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    Such a cult product, talked about every where. I love using this in winter months.  2017-07-12
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    this cream works. it is a very good product. it is perfect for the dry skin  2017-06-01
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    great stuff

    it is good for dry skin. the cream is rich, easy absorb and the smell is great. love it  2017-05-07
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    Claire's Guerisson 9 Comples Cream

    One of the best - especially in the winter. Rich but not oily - smooth on easily. protect and moisture my face for the whole day. I repurchase this cream for few times already. High recommend.  

    Pau...@  2016-11-03
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    This is not for me.

    Love the texture, after apply at night, next day I got couple pimple out on my forehead, so I stop using it for a while, then I tried again, next day still got pimples, I'm dry skin, I don't really get irritation or pimple from other cosmetic. So unfortunately this is not for me.  2016-10-09
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    best for dry skin  2016-09-29
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    ..  2016-07-14
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    i recommend all my family and friends to use that.

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    Good  2016-03-26
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    Good  2016-03-24
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    Good cream

    Good, but bad smell  2016-03-24
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    It is OK

    Heard tons of good reviews about it so I bought it. I don;t suggest to use it as daily moisturizer since it is a little bit oily after applying to face. but it is a good base before applying make up. it makes you foundation/bb cream looks very good.

    EFF...@HOTMAIL.COM  2016-02-06
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    比国内代购的便宜很多,正品,物流很快。  2015-09-14
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    上周下单买的,这周就收到了,发货速度很快,货也是韩国正品,确实不错!  2015-09-02
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    因為冬天本身皮膚很乾燥, 用了這款九朵雲奇蹟馬油霜塗抹在皮膚馬上感到很滋潤, 毛孔也變得不明顯了,有迅速補充到水份的感覺, 非常適合在冬季使用的好產品!  2015-09-02
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    夏天用很滋润,冬天用的话会刚刚好,很舒服  2015-09-02