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[Innisfree] 橄欖油膚質提升潤膚露 160ml


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品牌名 : Innisfree
商品編碼 : IFS02-E
重量 : 210g (0.46 lbs)
[innisfree] 悦诗风吟橄榄油肤质提升润肤露 160ml
[innisfree] Olive real lotion 160ml

- 原产地:韩国

- 制造商:innisfree

-主要成分 : 水, 金橄榄 等。 

- 产品介绍:
① 萃取橄榄油中的营养成分,增强肌肤的柔韧性,使干燥肌肤水潤滋养的:高保湿潤肤露“

② 富含维生素营养成分,为肌肤补充营养使肌肤更加柔软,紧绷水润滋养的保湿基础护理

- 使用方法:使用眼霜以后,取适量均匀涂抹于脸部及颈部即可。


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4. pha...@yahoo.com 17-08-09 12:14 Star5 qty

I never really used any olive based skincare product before, I wanna try this olive based emulsion. I must say I didn't disappoint at all. This has a creamy texture and really delivered the moisture into my skin. I wish it has a pump, much easier to get the product out.8e6ce04ad657a49131fb773710ff11f2_1502248

3. Onl...@gmail.com 17-04-24 03:40 Star4 qty
First of all I love the packaging, it makes me think that I have a bottle of extra virgin olive oil imported form Italy in my hands lol. Second, the product smells so good. Thirdly the product is so moisturizing very very moisturizing. Fourth you get a lot for your money. And lastly I just love this product I will be buying it again. ^•^
2. Kur...@gmail.com 17-03-22 11:31 Star5 qty


I'm quite enjoying this product. I have combination skin which feels dry despite being oily and this feels like it's keeping my skin hydrated without causing it to produce oils.

1. 229...@qq.com 15-09-08 17:59 Star5 qty