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    Very good


    Make my skin very refresh  2017-08-18
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    Holy grail!

    This is an amazing multi-purpose product, it soothes skin, lightens scars, and even reduces hair fall. My favorite use for it is as an overnight sleeping mask, my face definitely feels smooth after rinsing the next morning.  2017-08-07
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    Soothes every part of your body

    I couldn't really question why this one is a best seller. ☺️  2017-08-06
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    Wouldn't recommend on face

    After purchasing I realized that this has alcohol in it so I didn't want to put my skin at risk. But for its price and the amount you get, it's great for those sunburns or just random rashes that you want to soothe!  2017-08-06
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    No esperaba que fueran dos me encanta  2017-08-04
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    I love it on my body

    I usually use it on my body that needs a lot of moisture. I dont put on my face because of the alcohol content. 

    But it make wonders on my body. it really delivers the moisture you need for that day.afc8315214c9dd9a3212a2dc444064f8_1501612  2017-08-02
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    so good

    hands down this probably the best nature republic product. ever. 

    Ana...@  2017-08-01
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    Barang belum sampai

    Padahal barangnya belum sampe rumah kenapa udah bisa nulis review  2017-07-30
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    It has a soothing effect. recommended for a hot summer day. 3191b90ebd24dd66453e71071b55aea0_1501371  2017-07-30
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    An awesome purchase

    Slap with some aloe gel whether its morning ir night and feel the difference in ur skin texture  2017-07-26
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    My favorite product

    This is the best product i've ever used, my skin got a less bumpy since i use this and i'm also not getting as man breakouts anymore. It's also cooling on the skin, so it's perfect for summer.377d17cb85317d01ac5ee4b7a293126c_1500879
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    21ea731080a2d12a01fe38f4f8d06603_1500825  2017-07-24
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    Aloe vera

    Good for my sensitive skin. It' ls not sticky in my skin.  2017-07-20
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    I love this product! its so versatile and the high concentration of aloe vera is a bonus!  2017-07-19
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    just okay  2017-07-17
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    I love it!

    I'n currently living in a very humid and hot place and this product helps a lot especially I have dry skin. It really soothes my face and minimizes dryness. I look fresh all day!  2017-07-15
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    Worth it

    Deserves all the hype!  2017-07-13
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    helps heal my troubled skin

    nature republic aloe vera 92% soothing gel is legit! helps heal my acne. it soothes, nourishes your irritated/dry skin. i also gave this to my friend and she loves it!  2017-07-13
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    Cooling Moisturizer

    I use this moisturizer to help soothe irritated skin. It absorbs quickly and is very refreshing and cool. It would be perfect for the summer.  2017-07-08
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    I really like this product. I use iton my face, hair and dry areas.  2017-07-04
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    Amazing moisturizer and sleeping pact


    I just LOVE this product. I use this thing every day and night after toner and essence. At night time I use a little bit more as a sleeping pact and wake up next morning with a fresh clean face. I highly recommended this item, it is also good for sun burns and helps cool the ares down.  2017-07-04
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    perfect for the summer

    really cooling sensation during the summer time. not sticky  2017-07-02
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    Aloe gel - perfect all round gel

    I love using this in the summer, it is soothing if you are tanning or unfortunately burned... also just a nice, gentle gel that I think helps keep my skin quite clear  2017-07-02
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    A really good moisture  2017-07-01
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    the best product and affordable. I really like it! thankyouuu5301f0f3fc1b8a53fc9446e9829949ef_1498877  2017-07-01
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    Very cooling

    Good for sun burn or sensitive skin. Put in fridge beforehand for extra cooling effect.  2017-06-30
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    Very good

    Good for skin  2017-06-28
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    very good

    Good for hair as well as skin. Love it. :)  2017-06-28
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    the best the best aloe vera soothing gel.  and moisture.  2017-06-27
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    Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

    I use this if I need a light moisturizer during the day because it absorbs into the skin extremely well and is not too heavy. Especially during summer, this is great instead of using thick creams. I also sometimes put a generous amount on my face at night as a night mask.99cf1484cb988698f50d8025d6ce7053_1498340  2017-06-25
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    Feels great on skin

