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[3ce]WATERFUL CONCEALER遮瑕膏/遮瑕液 001


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品牌名 : 3CE
商品編碼 : 3CE-C001
重量 : 42g (0.09 lbs)



This Waterfull Concealer excellently adheres to your skin, keeping it fresh and moist

 for long hours.  It is effective in hiding dark spots and other skin flaws.

In contrast to other concealers, it is soft and moist, more effective in covering dark spots 
and dark circles than for blemish, moles.  You can also mix with 3CE Waterfull Foundation 

to enhance its covering effect.



Suggested Use

Apply sufficient amount on your finger or brush.

Slightly pat on dark, blemished ares so it can adhere to skin well. 


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7. li....@gmail.com 17-07-26 12:10 Star5 qty
Good concealer, doesn't cake up when I use it under my eyes. Makes me look less like a zombie. I use it together with the 3CE glossing waterful foundation and they work well together. Amount of product is small but a little goes a long way!
6. Ifo...@gmail.com 17-07-24 12:24 Star3 qty

Nice concealer, but the packaging was broken when i received it so it's kinda broke the deal for me. 

5. val...@yahoo.com 17-06-25 14:32 Star5 qty

It is watery like it describe.  Good coverage and light. 

4. fav...@gmail.com 17-05-18 06:40 Star5 qty
Absolutely love this for under my eyes!
3. pod...@yahoo.com 17-01-01 11:58 Star3 qty

It doesn't absorb well; didn't like the texture