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    Perfect for acne prone skin

    I love using this aloe vera gel for treating my acne. Also does a really nice job moisturizing my skin. It has a very nice light scent to it as well. This aloe vera gel can be used as a multi-purpose product and this tub lasts me a very long time (about 6 months). Highly recommend.  2016-10-08
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    you have to buy this!

    I swear by this product as a moisturiser, hair treatment, to treat sudden breakout and lots more. It really is amazing in changing the overall appearance of our skin. Perfect light moisturiser for people with oily skin but gives enough moisture for those with dry and combination skin  2016-10-02
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    Good buy ; )

    Update; i found this to be good under make up now that its hotter out and it doesn't  form a stiff mask on the face like other aloe products I've used and its great for the body for a light moisturizing.  2016-09-21
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    great product!

    I really hate putting any kind of mosturizer on my face, but this one is really refreshing. You can use it in a lot of different ways, and the quantity is pretty amazing for the price you're paying. I really recommand it.  2016-09-10
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    Aloe Gel

    Хороший гель. Отлично увлажняет кожу и помогает заживлять прыщики и прочие неприятности)Очень приятный аромат, вообще люблю запах алоэ.Единственный минус, после себя оставляет чувство липкости, но оно через какое-то время проходит)  2016-09-09
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    I can use this for any skin problems  2016-09-07
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    Can be used anywhere and everywhere

    I use this on my face and body and I love how moisturiser and soothed it leaves my skin. I recommend this to all my friends especially those who have never used korean products as it is so good and so cheap!  2016-08-24
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    good  2016-07-09
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    Great product!

    I use it before going to sleep and I always wake up with a smooth skin! I love this product and really recommend it! :D  2016-07-09
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    Thing for everything

    Perfect gel which you can apply for everything ( hair, body, face, eyes). it absorbs perfectly and saves moisture  2016-07-05
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    Should have picked up more

    This stuff is heaven in a tub!  2016-05-29
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    great value for money

    I gave this gel cream to my younger sister who lives in a hot climate. She loves it and wants to buy another one ASAP!

    It is great to soothe hot tired sunburnt skin and can also be used as a thick sleeping mask.  2016-05-05
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    Great product for many uses

    I use this all over, face, hands, hair, Very large jar for very little price.  2016-04-22
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    very moisturizing, but kind of sticky

    very moisturizing, but kind of sticky  2016-04-17
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    Like it!

    The packaging is just huge and the gel is very nice and light. Doesn't very hydrating but gives moisture to skin.  2016-04-15
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    I NEVER use hand cream due to the fact that my hands tend to get super sweaty (gross, I know) but this gel is amaze balls!!!  I use it on my hands, face and feet! still going to try it on my hair!  2016-04-12
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    This really does his job. I put this when my face was all red because of my acne and the next morning there was no redness  2016-04-10
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    very very good!

    Love this gel! It's very refreshing smell. So many way to use it!  2016-04-08
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    the best

    This is perfect as a face moisturizer if you have oily and sensitive skin.​ It's a huge amount of product for the price as well.  2016-04-08
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    it is excellent for skin and hair. use it everyday. super  2016-03-26
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    Love it!

    I really love this product. It smells nice, makes my skin nice and smooth and this product is perfect as a moisturizer! I will buy this in the future!  2016-03-16
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    Really love it

    It's a good light weight essence with a nice rose scent (not a strong one). My skin drinks it as soon I apply it on my face  2016-02-26
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    Multifunctional moisturizing gel

    This is my second jar and still in love with this. You can apply in face or body and even hairr. Smell so good and it refreshing  2016-02-16
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    [Nature Republic] Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel(Made with Pure

    ​This product work best when put in cool ref. before hand. I love this product.  2016-01-26
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    very good  2016-01-18
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    great aloe gel. but would not use as a moisturiser as it can feel sticky once dry. but it is amazing if you have sunburn  2017-05-12
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    Like it like it

    It works for my sunburn and also helps with my sister's redness. 

    Tra...@  2015-12-06
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    1 for all - all for 1
    i use it for my hair and the love the scent.  2015-12-04
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    Very Very good!

    It can use for many things! I love the result!  2015-11-29
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    Its really fun to apply it to your skin it leaves a cool and refreshing skin!  2015-10-24
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    Aloe Gel Review + Uses

    Aloe seriously does magic for my skin. It's cooling and soothing properties clears my breakouts overnight. Although alcohol is listed as an ingredient, there probably is very small traces of it because I can't smell it at all. I've tried the one from The Face Shop but I cant use it at all because the alcohol smell is so overwhelming. 


    I'm already on my 5th tub! Before going to bed, I like to put on a thick layer!

    Chl...@  2015-10-03
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    neprzyzwoicie tani

    Dobry, wręcz solidny żel aloesowy. Bardzo tani. Zastosowanie uniwersalne.
    Ma...@  2015-09-10
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    Great product, this is so refreshing and cooling when apply on skin... love it.  2015-09-09
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    很好的产品,使用起来是如此清爽  2015-09-09
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    Aloe Gel Review + Uses

    Chl...@  2015-10-03