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[Etude House] AC Clean up 爽膚水 200ml


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品牌名 : Etude House
商品編碼 : ES15-T
重量 : 450g (0.99 lbs)





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13. eme...@gmail.com 17-07-24 23:05 Star4 qty

a fab product. it's really light on the skin and did a good job. (i have combination skin)

12. ele...@gmail.com 17-07-13 10:03 Star5 qty

Great for people who suffer from regular breakouts. Mild on skin yet does the job. Can't recommend highly enough! 

11. yh....@gmail.com 17-07-07 15:03 Star4 qty

This is my second batch of this and I think I might try find something new again. I think you have to use the whole set of essences and serums to see more results. Just the toner and moisturiser left my skin kind of sticky, but it was a pretty decent duo. I think the toner was better than the moisturiser.098aa7790deeab599c8f119a5b19b5b0_1499407 

10. gra...@yahoo.com 17-06-05 09:44 Star4 qty
I use the whole ac clean up set, and it's really toned down my breakouts! I've always had a hard time containing my acne, but this also helps the color not be so inflamed looking. I recommend this to anyone with acne. ( my acne was pretty moderate, mostly on my cheeks and forehead )
9. Jes...@gmail.com 17-05-17 10:04 Star5 qty


- mild & gentle

- nostalgic scent for me (smells like hua lu shui LOL basically herb-like)

- consistency makes it so it's not runny af (kind of like a liquidy gel)

- a little goes a long way! great value bruh (the bottle opening is kinda like the hua lu shui bottle opening too lol so it helps control how much you're pouring out)



- i don't think this actually did anything to help clear up my acne but i mean it's just a toner so whatever ;)