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[APRIL SKIN] 魔法雪白氣墊粉底2.0 No.23


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滋润,防晒,遮瑕,自然度,持久度 水润滋养 修颜 保湿 美白 滋润 防晒

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商品編碼 : APM01-23
重量 : 100g (0.22 lbs)
[爱普丽]APRIL SKIN 魔法雪白气垫粉底2.0 No.23
[APRIL SKIN] Magic Snow 2.0 #23 (Natural Beige)

-制造商:APRIL SKIN爱普丽
-主要成分:蓝莓提取物, 余甘子果实提取物, 济州芦荟胶叶提取物,阿萨伊浆果提取物
-容量 : 不包含替换装

April skin 气垫 最近火遍韩国 主打遮瑕 隐藏痘痘和斑。




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6. let...@gmail.com 17-07-25 20:45 Star5 qty

Covers my blemishes, freckles and uneven skin tone - no concealer is needed! Saves time with putting on makeup. After applying my skin can get a little bit oily through the day, but it doesn't feel heavy or caked-on.

5. Ifo...@gmail.com 17-07-24 12:23 Star5 qty

It's so good. They are not oily like any other typical korean foundation/cushion. 

4. Ver...@gmail.com 17-04-13 02:39 Star5 qty
Make my skin dewy and glowing..
3. she...@gmail.com 17-02-11 19:34 Star4 qty

I have combination skin and acne prone skin, meaning my Tzone is oily while the rest of my face is dry. 

I love this cushion as it doesnt make my face feel sticky as other cushions do as currently the weather is a bit humid. Although it doesn't cover my redness if i have acne, I would still use concealer to cover it but doesnt need too much to cover it. I do still like to set my face with my laura mercier translucent powder on top :) otherwise I love it. I do think they should come out with different shades :) 

2. dic...@gmail.com 17-01-03 14:23 Star3 qty

Its so good to apply it, the fragrance is so good and make me relax, so moisturizing in my skin, my face so glowing after used it. I used No 23 Natural Beige but I think it still too white for my skin (actually I have a white skin) but still too white, so I just set 1 layer on my face and it not really coverage my acne or my black spots, so I still used my concealer. If I want coverage all my black spots or my acne without concealer, I used 2 or 3 layers but it make my face too white...

And it can't control oil on my skin, so after I used it a few hours it make my face so cakey...

But the good news is this product didn't make my skin breakout or make a single acne on my face although I forget to wash my face in the night and still used it when I sleep until morning, and it never happen in my life before... :)

Usually if I sleep with my make up I always get a new acne on the next morning...

So I think this product is so good for sensitive skin like me...  



but so cakey if used for a long time