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[Missha]SUPER AQUA超強水清顏洗面奶200ml


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品牌名 : MISSHA
商品編碼 : MC24-F
重量 : 233g (0.51 lbs)
[Missha]谜尚SUPER AQUA超强水清颜洗面奶200ml

- 关键词:[Missha]谜尚SUPER AQUA超强水清颜洗面奶  美白补水 保湿

- 原产地:韩国

- 制造商:谜尚

- 产品介绍:

[Missha]谜尚SUPER AQUA超强水清颜洗面奶由大自然中南太平洋纯净深海水、玫瑰萃取液、宝石复合体三种神秘原料精制而成活性体系,给皮肤以全新的保湿与滋养,帮助肌肤恢复动人光彩。

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6. rea...@gmail.com 17-05-16 00:37 Star4 qty

I'm satisfied with this cleansing foam. The smell is light and refreshing. I have quite a sensitive skin, and what i liked about this cleanser is that it doesn't irritate my skin at all. 



5. cla...@gmail.com 16-10-21 07:15 Star5 qty
Thick and creamy! Leaves face feeling clean and relaxed
4. Rac...@hotmail.com 16-06-03 15:14 Star5 qty


3. end...@gmail.com 16-04-24 01:22 Star5 qty

It really comes in a huge bottle and you need only a bit of it to wash your face. I have been using this bottle for two years already and it still going) 

It has a nice light and clear smell. Also when you start to massage it in your skin - it foaming more and more. The more you massage the more foam you create. And it also has creamy texture) 

after washing the skin is so~ clean it almost creaks) for my super dry skin it's not moisturize enough, but it's ok for any washer... just need to put something on my face after it (doing it anyway). But skin is soft, radiant, becomes more even toned, pores seems a bit smaller and blackheads too. I really love this one, so totally recommend)  

2. maj...@gmail.com 16-04-22 04:22 Star5 qty

Very nice and creamy cleanser and you cant beat the price!