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[Etude House]我的美容工具吸油紙50p


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品牌名 : Etude House
商品編碼 : EMA95-OILFILM
重量 : 14g (0.03 lbs)
ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool Oil Control Film50p

材质、张数、尺寸 :聚丙烯、50片、84*54(mm)


1. 用本品的粉扑沾取一张吸油纸,去除肌肤上所有的皮脂。
2. 将替换用的黄色粘合剂取下来,贴服在粉扑上。
3. 将替换用的吸油纸放入盒子内使用。


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hand mirror beauty tool brush oil control film foundation brush Eyelash curler pouch


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10. ren...@yahoo.com 17-08-02 20:03 Star5 qty
Really helps absorbing excess oil from my face... less touch ups throughout the day and great for oil and shine control. A must have accessory especially for oily skin!d2891305003970b73dc6fc1772fb2e83_1501671
9. vee...@hotmail.com 17-04-29 09:23 Star5 qty
My skin is quite oily on some areas of my face and this product is amazing at clearing away the oil. It absorbs the oil really well and even clears away dead skins cells around my nose which is a plus! And with less oil on my face, I don't get so many pimples. This product is an absolute god-send.
8. ali...@gmail.com 17-04-21 04:27 Star5 qty

Does a good job of controlling my oils. I tend to use it around noon/afternoon when my face becomes too greasy. 

7. pra...@gmail.com 17-01-03 18:43 Star5 qty
This is control my oily skin
6. nic...@gmail.com 16-12-11 22:35 Star5 qty

really good product