  2017-08-02
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    I like it

    It's a good cleanser, doesnt strip my skin, it's suitable for traveling, there's a slight brightening effect on it, you got tons of product and the smell.. oh... I take away 1 star because of the price, kinda expensive for korean product. But I understand I mean su:m37 is not really compareable with other high street korean brand. I would repurchase, because it's very confinient for travel.  2017-07-27
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    Love the texture of the roses!

    makes me feel so luxurious !  2017-07-16
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    Love it!

    Really enjoyed using this, travel friendly!  2017-07-12
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    Cute packaging

    It cleans my skin so well, has the smell of real rose and easy to travel with.  2017-07-10
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    Love the smell, easy to bring to travel would not spill in luggage. But not the softest cleanser i have used as i have super sensitive skin it makes it a little bit itchy.  2017-07-06
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    lovely cleanser which i bought for travel. I'm i'n love it the smell and i do think it does a great job at cleansing as well.  2017-07-04
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    This is everything.

    I worndered what all the hype was about so I finally purchased the rose stick. It smells beautiful, the packaging is super cute and it works. What else can I say. After cleansing, it does not leave the skin feeling tight.  2017-07-02
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    Let me Tell YOU

    This product is an amazing investment! I was skepticle at first because it is a pricey for a foam cleanser BUT it felt so nice to wash with this product. The rose little things in it kinda does act as an exfoliant but not too much,still gentle.It doesn't sting my eyes..except when it actually went in my eye...very painful but that is pretty unlikely to happen again^^; Like the description says It does have a rose scent and it's super nice. If you're thinking to have this as your foam cleanser,DO IT,it's a nice investment!  2017-06-24
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    Stick with love

    Smells very good. Good for sensitive skin like mine. Little goes a long way. It makes my face baby smooth after cleansing.  2017-06-20
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    good for everyday  2017-06-17
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    travel friendly

    I've been wanting to try this because I read so many rave reviews about this. First impression was it's much bigger than I expected, no wonder people say it lasts for ages. I personally don't really like the rose petals inside the stick, because it feels a bit rough. So the way I use it is by apply it on my palm, make soft foam and apply it on my face. My face feels clean without being too dry, but I found it just okay, it does the job. Somehow I like my Hadalabo more. The best thing is its packaging, because it's very travel friendly. I'll definitely take this while I travel.831a30dc23177d45f4a38862b13ead00_1497443
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    It smells great and it's gentle on the skin. Best of all, it's great for travelling because it's so compact and light compared to cleaners that come in tubes.  2017-08-09
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    Nice cleanser

    It smells so nice and it feels very luxurious when you use it. It's my first time using the stick cleanser and it does cleanse really well but it doesn't remove your eye make up. It's not drying either and I'll have to use it longer to see if I notice something different about my skin.  2017-05-24
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    good product

    great cleansing bar. if in discount, i wiil buy it again  2017-05-20
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    smells good

    great smell and cleansing is good however i don't see any other effects on my skin  2017-05-11
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    Love the smell and function

    I really love how this cleanser is convenient to use and is very effective at cleansing without stripping the face. It smells really lovely (not overpowering) and I appreciate that it is pH balanced so it doesnt cause more acne. It's quite expensive so I would recommend buying it during sale if possible!  2017-04-19
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    Travel cleansing stick

    I'm excited to use this for travel as I will be traveling to Thailand with only a carry on. It smells amazing too.  2017-03-28
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    One of the best cleanser

    Love the smells. The texture is very luxurious. My face feel clean without stripping away the skin moisture.  2017-03-17
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    good  2017-03-16
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    Good cleanser

    It is not dry out my skin  2017-02-26
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    Very nice, love the smell, definitely recommend

    I really love this product! I personally love the smell of rose though so if you aren't a fan you might want to remember that it is a rose based product. That being said it is a really nice cleaner and actually much softer, and easier in application, than I expected. It's also travel friendly since it's a solid cleaner (therefore you don't have to worry about it leaking in your bag) I definitely recommend this product.  2017-02-26
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    One of my favorite cleansers

    I love this product, It smells nice, is very travel-friendly, doesn't dry my skin too much. I've got combination skin.  2017-02-25
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    Great great cleanser! Love the smell! 

