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品牌名 : CLIO
商品編碼 : CLIOCM03-003darkbrown
重量 : 90g (0.2 lbs)
Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow 003 Dark Brown 3.5g (New Arrival, Natural Color)

-制造商:Chemicos株式会社 /珂莱欧株式会社
- 关键词:珂莱欧纹身单头染眉笔3号深棕色绽放魅力精致眉眼 -适合肤质: 任何肤质
-主要成分: 牛油果成分,积雪草提取物。。
- 产品介绍:珂莱欧纹身单头染眉笔3号深棕色,洁面后依旧保持原状的超强纹身效果,颜料绝非着色于肌肤表面。



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5. pri...@gmail.com 17-04-13 11:23 Star5 qty
good job, but a little bit pricey
4. shi...@hotmail.com 16-11-30 16:45 Star3 qty

dont like the mascara, but the tint works wonders.. but I think there's not much product in it :( maybe because its a duo

3. hue...@yahoo.com 16-02-14 03:25 Star3 qty
I use this malaysian brand Empoir eyebrow pencil n I really like it, but I also use a eyebrow liquid liner from too cool for school towards the end of my brows to give more definition on the entire brow shape... This clio eyebrow marker is fairly good as it does its job of filling in the brows and the colour stay on longer than regular brow pencil or powder... However I would say application of this eyebrow marker is not as smooth as euebrow pencil.. Also, the colour is as opaque as a pencil.. And as such u might still need to use an eyebow pencil to touch up if you have sparse brows like me...
2. Yul...@gmail.com 16-01-22 12:22 Star5 qty

Its so natural and really last long, easy to use !

1. gra...@yahoo.com 16-01-02 04:13 Star4 qty

This eyebrow marker's tattooing effect definitely does not last a few days. However, if you apply it on your brows the night before, it will surely last you throughout the next day. The product claims after applying it a few days in a row, you will get a better tattooed effect--but it didn't seem to work on mine... Basically, now you can do your eyebrows at night after skin-care and not have to worry about them in the morning when you're rushing out.

The only thing​ I would complain about is that the mascara end is VERY clumpy and a shade lighter than the marker... I really don't use that end at all.