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    Tony Moly egg pore mask

    A really good product, visible results after the first use. 01a01f6e8b301c5ed80b3bc27069b8bd_150300901a01f6e8b301c5ed80b3bc27069b8bd_1503009
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    Interesting product

    This product has a weird texture like cottage cheese/sponge. It did make my skin feel tight and only slightly tightened my pores but I think I would have to use this very often to see any magical effects. The effects are small and only temporary. The packaging is very unique and cute though :)  2017-08-04
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    This product did tighten my pore but it doesn't have much effect

    Mir...@  2017-07-23
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    Pore tightening egg

    I really enjoy this mask! My skin feels so good and makeup goes on so much smoother after using this!  2017-06-02
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    Feels refrshing to the pores!  2017-05-16
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    Very good

    I really love this product, i'm using it with the Egg pore blackhead steam balm and it's perfect combo  2017-04-15
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    This is a great mask!

    It has an almost cottage cheese/fluffy texture that blends out into a cream when spread over the skin.

    It has a lovely clean and fresh smell to it and is white in color.

    I use this after the steam balm and nose strip by TonyMoly and it effectively gets rid of my black heads.

    It has cute packaging that makes the process even more fun!

    I love it and would always recommend/repurchase!  2017-03-31
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    Perfect combo for blackhead

    I use this product with the [Tonymoly] Egg pore blackhead steam balm and it does a really good job. My pores are tinier now and my skin is less shiny  2017-03-22
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    didn't work

    it didn't do anything for me. maybe I used it wrong  2017-03-17
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    I was so excited to get this that I washed off my makeup in the middle of the day. It does seem to help shrink the appearance of my pores more than other products I have used and I love the cute packaging. I plan to buy the other two similar products in this line.  2017-02-23
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    Loved it

    I use it ones a week it really good  2017-02-15
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    this packaging is so cute, and i heard great reviews for this!  2017-02-07
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    Este huevito se las trae... Digamos que en combinación con el blanco son una mezcla perfecta para una piel limpia. Sin duda buena compra que he repetido  2017-01-23
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    Una y otra vez

    Y no me cansaré de comprarlo para mi y todas mis amigas, es excelente  2017-01-22
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    Effective and nice

    i really like this product. You really have to use the other too. My skin is really soft after.  2016-12-27
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    it does really work

    the texture is quit airy when it's in the (adorable) container but smooths out into a creamy texture

    it does shrink your pores and my nose feels smoother the next morning (i use it after a shower when my pores are open, squeeze out the gunk in my pores, and put on this product and leave it on over night)  2016-12-08
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    Buen producto

    Es una mascarilla para cerrar los poros... y Sí, cierra los poros. Usada junto con el huevo blanco, son una maravilla.  2016-11-17
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    It works

    After buying 1 box of it and trying it out I made a purchase of 2 boxes again because the was perfect for my skin, and did a good job for my pores and blemishes. Recommend.  2016-10-31
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    Excellent, use in combination with steaming balm

    This product is really nice, I could see results after a few times that I started using it regularly.

    It does its job perfectly.

    pores get soothed and you can actually feel it while wearing this product after the steam balm.

    absolutely recommend it  2016-05-03
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    Good product & nice packaging  2016-05-22
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    llego en perfecto estado, me encanto el producto deja una rica sensacion en la cara y deja los poros expectaculares.  2016-01-27
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    parece una arcilla, o bb cream, como una base de maquillaje, la aplico despues del huevito numero uno, y ayuda a cerrar los poros dilatados. Me encanta  2015-09-09