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[Etude House] AC Clean up Gel 乳液 200ml


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品牌名 : Etude House
商品編碼 : ES15-L
重量 : 450g (0.99 lbs)



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7. yh....@gmail.com 17-07-07 15:01 Star4 qty

This is my second batch of this and I think I might try find something new again. I think you have to use the whole set of essences and serums to see more results. Just the toner and moisturiser left my skin kind of sticky, but it was a pretty decent duo.098aa7790deeab599c8f119a5b19b5b0_1499407 

6. gra...@yahoo.com 17-06-05 09:44 Star4 qty
I use the whole ac clean up set, and it's really toned down my breakouts! I've always had a hard time containing my acne, but this also helps the color not be so inflamed looking. I recommend this to anyone with acne. ( my acne was pretty moderate, mostly on my cheeks and forehead )
5. pri...@gmail.com 17-04-13 11:12 Star5 qty
this is my 2nd purchase
4. hen...@gmail.com 17-04-01 03:04 Star5 qty
very good to maintain oily skin with acne prone
3. cry...@gmail.com 17-03-30 14:06 Star5 qty

I haven't used this product long enough to tell you its long term effects, but this gel lotion hydrates my dry skin really well. Using this in conjunction with the AC Clean Up Toner, my redness has reduced and so has my smaller acne bumps.