    It feels really cool on the skin, it dries down to a matte finish, so it can be used as a basic moituriser.  2017-06-21
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    Aloe Vera soothing gel

    I use to gel straight after I've shave my legs. It's gives a cooling sensation. I have sensitive and really dry skin so I apply twice. Doesn't sting my skin.  2017-06-19
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    This product really works very well on my face Very love  2017-06-18
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    I really love the feeling of this aloe vera gel on my skin. I use it as a moisturizer in the summer because of it's light gel consistency which is great for quickly penetrating into the skin while keeping your skin hydrated. Also it has a high concentration of aloe vera which also helps with soothing the skin from redness, irritation, and can help lighten hyper pigmentation. The tub container that it comes in is also really huge so it lasts you a really long time. This is a really good buy. 

    Nay...@  2017-06-18
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    My Most Favorite Soothing Gel Ever

    A must have skincare from nature republic.45b75ccc5778a416eb0fccf45c02c62c_1497531 

    Wul...@  2017-06-15
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    [Nature Republic] Gel Aloe Vera Soothing, 92% Soothing and Moisture, 300ml

    Nyimpen stok banyak nih saking enak nya...  2017-06-15
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    My second order

    Good job  2017-06-15
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    great great great

    it's really good product, so usefull. even it can help calm down my skin after burns cause hot water.  2017-06-15
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    Nice  2017-06-14
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    Must have!

    One word: good!!!  2017-06-14
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    Love it

    Calms my skin, I have a very sensitive skin, but the gel is really gentle. 

    Love it :3 



    87df0608a8bf1b9f7919636a4fea7446_1497366  2017-06-14
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    Holy grail

    This is amazing will re-purchase  2017-06-13
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    This product is really amazing, my skin is so much better since I used this !  2017-06-11
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    Really soothing

    Really soothing, great for after a day out in the sunf47258347f1d2da239ac6d565d207c34_1502328  2017-08-10
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    Love it !

    Always enjoyable to use it at evening after a good cleaning of my face. 73ee56aa84b849f216501a03b77d2126_1497014  2017-06-09
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    Good for calming the skin

    My go to product when my needs extra moisture. It definitely helped me with my acne!31169b18223d379711b1639252237e3b_1496836  2017-06-07
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    I've been use this for more than 5 months and its worth it. Cant wait to use this again  2017-06-04
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    This one is the most best seller now

    I had interested this one product because this one is popular because more benefit we can get for this one producte25f981d54165cb5110a25b545b60859_1496457
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    [Nature Republic] Gel Aloe Vera Soothing, 92% Soothing and Moisture, 300ml

    Produknya multifungsi  2017-05-31
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    Multi function gel  2017-05-31
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    Good  2017-05-30
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    [Nature Republic] Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, 92% Soothing and Moisture, 300ml

    Cooling sensation for my skin, smoothing, very moisturizing  2017-05-28
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    the best thing for irritated and sensitive  skin.

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    Didn't cause me any breakouts, helped calming my skin.  2017-05-27
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    Calming, soothing, good  2017-05-21
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    Aloe Vera gel

    I use it for mask every single day, it's amazing.  2017-05-20
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    Use it for anything!

    Provides freshness and moisture. I can use it for my whole body and the result are so great.  2017-05-09
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    I use this on problem areas, and I feel like my acne scars are healing faster! Great price for a lot of product too!  2017-05-08
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    I love it. Not so expensive as well!!! :) :P  2017-05-07
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    Love how it moisturize my dry skin  2017-05-05
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    It's good as an aloe gel, but not as a daily moisturizer. But definetely worth the price!  2017-05-05
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    Usually i get upset with (natural) aloe vera, but with this one, i can feel good on first day. Just wow.
    Mit...@  2017-05-04
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    like this product very much.  2017-05-03
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    Love this product!