    It leaves my skin with clean, fresh, moisture finish! its very awesome product from Sum  2017-02-21
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    Awesome cleanser

    The Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick leaves the skin smooth and not dry after the use. The format is convenient for travelling. I am using it with a silicone brush pad which creates more foams.  2017-02-19
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    With my face being dry, I actually have no problem with the product. It actually takes off my makeup pretty well. Smells great but not so strong after you rinse off. It also has these little rose petals in it too! In case some people don't know how to use, you have to wet your face first (wither you have makeup on or not). The only thing i dont like about it is that I always rinse off the top before putting the cap back on to avoid contamination, which I feel like its a waste everytime i do because the product comes off as well.  2017-02-18
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    Sum 37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

    A little swap goes a long long way. So gentle with a nice creamy foam. Skin feels comfortable and not drying after cleansing. Love it!  2017-02-15
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    good as always

    This is the second time I buy this product, is a stick-like soap. It has a really good rose smell, and easy to carry for traveling!  2017-02-11
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    Awsome Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick!

    I love my [Sum 37] Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick It's great leaving my skin super soft and very clean. Love the smell.I will repurchase this again!  2017-02-10
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    Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

    This cleansing stick is a great second step in the double cleansing process as it is very gentle and leaves my face feeling clean without overly stripping my skin. It has a very mild rose scent and the rose petals in this product are not abrasive which I love! Very travel friendly as well!  2017-01-27
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    Smells so good

    Such a fun way to clean your face and with the petals rose it smell so good. Its also really gentle for the face. Gonna purchase it again.  2017-01-26
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    it is very nice. Feels good and cleanses well!  2017-01-19
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    I like the smell, but my skin does feel a bit dry after, but I have extremely dry skin so I'm not surprised  2017-01-09
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    Luxurious cleanser.

    Love this stick cleanser. Very soothing for my face and love the travel friendly packaging. Leaves skin clean and soft. Love the scent too.  2016-12-31
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    its great for morning cleansing 

    i dont think it really works for exfoliating but else is great and it has a bit of a luxurious touch when you use it  2016-12-25
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    Love the smell and so gentle on skin  2016-12-16
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    Roses it is.

    Smells like Roses definitely. It gives a luxurious feel when washing and really removes makeup.  2016-12-04
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    nice, best liptint  2016-11-26
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    Nice, u should try  2016-11-26
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    so far so good

    just use it for a couple days, and it's been great so far.  2016-11-21
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    i hope this works on me , so unique  2016-11-03
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    Great product

    Soft on skin... Nice smell... I feel my skin glow after using this cleanser...  2016-11-01
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    Nice cleanser

    I heard so many good things about this product and I had to try it myself! This is a great cleanser that cleans your face without striping it dry.  Also great for those who travel a lot!  2016-10-29
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    Smells amazing!

    I love how small and portable this cleanser is. It smells lovely! If you don't like the smell of roses I do not recommend this product. I find that this product doesn't strip too much oils on the face, and definitely leaves the skin feeling moisturized after cleansing. it's very gentle and feels luxurious. But as I use it, I feel like there are no more rose petals as you move down the tube. Most of it sat on the top.  2016-10-29
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    Great scent and it's so portable. Great for tossing in the gym bag  2016-10-18
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    Lovely smell, great second cleanser.

    Smells delightfully like roses and works as a great follow up cleanser to an oil or balm cleanser.  2016-10-12
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    Luxurious Low-pH Cleanser

    First off, this is definitely a high-end product for me. You can tell from the packaging and the way it feels overall. It does smell of roses, but not in a way that it assaults your nose. Foams up quite well and will definitely repurchase more of these for backup. :)  2016-10-07
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    Will repurchase

    My dry skin just loves it. It has quite pleasant rosy smell and leaves my skin a soft moisturised feeling. Good product for am routine!  2016-10-06
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    this product is really good, my skin is very smooth after I wash my face with it. 

    One thing, my skin has some redness after that but it's not something really bad. I think it's the chemical reaction. 

