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[The Face Shop]速洁精华啫喱 15ml


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品牌名 : The Face Shop
商品編碼 : FS42-spot
重量 : 20g (0.04 lbs)
[The face shop] 菲诗小铺速洁精华啫喱 15ml - 关键词:[The face shop] 菲诗小铺速洁精华啫喱 祛痘淡斑精华 - 原产地:韩国 -制造商:The face shop - 产品介绍: [The face shop] 菲诗小铺速洁精华啫喱含有清新的绿茶成分,不含其他添加剂,快速洁净皮肤,控制油分补充充足水分;能清洁毛孔内深层污垢,快速改善毛孔扩张;最适合易出油皮肤和易生痘痘、粉刺等问题皮肤。收缩毛孔,防止暗疮,痘痘,有效收缩毛孔,防止暗疮和痘痘的生长哦~纯正天然配方,让粗糙的毛孔收缩变小,达到正直的毛孔收缩功能 - 使用方法: 每天早晚,洁面爽肤后取适量本品适量涂在出油部位即可。


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7. the...@gmail.com 17-07-19 12:46 Star4 qty

This product does a good job of minimizing any blemishes I get. Depending on the size of the blemish, sometimes this product makes it flatten out completely overnight or it just diminishes it a little and reduces redness. I haven't used it very long for my acne scars however, so I can't tell if it's really helping with those. But overall, it's a good product!



6. Cup...@gmail.com 17-05-11 08:29 Star5 qty
I've received the product, and applied to my face and yeah it's​ really works for my face, thank you style korean for the fast shipping, you are trusted
5. eva...@hotmail.com 17-04-29 23:08 Star4 qty

gentle spot corrector, light gel consistency feels good on skin 

4. ran...@gmail.com 17-01-21 03:22 Star3 qty

I use this spot corrector on some of my smaller zits and dark spots. It doesn't do too much. It somewhat shrinks the size of my zits, but it doesn't completely get rid of them. My dark spots are still the same shade. I'm still looking for a more effective solution. 

3. han...@gmail.com 16-12-19 04:33 Star5 qty

It works to minimize blemishes very well