    I absolutely adore this product! The smell isn't overpowering, it actually smells like aloe vera which I love. I use it a moisturiser and when I have dry skin and when I get mosquito bites, this stuff works wonders in relieving the itch because it is kind of cold when you put it on. My sister uses it when she shaves as the process leaves her skin feeling irritated and itchy, so the cool gel relieves the irritation too. Be mindful though, when you rub it on your skin it does become quite sticky as it dries so I'd recommend putting it on after you have a shower and wind down. :)

    Mel...@  2017-04-29
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    Loving it

    I heard great things about this product and I can say that they were absolutely on point. It makes your skin smooth but not sticky and helps a lot to moisture dry patches.  2017-04-25
  66. 3


    Been good so far, will wait longer to see results.  2017-04-24
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    I mainly use this for my hair as a serum, it has helped my hair a lot with split ends and shine. 
    Dor...@  2017-04-23
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    excellent product

    It's  very excellent product. It's very light and after using I don't fell it.  2017-04-23
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    very nice

    absorbs really well and is not sticky  2017-04-21
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    Very Good

    It's so refreshing!  2017-04-20
  71. 4


    Not sticky, pretty moisturising and cooling. Also, u get a ton of it. For the price... very good. :)  2017-04-19
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    This is the cheapest and best moisturizer for your face and body.  2017-04-19
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    Love it

    Im so in love with this product, keep my skin so moist in every single time  2017-04-18
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    I liked

    I liked it and ordered it again  2017-04-18
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    Makes my skin feels so refreshed.  2017-04-15
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    love it

    An Amazing product to make your skin beautiful  2017-04-15
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    I love it !

    My skin is beautiful after use it  2017-04-15
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    Very soothing!

    The consistency is gel like but it is still moisturizing enough for my gel skin. Suitable for all skin!  2017-04-15
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    Worth every penny!

    One of my favorites! The tub is really big and the amount inside will really last for months. It will give your skin a soothing, calming and refreshing sensation. You can use this all over your body but I like to apply this on my feet at night to prevent dryness. Highly recommended!  2017-04-14
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    shooting your skin

    lovely shooting gel and moisturise skin well  2017-04-13
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    Really good

    The amount of the product is a lot bigger than I thought for a really cheap price! A great moisturizing.  2017-04-12
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    Very good product , my skin feels cool and fresh after used this  2017-04-12
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    holy grail❤️

    its shooting and moisture your skin at the same time  2017-04-11
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    This product is not sticky and I feel spacious  2017-04-11
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    very good product, like it  2017-04-08
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    Good product

    Moisture! Fast dry! No sticky! I recommend thid product.  2017-04-06
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    A must have!

    I didn't believe the good reviews on this product until I personally tried it. It keeps my skin moisturized and fresh in the morning (when applied overnight).  2017-04-04
  88. 5


    Definitely rebuy it , its my new fav cosmetic here , thank you *-*  2017-04-04
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    Good to use in Summer Time

    I have dry skin, so I only use this product in Summer, and it's very light.  2017-04-02
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    Always Use

    I love using this everywhere. Personally I really like the smell of aloe and I like to put this on after I shave and a while before I put on lotion so that my legs are super moisturized.  2017-04-01
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    Nature Republic Aloe Vera

    My Holy Hero  2017-04-01
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    very good

    This product is really very light and sticky not moisturizing effect quite intense I liked it  2017-03-31
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    Really nice!

    It's great! It's not sticky, the skin assorbs it really nice and quicly. It lasts long and it's really cheap! I definetely recommend it!  2017-03-28
  94. 5

    In love

    Absolutely great. It's not sticky and melts away into the skin.  2017-03-27
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    Totally amazing product that helps fade away blemishes. After few days of use, I feel that my skin becomes so smooth and notice slowly fading of my acne scars. Definitely gonna buy again. It comes large so somehow last long.  2017-03-26
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    Nice product


    I love gel moisturisers especially in the hot weather because it feels so refreshing and light! Work well on any sunburnt areas to soothe the skin  2017-03-22
  97. 5


    It is a  good product. Does its job :)  2017-03-21
  98. 5


    It is a  good product. Does its job :)  2017-03-21
  99. 4


    It perfectly calms the skin either by irritation or sunburn ... absorbs very quickly leaving the skin hydrated, helps to freshen the skin either face or body ... Ideal for summer  2017-03-20
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    Não hidratou

    Eu não achei que ele hidrata tanto quanto dizem. É um gel suave, passei na pele e não senti nenhuma hidratação, ele eh refrescante.  2017-03-19