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[Coringco] 外带化妝刷子粉紅色套裝


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品牌名 : Coringco
商品編碼 : COCMA01-MBPC
重量 : 120g (0.26 lbs)
[Coringco]Takeout Brush Kit Make Up Brush Pink Collection
-适合肤质: 任何肤质都可以用

只要打开,有一个完美的迷你化妆表任何地方! 这是一个9件化妆套装,可以帮助你在任何地方,任何时间完美的化妆。
这套包括9粉红色的专业画笔,使您能够创建各种各样的外观。 刷子允许你选择正确的刷,你的化妆需求。>



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8. vee...@hotmail.com 17-07-06 14:21 Star5 qty

I love this kit so much. I bought it because it was cheaper to buy as a set. With this kit my makeup is applied evenly and cleanly and doesn't look so cakey. It's great! :D

7. vee...@hotmail.com 17-07-06 14:17 Star5 qty

I love this kit. It applies my makeup nicely and is very easily to clean. I took out one of the brushes to put in my makeup bag for the night and it was sturdy and the bristles didn't get ruined at all.

6. val...@yahoo.com 17-06-26 06:10 Star5 qty

The brushes are soft. It is so convenient and handy. I love how it opens up with each brushes standing up individually. Your friend will be jealous how organize you are, while they are searching through their pile of tools.

5. jun...@gmail.com 17-03-27 14:36 Star4 qty

easy to use, soft. 

4. ktp...@gmail.com 17-03-12 03:08 Star5 qty
this is such a cute brush set, perfect for travel.