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品牌名 : Skinfood
商品編碼 : SFM52-C01
重量 : 40g (0.09 lbs)
[Skinfood]思亲肤鲑鱼顶级亮眼遮瑕膏 1号浅肤色10g

- 关键词:[[Skinfood]思亲肤鲑鱼顶级亮眼遮瑕膏  遮黑眼圈 疤痕 痘印 雀斑

- 原产地:韩国

- 制造商:Skinfood

- 产品介绍:


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9. alf...@gmail.com 17-07-12 05:33 Star5 qty

Perfect, love these concealers. Very brightening and I love using it before any concealer for extra coverage.

8. map...@gmail.com 17-02-18 16:34 Star4 qty

at first i was so turned off by the smell, it smells like salmon and as someone who doesn't like salmon very much, this was a big negative.

otherwise, it's actually pretty decent once you get over the smell, it's ok coverage.

7. mus...@gmail.com 17-01-12 06:40 Star3 qty
It actually smells like Salmon! It's a decent concealer. Gotta get used to the smell though lol.
6. sev...@hotmail.com 17-01-06 07:27 Star4 qty

gives a good cover, very nice product.

easy to blend 

5. tja...@hotmail.com 16-11-17 08:36 Star5 qty

it is a little bit on the thicker side, but if you know how to work with it, it will be fine.