    Anyway it's a very good product and smell nice !  2016-10-04
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    Definitely a staple in my collection

    This is a staple in my collection. i love the smell of roses and it feels so nice on my skin and does not have a drying effect. Works great for me :)  2016-09-29
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    its good

     i use it at night to remove extra gunk after i take off my makeup ... its good for travel but it doesn't make a difference to my skin  it cleans well but that's it  2016-09-21
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    Bardzo przyzwoity czyścik. Delikatny, dobrze się pieni, wygodny w podróży. Na plus niskie ph.  2016-09-13
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    SU:M 37

    This cleanser is amazing! My skin is normally very dry and it is hard for me to find a good cleanser which keeps my skin from drying out after using it. I recommand you to try out this cleanser.  2016-09-11
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    feels luxurious

    Wow..well this is the most gentle cleanser I've ever used. You don't get that drying feeling on your skin. It smells so nice and it cleans the skin well. I love the tube and it's great for travelling. This cleanser just feels so luxurious  2016-09-10
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    rose cleanser

    I was not really fond of the smell but the cleanser itself was very gentle. My skin felt not striped after using it. It did the job well. I already bought a second one in case I run out of it.  2016-09-01
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    This is my favorite cleansing stick, it's really mild for skin.

    This is my favorite cleansing stick, it's really mild for skin. My skin doesn't feel dry anymore after cleansing.  2016-05-21
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    very good cleanser

    ​Does a good job at cleansing the skin without drying. Smells nice, and the packaging is beautiful. 

    S...@  2016-03-18
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    Lovely Cleanser

    I just got my Miracle Rose Cleansing​ and I loved it since I first use it. The smell is nice and you can actually see the rose petals in the stick, it's amazing but most important is that my skin feels so good and clean after applying, it doesn't leave it dry and I am happy with this product.

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    This stick cleansing foam really amazing, i love the smell , love it so much.  2016-02-18
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    Very nice cleanser!

    The smell is nice, a natural rose smell, although I'm not over the moon with it. The practicality of this cleanser though remains unbeatable for me, it can be brought along on travels, is pretty mess-free and cleanses well! The little petals in it provide a gentle exfoliation and it didn't cause any breakouts! Overall very happy with it! 

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    it smells like rose, leaves the skin supple after use  2016-01-28
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    very good

    it's a really good face wash, it washed really clean, and a lot of bubbles. just be carful don't get into your eyes. I really love it.  2016-01-22
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    Love this product !

    I've received this product and after testing, it was sooo good. Thank you, I adore.  2016-01-16
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    great product

    A beautiful mild cleanser that's not at all harsh on skin... thoroughly goes through skin & cleanses it to the core  2016-01-02
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    Definitely the best cleanser ever !

    Yul...@  2015-12-21
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    very good cleanser

    I have sensitive skin and this does not make me break out.
    Vic...@  2015-12-17
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    I like this cleanser

    This cleanser works well as a second cleanser. I use it with konjak sponge.  2015-12-03
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    A very good cleanser

    ​This is a very good cleanser. It smells so good, I fell in love at first try... Very fast shipping as well.  2015-11-24
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    I LOVE this cleanser, it is so practical, my skin feels very soft and bright after using it !  2015-11-20
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    Fantastyczny czyścik. Pachnie naturalnie, doskonale oczyszcza, jest bardzo delikatny i po prostu praktyczny. Super!
    Ma...@  2015-10-27
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    This is my absolute favorite cleanser. I ordered 3

    Kat...@  2015-09-27
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    Luxurious cleanser~

    Everybody seems to love this cleanser and I can say Im one of these people. It is a great, gentle cleanser, has a good ph and it's good for traveling (not to mention the gorgeout packaging). I use it in the morning and I love how it cleans my face whitout stripping it. I will repurchase it.

    Ana...@  2015-09-24
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    Best cleanser ever

    I love everything about this product! The smell is wonderful, the packaging is very useful especially when you travel a lot. I love the fact that there are real roses inside. This cleanser is very gentle with the skin yet effective.
    Cla...@  2015-06-12
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    Cla...@  2015-06-12
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    Ana...@  2015-09-24
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    Kat...@  2015-09-27