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[The Face Shop]綠茶深層清潔卸妝膏150ml


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品牌名 : The Face Shop
商品編碼 : FC44-Cgreentea
重量 : 300g (0.66 lbs)
[The face shop] Herb Day Cleansing Cream Green Tea

[菲诗小铺] 绿茶深层清洁卸妆膏  150ml

- 关键词:绿茶深层清洁卸妆膏 具有焕肤的功效,可以抑制黑色素细胞的活动,提高弹力,增进血液循环

- 原产地:韩国

- 制造商:菲诗小铺

- 产品介绍:




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6. ang...@gmail.com 17-04-25 04:28 Star5 qty
The smells nice, worth it
5. nad...@hotmail.com 17-04-25 04:01 Star3 qty
The product is good, but the packaging, i dont really like it
4. ric...@gmail.com 17-01-19 07:51 Star5 qty

worth it for the price and it smells nice

3. mih...@gmail.com 16-12-08 05:46 Star5 qty

no es un limpiador como se anuncia pero si es hidratante i limpia la piel en si, no el maquillage. su aroma es suave i agradable

2. esz...@gmail.com 16-10-27 06:57 Star4 qty

It's a nice product, great for dry skin but i can live without it. When I lazy I use micellar water rather than this, and it works just as fine or even better. This cream doesn't takes off all my makeup, and i does not wear heavy makeup. If u combine it with your usual makeup remover with a cotton pad, the result is better. But if i use my usual makeup remover (which is micellar water) why would i use this wash also if i can go straight to my cleansing gel afterwards? Anyway, it smells nice, feels nice, so if u want to spend some money feel free to do that.