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    fun mask

    It has light smell which I like. The bubble will appear 5 min after applying. The texture is quite sticky and quite difficult to wash off. But my skin feels smooth after.3d414a94913857881dbd711249ce6dcf_1503017  2017-08-18
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    it's really hard to wash off but it works

    Skin type: combination-oily, acne prone, large pores


    4.5 stars.


    It foams up, as described. I noticed it works better when your skin is a little "dirty", the first time I used it it didn't make a lot of foam, the second time it made a lot- the only difference was that the first time I had cleaned up my face first, and the second time I didn't.

    Washing it off is really difficult; it turns into soap, and it takes ages to remove it from your skin (I think I had leftover soap on my skin afterward the second time around), so keep that in mind when you use it: make sure you'll have time to rinse it off, maybe take a shower afterward.

    As for how it worked on my skin, I have to say I'm really happy with the results. I noticed my pores are a little tighter after 2 uses (3 days apart).

    The first picture was taken the first time (clean face), the second the second time around (with a dirty face) You can see the difference with the foam.b595d621ab55e41b7e9ffe8a8902519d_1502827
    b595d621ab55e41b7e9ffe8a8902519d_1502827  2017-08-16
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    Good but hard to wash off

    This product is over-hyped. It is fun the first time, but a pain to wash off. I do feel that my face feels tighter and cleaner after using it. It does not feel too harsh on the skin despite the bubbling and is pretty refreshing to use.  2017-08-05
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    Highly recommended

    Love the smell of this mask after using it the skin feels brighter and so refreshing  2017-08-02
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    The mask smells very good and it adds a different taste because of the unique bubbling effect. 54b83405766e6450a376b828624cfaee_1501559  2017-08-01
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    Had high expectations of this but it was good but alright. It was indeed fun to play with the foam but it took me some time to wash off the entire mask hhah  2017-07-23
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    Love it  2017-07-18
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    Very good

    I really the mask!  2017-07-07
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    Elizavecca Bubble Mask

    Its great but make sure to put it on quite thick or else it does not bubble up enough. It feels great while it fizzes on your face. Its like having like a little tiny massage. Leaves your skin feeling great and refreshed though.  2017-06-24
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    Muy famosa y cumple

    Divertida y efectiva. 


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    Elizavecca bubble clay mask

    Fun to use. I use it when my skin looks dull. Really deep cleans and perks up my skin.  2017-06-20
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    Love it

    Love the bubble and how it makes me feel so clean without drying it out  2017-06-13
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    Work well

    It definately make skin look brighter and clearer . Remember to not apply it near your eyes and nose since it will bubble up  2017-06-09
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    I'll try first time and i really like it!! I have dry and sensative skin.  2017-06-08
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    Amazing foam

    This clay mask is really a fun product! I've seen it on youtube a lot lately, so I ordered it to try out myself. The foaming is really fun and my skin feels amazing after using it!  2017-05-25
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    makes my skin feel smooth

    i really like the bubbly effect. after washing my face i do have this clean sensation on my skin. it does make my skin a bit dry, then after a toner and moisturizer my face feels hydrated.  2017-05-18
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    its an okay mask, didnt notice much difference  2017-05-18
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    I like the mask  2017-04-30
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    Don't see the fuss

    whilst this product did clean, I didn't see any major improvements, but it did sting a bit on the dry areas of my face. I have combination skin.  2017-04-07
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    reduces pores

    fizzy mask was super ticklish but fun to use and made my skin feel very smooth after  2017-04-07
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    it is good for fresh skin and the bubbles are ccuuttee  2017-04-06
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    Funny to use

    My skin is soft and fresh after the utilisation ♥  2017-03-29
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    Nice product

    It leaves the skin smooth and brighten.  2017-03-26
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    It's so itchy when it bubbles

    I'm like oppa take this off my face but he ties me up and keeps it on and it gets so itchy but it makes my pores clear so i let him <3  2017-03-21
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    Bubbles are awesome. And product works very well. I like this mask )  2017-03-13
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    I like the presentation and the texture of the product, and it serves perfectly  2017-03-12
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    Al principio pensé que no me había hecho nada, pero después de lavarla me fijé en que los puntos negros que tenía en la zona de la nariz se habían salido mucho y con apretar solo ligeramente salió toda la suciedad de los poros O.O La piel se quedó genial, estoy asombrada.  2017-03-10
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    Not impressed

    I was expecting blackheads to be removed but they remained on my nose. In addition, it is difficult to get it off my skin and it feels very dry afterwards. Will not buy again.  2017-03-07
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    Muy buena

    Aunque no la considero apta para pieles sensibles, esta mascarilla no deja suciedad en tu piel. Ahora bien creo que hay una tendencia generalizada en Asia con la "purificación"  de la piel... y si quieres una piel pura, y limpia como un bisturí de neurocirujano... esta es la tuya  2017-03-03
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    Good for cleaning pores

    ​My go to product for cleaning my pores, works really well though when my friend used it she said it felt like it was burning (she has older and more sensitive skin than me, my skin type is oily)  2017-02-07
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    Won't dry your skin!

