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    Perfect serum

    I really love the smell and quality of this product. I will buy it again and recommend to my friend.  2017-07-21
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    i notice my hair has become less dull and i like that this doesnt feel greasy at all  2017-07-19
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    its amazing! , my hair looks way more shiny and healthier :D  2017-07-05
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    So good

    This oil left my hair feeling nice and silky soft. The nice smell is also a plus.  2017-06-19
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    its okay

    i like the smell 9877c8d6cbea27acecad7522f9d3380e_1496297 

    ...@  2017-06-01
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    it leaves my hair shiny and soft!!  2017-05-28
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    Leaves my hair very shiny

    I use this on my damp hair and my hair is less frizzy and has more shine. My ends don't look as dry anymore either.  2017-05-23
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    Makes my hair so soft and shiny. Great smell :)  2017-05-10
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    Good product  2017-05-06
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    smells amazing too

    I usually put this on wet hair and my hair dries to a tamed and soft finish. Love it!  2017-05-05
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    better than i thought

    What I like the best about this product is the smell, it makes your hair smells wonderful, even the next day. This hair oil will help to control your hair's actual oil. Before I use this oil, my hair will start to get oily 2 days after I wash my hair, but after I start using this hair oil, my hair is control in this pretty good condition.  2017-04-27
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    Try only few times..  2017-04-19
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    product received

    product received. will come back for update later.  2017-04-17
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    A few people recommended it and I like it! not oily give my hair a bit more of that good shine.  2017-04-11
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    Tamed my frizzy hair!

    My natural hair is fizzy and is vey damaged from excessive heat usage. After using this hair oil, my frizzy hair is much more tamed and less poofy! I usually use this after the shower- two pumps is usually enough for my hair. The great thing about this oil is that it leaves your hair super soft and if you want to apply more hair oil, it doesn't weigh your hair down. I also love how this smells. 100% recommend this product for everyone with damaged and frizzy hair, or anyone who wants a good treatment oil with a nice scent.  2017-04-06
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    My hair is getting better when i start to use it...coz i have really dry hair  2017-03-27
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    Great product

    I dyed and bleached my hair a lot of time and it was very dry. After using it my hair is much better  2017-03-27
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    Great for my bleached hair

    I just bleached and cut my hair so  dry and the texture becomes thick, heavy and tangled when my hair is wet. This product worked from the very first use. I apply 2-3 pumps and really work it into my hair, which causes it to soften immediately, makes it easier to work with and helps with the volume. During my shower my hair no longer tangles or feels rough, and the product is so affordable too! The product feels somewhere between a gel and dry oil, and for me it works better if i apply it onto dry hair.  2017-03-10
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    Vitamin for your healthy hair  2017-02-12
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    Good for split hairs  2017-01-10
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    semi gel like consistency. It makes my hair shiny  2017-01-10
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    I love  2016-12-28
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    Hair is soft and smell good

    Love this one! If i was in rushing to go work and forget to put hair conditioner i just simply put 2 pumps of this hair oil (depends on your hair length cause my hair is long). It does help to keep moisturise my hair from getting too dry.  2016-12-22
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    Smells good

    I've used this a couple times, it doesn't give breathtaking results but just calms frizz and adds a nice clean smeill  2016-12-17
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    Good product...

    Good product...good texture  2016-12-01
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    I love the texture of this! It's hard to describe, but it doesn't feel oily or gross in any way.

    The smell is really nice, and it provides instant shine to the hair. I dye my hair quite often and it has become quite damaged through the years. My hair feels slightly softer after a handful of uses.

    The bottle is smaller than I had imagined, but I would still buy it again~  2016-11-29
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    Really like the serum. It makes my hair really soft. 

    May...@  2016-11-09
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    Really good but need a light hand on.  2016-11-01
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    I LOVE IT !

    This serum is THE BEST SERUM I'VE EVER USED !

    my hair feels soooo soft after using it and it smells really good ! . and fyi, my hair is in the worst condition ever. it's extremely dry and damaged !

    i like how my hair feels and how it looks after applying this serum and i definitely will repurchase this !

    i'm always down to try other serums but until i found another better one, i'm planning to keep using this love it love it love it !  2016-09-25
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    I don't remember how many bottles that I have used. I will repurchase this for sure again and again. 

    It made my hair so soft, shining and silky. Can't live without it. 

    EFF...@HOTMAIL.COM  2016-06-23
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    Like it

    Thanks to this serum, my damage hair is becoming so soft again. Will repurchase it.  2016-06-22
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    It smells like baby powder and it makes your hair very soft. It may feel greasy on your palms but once put on your hair, it's not greasy at all! Loving it.

    The...@  2016-03-08
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    best hair product

    Can't live without it.

    EFF...@HOTMAIL.COM  2016-02-26
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    Smell not good  2016-01-28
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    very good  2016-01-18
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    Good product

    Will repurchase.  2016-08-01
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    Demasiado bueno!

    Mi pelo estaba muy maltratado producto de los cambios de color y también a un mal cuidado de cabello. Desde que asumir el control de este, adquirí el Serum de cabello que tantos reviews a tenido, todos positivos


    Debo decir que es excelente, con una gota puede alcanzar para todo tu cabello (si lo tienes liso, delgado y corto) en mi caso yo soy ondulada, de pelo voluminoso y corto, pero con una gota para sellar en el cabello ya alisado alcanza. En crespo húmedo quizás con dos gotas.


    El aroma es insuperable y la consistencia es oleosa y duradera. Deja el cabello brillante saludable y sella puntas. Lo que en mi caso es excelente. lo seguire usando.  2015-11-04