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[Etude House] 伊蒂之屋明眸捲翹定型睫毛膏​​#1 神秘黑


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品牌名 : Etude House
商品編碼 : ECM45-FM
重量 : 10g (0.02 lbs)



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8. mcc...@hotmail.com 17-08-15 06:06 Star5 qty

Cant say its a 100% dupe because the brush applicator is totally different but the formulation is the same. I love it, Dior has been my high end splurge mascara for the longest time and I am so glad I found a affordable one that is kind of like it. The applicator might be different but it works really well and does not clump my lashes. It last a really long time too. You do have to use a oil makeup remover to get it off too. 

7. cha...@yahoo.com 17-07-09 09:41 Star3 qty

I didn't like this just because it was so hard to get off but I know that some people want their mascara to work like that... If you're one of those people you would probably like this one.

6. zhe...@gmail.com 17-06-20 09:36 Star5 qty

this is the best mascara I've ever used so far, keeps my asian & straight lashes curled for a long time, also lengthens my lashes :)

5. itz...@gmail.com 17-05-04 22:38 Star5 qty

Super long lasting but kind of hard to remove. Curls my lashes

4. jul...@gmail.com 17-04-14 13:53 Star5 qty

best mascara I've tried, probably won't buy anything else now, doesn't smudge against the bottom of my eyes like other mascaras do, easy to cleanse, doesn't clump too much either