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[Nature Republic]膠原蛋白保濕補水面膜20g


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品牌名 : Nature Republic
商品編碼 : NP12-L
重量 : 35g (0.08 lbs)


自然乐园胶原蛋白保湿补水面膜 20g

- 关键词: 自然乐园胶原蛋白保湿补水面膜,可加强肌肤保湿力,而从海洋褐藻类提取的海带提取物,保护肌肤,镇定肌肤,令肌肤健康滋润。

- 原产地:韩国

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4. cat...@live.com.au 17-07-19 20:35 Star4 qty

skin felt great after using. but it doesn't fit my face very well... (i have a small round face)

3. eva...@hotmail.com 17-04-14 07:38 Star5 qty

i really like this mask, very hydrating and comfortable to wear

2. tur...@yahoo.com 17-02-26 11:09 Star3 qty

Doesn't have a lot of serum, I was kind of disappointed. Wasn't horrible though 

1. car...@yahoo.com 16-06-29 23:43 Star4 qty
This fit well on my smaller face as well, though I think that there should have been more solution in the bag.  Some masks come with an excess so you can put it all over your arms and neck.  This one did not.  As a result, it dried a little more quickly than normal.  However, my skin did look a little radiant afterwards and felt moisturized.