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[Clio]魔力净肤遮瑕气垫套装#2 Lingerie SPF50+PA+++


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品牌名 : CLIO
商品編碼 : CLIOM01-TTA02
重量 : 240g (0.53 lbs)
[Clio]魔力净肤遮瑕气垫套装#2 Lingerie SPF50+PA+++含替换装

[Clio]Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Cushion #2 Lingerie 10g SPF50+ PA+++ with Refill

- 关键词:[Clio]魔力净肤遮瑕气垫粉底打造光感丝滑清爽肌

- 原产地:韩国

- 产品介绍:[Clio] 珂莱欧 魔力凝脂无暇气垫粉底 -3号色光感丝滑清爽肌,完美遮瑕 塑造清透肌肤,独特遮瑕配方,多次涂抹也轻盈通透,为您缔造净透无暇妆容,持久保持无暇妆容,33%以上的保湿成分,为肌肤注入源源不断的水分,有效吸附汗水及皮脂,不黏腻,整日呈现持久如新的清爽透明妆感。轻盈质地,无感服帖,有效收缩毛孔的苏打水与蜂蜜萃取精华结合,为您缔造晶莹剔透,细腻自然的健康肌肤。天鹅绒光彩遮瑕,气垫粉与折射率较高的光泽油,双重立体效果,让肌肤散发自然透亮的光芒,缔造细腻纯净的自然妆容。

- 使用方法:化妆的最后阶段后,蘸取适量本品均匀的涂抹在肌肤上即可


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9. par...@gmail.com 17-08-01 12:18 Star4 qty

This cushion is one of my favorite daily items when i want the coverage but effortless blending.

I did a WHOLE VIDEO about 3 clio cushions so make sure to come and see the review!



8. mel...@yahoo.com 17-05-24 07:34 Star4 qty

The product breaks down and clinging into dry patches after a good 2 hours, so longevity is pretty bad for me. But I'm still giving it a 4 stars because coverage is hella good! It also leaves a nice finish even on my combination-oily skin. Not too glowing or oily, but not matte whatsoever. I think this suits best for photoshoot makeup or any short occasion. You don't want any close-up photo after 2 hours application of this cushion, trust me!

7. dor...@gmail.com 17-04-23 01:08 Star3 qty

Coverage is nice and goes on very well but I noticed that this patches up on the face in a short time (maybe 2-3 hrs after application) so not long wearing for me. 

6. lia...@gmail.com 17-04-04 12:41 Star5 qty

good color, cover awesome, and i have good price very cheap

5. sus...@hotmail.com 17-04-03 18:47 Star5 qty

Esta debería ser una marca de alta gama, porque todo es maravillosamente bueno!!!