    One of the best things of this mask is it wont dry out your skin. Many clay mask that I used are too dry. I know it is how clay mask works, but for winter, this product really fits me when I want to clean my pores. It moisture my skin and clean my pores. Since it is not too dry, I always wonder if it clean less better. But still, it is a good product.  2017-02-04
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    It's a good mask and quite funny, the first time it's a little bit suprizing but i really enjoy it!  2017-01-29
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    So fun!

    Such a fun way to deep cleanse your face. My skin feels so smooth after using it.  2017-01-26
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    Best clay mask!

    This mask is really fun to apply and it works really good. It does clean up your pores really well. The only con is that it can leave your skin a little bit dry but nothing to dramatic.  2017-01-25
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    Ya todas mis amigas tiene una... no sabes lo que es una piel limpia y fresca hasta que pruebas este producto, parece sacar suciedad hasta dónde no hay además es súper divertida a usar... no existe nada parecido en occidente (creo yo)  2017-01-23
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    This is the funniest product I have used it does work but I think this is just more fun to use, I find it better to just use the little scoop it comes with to get the amount you need and then apply it with your fingers because it literally bubbles up instantly and after the five minutes I'm killing myself laughing it looks so funny but I find for me it's a little drying on my skin so I just use a good moisturizer and only use maybe once a week or every other week , a big thing is either when washing this off use a face cloth first or wash off in the shower, I tried just washing it off  with just splashing water and it soaped up to much I was having trouble taking a breath from it bubbling near my mouth and nose  2017-01-11
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    a bit gimmicky but works fine.  2017-01-07
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    Fun Product to have

    After applied the product on my face and neck, one minutes later I started notice the gel turned to foam. It was interesting to watch. After 15 minutes, I try to wash out the product and I have to tell you; it was touch to clean it off. I suggested you should you this product while showering. Very clean and make my skin look brighter, but I do feel the burning sensation like some other who bought this product. But still a good product to have.  2017-01-07
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    A M A Z I N G

    I got this product just recently since everyone was raving about it, although at first it was quite disappointing due to the fact that it was really hard to get it off and I couldn't see/feel a huge difference as expected. But a few days ago my skin became super dry and basically my whole face was a dry patch so I used this mask again and NO KIDDING my skin was basically smooth and normal again after like two uses. definitely recommend  2017-01-06
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    Fun to use

    After using it my skin is clean and smooth! But hard to take it off though.. I don't know if I'm going to repurchase.  2017-01-02
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    Fun product

    At first I really liked this one - the skin was really smooth after 1st use and the experience was something to remember. 

    But after some time it started irritating my skin (on my cheekbones, unpleasant burning sensation), while on other parts of my face it was OK. 

    Also it takes some time to take it off (it is CLAY after all), which some may find a problem  2016-12-31
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    fun mask

    fun and my favorite mask. cheaper than buying it in korea.  2016-12-28
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    Totally sucks out the sebaceous filaments up to the top and it does brighten my skin..not as drying as when you use a typical clay mask which i totally appreciate. Fun factor too when it bubbles up. Just be careful to not put too much on the nose and mouth area  2016-12-20
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    Great Experience

    It felt like pop rocks on my face(in a good way). After washing it off my face felt so nice too!  2016-12-17
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    Great fun!

    I loved using this mask - Bubbles like crazy and feels awesome afterwards. Like in previous reviews, it can get a little messy but nothing too bad!  2016-12-16
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    kemakan bagus

    kulit kering setelah pemakaian dan agak gatal. bunyi bublenya lucu dan kemakasannya oke  2016-12-05
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    Cool and fun

    This is really fun to use and it really does bubble up! Kind of messy and hard to take off.  2016-11-28
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    its really fun to use  2016-11-20
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    Fun to Use

    I gotta say that it's fun using this mask because the bubbles just grow on your face and overall you'll look really funny. I did it with my friends so it was blast. However, removing it is a bit of a hassle as it is like a mud mask (if you had experience with those, you need to wash it well). Overall, my friends liked how their face got brighter and glowier after the mask. I personally did not like it that much as it didn't fit well with my skin and all the hassle in removing it. Haha  2016-11-01
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    I absolutely love this product. I use it to remove my makeup with my Mia. Works really well alone too. Of course, it does tickle real bad sometimes. Especially the nose area.  2016-10-27
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    I love this!

