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    GREAT toner!!!

    I absolutely love this toner, I think it'll be my go-to product for a long time. It is very gentle and smells nice (not at all like tomatoes lol). Makes skin feel soft and silky, and controls oil  2017-08-18
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    pretty good

    normal toner but doesnt whiten my skin  2017-04-13
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    Smells good

    A nice toner that is delicate to the skin. Love the smell too  2017-03-21
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    standard toner, not too sure if it whitens yet  2017-03-17
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    it is ok ..nice, smell great , suites with my bad  2017-02-17
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    i really love it its help my skin for real it's one of the best toner i have ever used! it's smell really good tho ^^  2017-02-16
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    it helps my skin looks  brightet

    car...@  2017-01-25
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    Works great

    I use it after cleaning my face, it keeps my skin fresh and brightened.53688da7cab973e8706636c6f00805d8_1475146  2016-09-29
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    Skin Food

    Skin Food Premium Tomato Toner

    Sur...@  2016-02-03