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[It's Skin]嬰兒天使笑容眉筆5個#04灰棕色0.3g


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品牌名 : It's Skin
商品編碼 : ITSKINM10-I04
重量 : 40g (0.09 lbs)
[Its skin]伊思婴儿天使笑容眉笔 #04 灰棕色 0.3g - 关键词:[Its skin]伊思婴儿天使笑容眉笔 防水防汗不晕染 - 原产地:韩国 - 制造商:its skin -产品介绍: [Its skin]伊思婴儿天使笑容眉笔非常温和,敏感皮肤也可以使用的婴儿系列,鸭嘴型笔式设计,使用方便容易,另一端带有毛刷,帮助打造自然眉型,吸收汗与皮脂,强化眉形的持久性。 - 使用方法: 1、眉头要和鼻翼还有嘴角成1垂线 。 2、眉峰要画在靠眼角的瞳孔那边垂直上去的地方。 3、眉尾要画在和眼尾与嘴角斜着的直线方位。


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13. dai...@icloud.com 17-07-01 18:52 Star5 qty
I really love it
12. fai...@gmail.com 17-05-05 12:31 Star3 qty

my sister love it, it easy to use and look natural 

11. Kre...@gmail.com 17-05-04 07:47 Star4 qty

It works fine, but the tip is not as tapered as I would like. The color is a bit light, but the color is buildable. 

10. thu...@hotmail.com 17-02-28 09:55 Star5 qty

I only use them to fill in sparse parts of my eyebrows (mine are kind of thick), which it does fine works well if you want a more "natural" look I guess but if you're looking for that thick, on-fleek instagram look this isn't it. You'll need to draw over your eyebrows a few time if you want a thick line. The spoolie is very soft and blends the eyebrow product nicely.

9. gal...@gmail.com 17-01-18 01:57 Star4 qty

the eyebrow looks very natural