    Best product I've gotten from this brand, i should have ordered more!  2016-10-26
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    Great bubbles mask

    Face feel squeaky clean.  2016-10-07
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    Bubble clay mask

    I notice I have less blackhead around my nose after using it and I love it! This is my second purchase and I bought it for my mum.  2016-09-29
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    Amazing foam

    This clay mask is really a fun product! I've seen it on youtube a lot lately, so I ordered it to try out myself. The foaming is really fun and my skin feels amazing after using it!  2016-09-26
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    Clay mask

    I've watched youtubers trying out this mask before as well and it seemed very interesting and fun, so I ordered it last week. I've tried it out with my friends and it really was a lots of fun with the bubbles and foaming. Moreover, I loved how my skin felt after I washed it off. True, the mask looks like mud, but it smells really nice, nothing too strong, just a clean pleasant smell. It was a bit of a struggle to completely wash it off, but that was part of the fun. My skin felt really soft, fresh and clean afterwards. I might order it again, after I run out of it. I totally recommend it, if for nothing else, just to have fun with some friends.  2016-09-17
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    A new fav

    It a very good one clearing mask, but it isn't only it! It actually makes my skin look much younger, after using it my wrinkles disappears.  2016-09-07
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    Fun to use

    I saw a lot of beauty youtubers from US were trying this out. I got curious and ordered it. It is fun to use and really has deep cleansing power.  2016-09-06
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    it's fun

    I've got combo skin and it work just fine. it's more a fun product...  2016-09-01
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    a wild ride from start to finish

    fun to use, but really hard to wash off. would probably re-buy  2017-01-19
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    Review from oily and acne skin

    This clay mask really pull out the impurities and dirt out of my skin, also tighten my pores and calm my acne.

    After use for a week, my face becomes brighter and softer <3 <3

    Definitely repurchase!!  2016-08-25
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    Super deep cleansing!!

    Love thiss bubble clay mask! It really cleanses my pores with no traces of makeup.. will restock again coz its on saleee...  2016-08-24
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    Fun and refreshing!

    I love the feeling of this mask on my face!  It's great at degreasing the oil on my skin, but even better is how it lathers up so richly in the second stage.  2016-08-22
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    Very good mask, the bubble form very fast and it cleans the pore very well. Will buy it again.  2016-07-23
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    Fun, Fun, Fun!

    I honestly don't know if this works at all but it's so fun to use! The bubbles and foam make you feel like you're a kid again. I laugh every time I use it and they say laughter is the best medicine!  2016-06-10
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    Perfect mask

    I real love that. it saves my skin with acne. this mask creans pores and doesn't make skin dry. I order that not the first time. Even my brother started usind mask for his nose  2016-06-04
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    Хорошая маска

    Не первый раз заказываю. Очень нравится.

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    wonderful innovative product

    deep cleansing, a little goes a long way. first foams, then turns into clay mask.  2016-05-01
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    good  2016-03-30
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    I like to cleanse face then put it on and wash off in the shower  2016-03-22
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    Not for me

    Fun part: the bubbles. Struggle: remove the mask. Uuugh, I have to scrub because it leaves a sticky sensation and my skin itches . It feels like I've just wash my face with some heavy high PH foam. I really wanted to like this mask but it was a meh for me.  2016-03-21
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    Fun and usefull

    this product is really great, and it really fun when i use it. love it, will repurchase again  2016-02-26
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    Еще раз оценка 5.

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    Control sebum well

    Today I proved. Leaves skin soft, bright and clean skin.

    Control sebum well.  2016-02-19
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    it is a fun product

    i used theFaceShop one before. this one is cheaper and works fine.

    EFF...@HOTMAIL.COM  2016-02-17
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    Awesome project

    This product is pretty awesome and fun. It leaves my skin squeaky clean.  

    Amy...@  2016-02-02
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    A must try!

    A bit messy to apply, but the result is fantastic. It makes my face so smooth.  2016-02-01
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    fun to use, especially when the bubbles start to form. Leaves skin very soft!  2016-01-28
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    Хорошо очищает

    Мосле этой маске кожа становиться гладкой, и выравнивается тон лица.

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    very good  2016-01-18
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    Love it!

    I had never used a bubble clay mask before! I love it! It makes my skin so smooth and soft!  2016-01-16
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    5 stars

    i have seen this product everywhere on fb and always wanted to try now i get the chance to try and im loving it.thankss  2016-01-15
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    soooo amazing

    I have never used a bubling clay mask or heard of feels so good its best of oxeginating and clay in one. Product was sealed , boxed n fresh.  2016-01-05
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    Was a very good product  2015-12-27
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    good product

    good product  2015-12-07
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    Fun mask to play with! I like how is bubbling on my face!  2015-11-29
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    Carbonated Indeed

    I really like this product, it is a bit messy, and I personally prefer to use this product in the shower. Overall, great for the price.  2015-11-23
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    Very happy with it!

    I've tried it a few times and i can certainly say i can notice a difference. After i use it, my skin feels really clean (though a bit dry - i have oily skin type).  It doesn't break me out. 

    Very happy with my purchase. Will buy it again for sure.  2015-11-20
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    Very good

    Маска очень хорошая. Даже после первого раза заметно как черные точки светлеют.

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    This is a great product. It can sting a bit sometimes, but that just means it's working.  2015-09-26
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    ​This is a such a fun product. I like using it both as an occasional mask, but also as a cleanser. It does a great job at cleaning my pores.
    Ma...@  2015-09-10
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    这是一个很好的产品。  2015-09-26