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[Innisfree]濟州島火山岩泥撕拉式鼻貼 40ml


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品牌名 : Innisfree
商品編碼 : IFP04-NP
重量 : 69g (0.15 lbs)

[悦诗风吟] 济州岛火山岩泥撕拉式鼻贴 40ml

- 关键词:[悦诗风吟] 济州岛火山岩泥撕拉式鼻贴​ 细腻肌肤  去黑头 

- 原产地:韩国

- 制造商: 悦诗风吟

- 产品介绍:

[悦诗风吟] 济州岛火山岩泥撕拉式鼻贴拥有清爽洁净的毛孔必备,含有对皮肤吸附力很强的济州膏火山泥能有效清除深藏的黑头,毛孔皮脂废弃物一支兼备去黑头面膜,磨砂,洁面多重功效新型神奇的变形形态在鼻膜干燥后加水便可打出细微的泡泡,通过按摩更有效去除毛孔里面的脏东西。无人工香气,无防腐剂,无色素,无矿物油,无酒精,无动物性原料,无苯酮纯天然原料,任何肌肤都可以放心使用的安心商品。

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8. deb...@gmail.com 17-03-25 12:49 Star5 qty

I bought the pore clay mask (silver lid) and though it's a good product, I gravitate more towards this product, since it's such a travel-friendly package. Plus, I focus near my nose/between the brows area, which is where my pores tend to enlarge the most and do not need the entire mask.


7. seu...@yahoo.com 17-03-24 23:25 Star4 qty
The product feels really noce and it doesnt irrate the skin a lot. And gives a smooth skin.
6. lal...@gmail.com 17-02-09 06:25 Star4 qty
I find it best to use with a peeler or exfoliater after to really get the whiteheads and blackheads out. It can be drying so you'll have to use a moisturizer. But other than that it works really well.
5. zla...@yahoo.com 17-02-01 07:18 Star3 qty

It honestly doesn't work that much.... but it is ok 

4. bss...@hotmail.com 16-10-30 16:57 Star5 qty

this product is very nice, you won't see the results the first time you use it, but after 3 or 4 times it starts working so well